10 Most Affordable Ways to Build a House

Most Affordable Way to Build a House Building a house is everyone's dream. Especially for couples who have just been married, then owning a house is like a dream that must be realized. A house is a place for you to rest and also becomes a place to be relaxed after a day's work or to spend your time with family. We understand that building a house is a complex thing and requires a lot of money.  According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to build a house in the USA is about $290,574. However, there are always the other alternative ways to do everything, including building a house. Just ask some architects about the most affordable way to build a house, then they will say that they can design and build a house with an affordable price. Without further ado, let's talk about the affordable ways to build a house:

Create a House Plans

Creating House Plans - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
As a first step to build a house, plan the construction of your house, starting from the budget, house size, house design, and target time for the construction. This plan will later function as a control over the possibility of unexpected things happening during the house-building process.

If the implementation of house construction deviates from the original plan, it will certainly affect the costs that must be spent. For example, the delay in construction time will certainly add costs to construction workers. Therefore, choose a construction worker or professional contractor who is truly an expert in his field, so that he is able to work on the construction of the house in accordance with what has been planned.

Choose The Minimalist House Design

Minimalist House Design - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
Choosing the right design of a house is certainly important in the initial step of building an affordable house. The house design that you want will certainly affect your budget too. Choose a house design that isn't too complicated, in order to reduce the costs that you have to spend. Because it will be a big loss for you if the construction is already started and then suddenly you intend to change the design of your house.

A house with a minimalist design is currently becoming a trend both for the development of public housing or independent construction. This house design is considered more efficient in building materials usage but still look modern and luxurious. In accordance with its minimalist design, this type of house saves more spaces so it doesn't use much building material. To create or find a minimalist house design, you don't have to spend more money to hire an architect service, instead, you can browse on the internet to get house design that you want for free like this one.

Planning A House Building Budget

Planning A House Building Budget - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
The second step of building a house in an affordable way is by planning your budget first before you spend your money to buy building materials. If you do this, you can estimate how much money you need to build your house. Although maybe later it won't be exactly the same as what happened during the construction phase, at least you already have an idea of how much money you need.

These are some things you need to pay attention when you're planning a house building budget: house design cost, construction worker cost, construction equipment, architectural service cost, building permits cost, electrical installations, water installations, and also the sewerage.  Just so you know, we found this interesting website called CostToBuild where you can calculate the house building budget easily, just try it! After calculating the budget, then you can find ideas or plans from where you can get the money you will spend.

Choosing Land

Land for House - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
It's a good thing if you choose land that is usually found in the inner housing area. There are several types of land where each type has some benefits. However, there are some things that need to be considered before you buy land to build an affordable house, such as the history of the land before it is sold. Avoid buying land that was once a former area as below:
  • Former landfill or dumping ground
  • Former cemetery
  • Former worship place (church)
And a few things that you need to pay attention to next are the facilities that are on the land that you will buy. For example clean water facilities, air conditions, and places of worship. An expensive land can be seen by its terms of security. If you choose to buy land in a residential area, there is usually a security guard facility.
Regarding land's age. If you buy land that is too young, then the price will usually be more expensive. However, don't buy a land that is too old, because usually, the land doesn't sell due to some environmental factors. Therefore, buy the middle age land to get the highest quality.

Using Architectural Services

Architect Working - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
This action does make you have to pay more. However, there are things you must know if you use architectural services: The construction design made by the architect will avoid mistakes that may arise. Trivial mistakes or even unnecessary errors can cost you more. So, there is nothing wrong if you discuss the design of the house you want with a professional architect.

The architect's knowledge and experience will certainly help you a lot. In addition, the construction of a house will always be supervised by the architect you trust. So, you can still do your activities without worrying about the ongoing process of building your house. You really have to think carefully about what you need to build a house with the design you want.

Planning Building Materials Budget

The higher the price of building materials is one of the factors that must be considered carefully. Not a few people postponed the construction of their homes because the price of building materials was too expensive. Well, so that the total budget can be estimated, then do research on the price of building materials.

Planning Building Materials Budget - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
You need to know that not all high-quality building materials are expensive. There are also quality building materials but the price is still affordable. There is no harm in asking those who are experienced in the matter of waking up building a house. This way, you can get cheap building materials with high quality.

In addition, you can also compare prices of building materials from one store to another because they do not always sell building materials at the same price. You don't need to feel embarrassed to ask questions in some building shops, such as the prices of cement, sand, brick, iron, and so on. If you find a discount, don't hesitate to buy it (but think about the quality of the building material too). Because it is very good to save your costs. This step is very important in this most affordable way to build a house.

Find Skilled Construction Workers 

Skilled Construction Workers - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
In the house-building process, you certainly need the services of construction workers. It is they who will use all building materials and present the end result in the form of a high-quality house. Their role is very important, no wonder if the cost of paying for their services confiscates a sizeable portion of the prepared budget plan.

Therefore, you must be selective in choosing construction workers. Choose construction workers who are truly experts in their fields and have a good work reputation. This is important because whether or not the performance of construction workers will affect the efficiency of the house construction process and the quality of the house itself.

Try asking those who are experienced in finding construction workers services about construction workers with good performance but not asking for expensive fees. Not only that, but you must also inform the building construction workers about the dateline construction.

Build A Multifunctional Room

Multifunctional Room - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
A house that has many rooms tends to cost more because it requires more building materials. To overcome that problem, just build a multifunctional room. For example, build a living room that also functions as a family room, or a kitchen that also functions as a dining room. These are some ideas for creating smart multifunction rooms. Building a multifunctional room is in accordance with the main idea of a minimalist type of home design, which doesn't require a lot of room, so it is more efficient in using building materials.

Build Your House Step by Step

Building a House Step by Step - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
To build your own house, basically, you don't have to wait until your money is able to cover all the parts of the building material. You can start building it step by step. Starting from the house foundation, building process, and installing the roof. You can start doing it by adjusting to the budget you have. Indeed, this process can take a longer time to be done, but it provides an opportunity for you to focus more on each stage, and the money you spent can be more organized and easily monitored.

Choosing Roof Material

Types of Roofing Materials - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
This one is often underestimated by most people. They often ignore what materials are used as house's roof. Many types of roofs can be used when building a house, such as a tile, asbestos, and others. To save your budget, you can use asbestos roofs. If you use it, you don't need to spend a large amount of money compared to using tile. Because the few zinc usage will save you more costs.

That's it! Remember, when you have a plan to build a house, keep in your mind that these most affordable ways to build a house are very effective tips and also will save your money more so you can use that money in other needs instead.

Hope this article helpful and don't forget to share so your family or friends can build their own house in an affordable way. Thanks!
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