Simple Ways to Create a Restore Point in Windows 10

Create Restore Point in Windows 10 - Have you ever heard of System Restore on Windows 10? Only by knowing its name, surely you begin to have a picture of its function. So, there are times when your computer or laptop is not running smoothly or has a problem that might cause some of your applications or files to be damaged. One of the causes of this issue is due to an error installing the driver, when installing software, infection with viruses, malware, trojans, or certain changes to your settings on Windows 10, 8, or 7.

How to fix that issue? You can use a feature provided by Windows that can restore your Windows to the point before the error occurred so that your PC / laptop returns to normal. This is called System Restore.

What is System Restore?

Laptop with Windows 10 OS - Create Restore Point in Windows 10
Generally, System Restore contains all information related to the registry and important settings of Windows. By default, Windows will automatically create a Restore Point in other words when the computer has a problem then you can choose the Restore Point created by Windows. In addition, you can also create your own Restore Point manually. The thing you need to know is: Without Restore Point, System Restore won't work.

A computer that has just installed Windows OS don't have a Restore Point. So, just in case, you should make a Restore Point manually. So that if later you have a Windows 10 problem, then it can be solved by returning to the Restore Point that you have made. How to create Restore Point in Windows 10? We'll explain it to you.

Simple Ways to Create Restore Point in Windows 10

The first step to create Restore Point in Windows 10, open File Explorer > right-click on This PC > click Properties

Open System Properties through File Explorer

Click System protection on the left side

System Protection

For the faster way, you can type "Restore Point" directly on the Windows Search feature, and click the Create a Restore Point, like this one:

Create a restore point through Search

After the System properties are open, if you have never changed the configuration in this section before, then by default, the status in the Drive Protection section is Off

To activate it, you must click Configure > then click Turn on System protection > At the bottom of the tab, set the Max Usage slide around 10-15%, this section is very useful for managing the storage space used by the Windows system to create the Restore Point and save all data. And then, click OK

Turn On System Protection and Set Max Usage

Type the Restore Point's description to make it easier for you to remember when you created the Restore Point, for example: "Restore Point Nov 12, 2018". Then click Create

Typing a Restore Point Description

Wait for a moment to let the Windows creating the Restore Point

Creating a restore point Process

After it's finished, the system will tell you that the Restore Point was created successfully.

Restore Point was Created Successfully

Some Things You Need to Know About Restore Points

Earlier, I had already mentioned the function of the Restore Point. But, besides that, there are other things that are equally important to be known.
  • System Restore point can't reinstall the application that has been installed, even though you're rolling back the system to the ancient Restore Point
  • System Restore Point also only makes system backups including registry and computer settings, not your personal data. So, your documents and photos won't be affected
  • By default, the System Restore Point will be created automatically by the computer system. But, for the flexibility of the system, it also allows users to create it manually like we just did

That's it! These are the simple ways to create Restore Point in Windows 10, this way is also can be applied in Windows 8, 7, or XP. It's pretty simple but it has a useful function during hard times. You may be wondering how to rollback your Windows to the Restore Point you have created earlier. Calm down, we'll explain it to you in the next article. So stay tuned!

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