7 Useful Dark Mode Apps for macOS Mojave

7 Useful Dark Mode Apps for macOS Mojave - Mojave is the latest macOS update for Mac users around the world, if you haven't update your OS, you can update it by checking this page on official Apple's website. Dark Mode is a feature that is expected by most Mac users in Apple's OS for years. This feature might not seem like a big addition to macOS Mojave, but it actually offers a variety of benefits, including reducing eye fatigue, the ability to see menu options with clearer and better visual experiences. Here is a list of useful apps that support Dark Mode on macOS Mojave:

Most Useful Dark Mode Apps for macOS Mojave


Chronicle - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
The first useful dark mode app in macOS Mojave is Chronicle. If you have problems managing your budget or just want a new way to track your bills and income, then the Chronicle, this $10 app is the right app for you. This app allows you to easily create a budget and track your expenses every day, week and month.

So you can measure the stability of your financial condition. Better yet, it can work on Apple's iOS and watchOS platforms so you can synchronize your expenses on all of your Apple devices. You can even pay your bills online through the Chronicle.

For more information about the Chronicle, you can visit it here.


Bear - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
Bear is an amazing app for those who like to take notes on their computers, but want a more elegant experience than you find in Apple's Notes app. Bear lets you write several notes and make a task list.

You can also enter assignments into certain categories and export notes to share with friends and family. Bear is fully compatible with Dark Mode, of course, but if you prefer another look, Bear has a variety of themes to choose from.

You can read about Bear App more in here.


pwSafe - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
Password Safe, or pwSafe, is a complete password manager designed to keep your most important credentials away from other people who want to know (or hackers). The best part is, this app can be synchronized with Safari browser, so if you need to enter credentials in the Apple browser, pwSafe will take care of it for you. This app also works with iPhone and iPad, thanks to iCloud synchronization. So you only need to buy this app just once to be able to use it onwards. This app is very useful for those of you don't want others to know what your passwords are. It's useful, isn't it?

Are you already curious about pwSafe? Read more about it here.

Keep It

Keep It - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
Keep It is a free and useful productivity dark mode app that combines notebook, scrapbook, and organizer into one app. You can use Keep It to make notes, but it can also function as a repository for the web links you want to remember, the documents you want to keep, and the images you want to insert next to your notes. Keep It uses a file system that allows you to find data stored from time to time or in certain categories that you prioritize.

Get more information about Keep It by reading it here.

OmniGraffle 7

OmniGraffle 7.9 - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
OmniGraffle 7 is an application for graphic design that allows you to create diagrams, process cost allocations, websites, wireframes apps, and more. With this app, you can design a house and map the layout of your room or create a company flowchart. Distribute your creativity using OmniGraffle 7, of course, your eyes won't hurt too much when using this app in Dark Mode on the Mojave macOS.

You can read more about OmniGraffle 7 here.


Habitify - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
Starting new habits or breaking routine habits is a big problem for you. But Habitify is designed to help you with both. Habitify, which you can get in the Mac App Store or here, is designed to help you track the habits that help and remind you to continue developing them.

From this application, you can track your progress and see how well you have formed a habit. And according to the Habitify developer, Unstatic LTD Co, this app will help you to save your time more. Let's just say that Habitify is a trustworthy friend when you have goals that you really want to achieve in real life.

Things 3

Things 3 - Useful Dark Mode App in macOS Mojave
Things 3 is a US $ 50 app that allows you to manage everything in your life. In essence, Things 3 is an app that functions like a task manager that allows you to see what you need to do today, tomorrow, and later.

You can also make a list of what to do, track progress on various problems, and organize them into certain categories, wow! Isn't Things 3 one of the best Dark Mode apps for use at home and office?

Never heard of this app? Check this link for more information about it!

With the right usage of these useful Dark Mode apps in macOS Mojave, you will become more productive and be able to reach your goal completely. Even though some apps require a payment, just take it easy, all of them have functions that are suitable for their price and actually really worth it.
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