12 Best Tips to Dress Well for Church

Every Sunday morning, some of you may have to go to church, and you also have to dress well for it. But, there's nothing wrong if you look pretty by wearing a nice outfit, right? Now, Lifestyle Nowadays will give you the best tips to dress well for church, we will also give you some fashion and outfit tips to wear every Sunday morning. Before we talk about them, let's talk about how important is it to be well-dressed when we are going to church.

Why Should You Dress Well for Church Services?

The church is a holy place. Everything in the church, such as equipment, attitude, and appearance must be prepared specifically for worship on holidays and sabbaths.

What to Wear to Church

Famous lifestyle nowadays shouldn't make you dress freely without paying attention to appropriate dress style. If you want to look pretty in front of people, it doesn't mean you are free to choose fashion items when you want to worship in church. Therefore, don't choose revealing clothes, it will embarrass you in church, instead choose an outfit that looks good and decent, so that you will feel comfortable when praying and worshiping God.

Wearing the right outfit while going to the church is a form of respect, reverence, and joy. Before leaving to worship in the house of God, it would be nice for you to prepare clothes that are suitable for you and your family. Also, you can't wear too many extra accessories because they can interfere with your concentration and others when worshiping in the church.

Best Tips to Dress Well for Church

According to the Bible, Dress Properly, Wear Neat & Clean Clothes
Wearing neat and clean clothes doesn't mean you have to choose famous label clothing worth a hundred or thousand dollars. You just have to dress well and be kind to others. When worshiping at church, you shouldn't imitate quirky and weird fashion styles, it's a basic knowledge, right?

Actually, in 1 Samuel 16:7, you can see the way to dress well according to the Bible:
Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
When you dress up your younger brother or siblings, remind them to dress neatly and appropriately. This is a part of unwritten fashion rules in society. Show them that an appropriate and neat look is something that must be done before praying to God in the church.

Wear Comfortable Outfit

Wearing comfortable clothes when going to church can improve the quality of your worship and reduce the possibility of losing precious moments with God when you pray. Comfortable clothing does not mean clothes that are trendy right now, but that is really comfortable to wear on your body.

Wearing Comfortable Outfit - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
Wear an outfit that doesn't make it difficult for you to pray and praise God in the church. You can combine it with a simple makeup that is still comfortable to look at so your appearance will bring joy and peace to those around you.

Don't Wear Too Many Accessories

Accessories are one of the important factors in the style of dress and appearance of a woman, but you cannot use all types of accessories when you come to church to worship. Coming to the church wearing too many accessories will create a weird and arrogant impression.

In church, you will worship God and He will not see your accessories price, accessories type, or how many accessories you wear at that time. God will only look into your heart and judge how sincere you are when you pray to Him, instead of judging by the amount of jewelry and accessories you have.

As one of the best tips for dress well for church, you can use a combination of earrings with a bracelet, or a necklace combined with a ring. The combination of the use of jewelry and accessories won't make you look weird.

Wearing Blouse 3/4 Sleeve for Church Services

Puffed Short Sleeve Blouse - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
Get a stylish and appropriate look with Puffed Short Sleeve Blouse. This blouse can make you look feminine because it has a line motif with some additional details that add to your beauty, one of which is a belt. This blouse has a round collar model and uses cotton material that is comfortable to use.

Puffed Short Sleeve Blouse, the blouse with regular cutting fit without the line is very suitable if you combine it with a circle skirt. You can buy it online at Kohls for around $19.99-$34.99. For a more fashionable and girly look, you can wear 3 cm high heels or regular flat shoes.

Wearing Midi Dress

Midi Dress by Coco Fashion
Have you ever wondered about "What should I wear to church?", then this will answer your question. Midi Dress is a polyblend dress that can be your choice of outfit when going to church. Generally, the midi dress falls right in your calf area, therefore, the dress is highly recommended for women with proportional height and weight.

With solid colors and sleeves, Midi Dress uses a regular cutting model fit without lines. You can buy it online at Coco Fashion for only $34.54.

Besides this dress, another alternative outfit that you can wear when going to church is a long skirt below your knee. You can also choose between a floral dress or plain dress.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants for Better Look to Church
Palazzo pants are pants with a piece that extends from the waist so it will look pretty appropriate if you wear for church services. Self Belted Box Pleated Palazzo Pants is a jet black color palazzo pants with a length of 7/8. Made of cotton, these pants have a very chic design with zipper placement on the back.

Additional details on the Self Belted Box Pleated Palazzo Pants are two side pockets and a layered accent. Palazzo pants can be combined with a ruffle top or fit body size blouse with a firm shoulder shape. This combination will give you a more appropriate and formal look.

You can buy this Palazzo pants online at Shein, the price is about $21.

Cardigan and T-Shirt/Sleeveless Shirt Combination

Cardigan and White T-Shirt Combination - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
Wearing cardigan isn't only sweetens your look at certain moments. You can also wear it while worshiping weekly at church. The example of the high-quality cardigan is the New One Button French Terry Cardigan that you can buy online here, this cardigan has a minimalist design with open front details. The cardigan uses the cotton material with relaxed cuts fit unlined. Available in black color, French One Button Terry Cardigan is priced at $ 24.97.

The combination of cardigans with overalls, blouses, and monochrome color panties will make you look very appropriate in front of people. You can wear a white t-shirt as a complement to your look.

Casual Shirt

Red and Black Check Shirt - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
Casual shirts can also be the right choice if you keep wondering about what clothes you'll wear when you're going to the church. With the right mix and match, you will get a girly, appropriate, and stylish look. One type of shirt that is often worn by women is a checkered shirt, like this one.

Red and Black Check Shirt is a blue cotton shirt with a regular fit. With a stand collar, the shirt has front button details. Having a combination of red and black like a flannel shirt that you often use to go to college, this shirt has long sleeves. You can combine Red and Black Check Shirts with a cardigan and jeans.

You can buy Red and Black Check Shirts online on Amazon.

Denim Shirt and Jeans

Wearing Denim Jacket - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
You can wear a denim shirt made by Miss Me with long sleeves with a casual design when going to church. You can combine it with a girly patterned scarf so that your look is more fashionable and stylish.

The Miss Me denim shirt has details in the form of a tap collar, 2 closed pockets, and front buttons. Made from cotton denim, you can buy the shirt online on the Miss Me website at a varied price. The pants we recommend are bootcut and skinny jeans so that your look still looks appropriate and seems quite formal.

Floral Dress

Brown Floral Dress - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
There is nothing wrong with wearing a floral dress when you're going to the church, as long as the fashion items you wear aren't too much and don't interfere with your worship. Floral dress is one of the outfit choices that is quite different from usual. Combine floral dress with a blazer and nude heels so you look more mature and more elegant.

Layering tricks in using floral dress will make you look fashionable. One of the floral dresses that you can wear is Sentimental Special Short Sleeve Dress. This brown dress with floral motifs and short sleeves has a pretty interesting model and a cute outfit to wear to church.

Sentimental Special Short Sleeve Dress has polyester material with tie strap details on the waist. You can order it online at ModCloth for $79.

Plain Maxi Dress

Cream-colored Plain Maxi Dress - Best Tips to Dress Well for Church
Don't be scared to be considered an outdated person because you wear a plain maxi dress! Although the maxi dress has a simple model, you can add some accessories to beautify it like a belt and sling bag.

If you want an elegant look when you come to church, wear a monochrome maxi dress like this Pleated Plain Maxi Dresses, a cream-colored dress with a collar made, using cotton material with regulating fit without lines, and has no buttons on the front, Pleated Plain Maxi Dresses has a design that makes you more feminine.

You can buy Pleated Plain Maxi Dresses online at Riva Fashion for $ 64.35.

Now you know what to wear to church and what not to wear to church. Actually, there is nothing wrong if you dress well for the church. Instead, it represents our preparation when we're about to pray to God, plus it will attract people's attention without distracting their worship activity. Remember! God only sees into your heart, not onto your outfit. Hope these 12 best tips to dress well for church services help you to choose what to wear on the day you come to church. Thanks for reading and stay stylish!
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