7 Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

Everyone needs a little break from their daily routine, no matter the age, the type of work you do, or the situation you face with your closest people. Especially when the end of a tiring day and frustrates you have come.

Sometimes you just have to take a break and immerse yourself in small activities that may be meaningless but feel fun. Therefore, mobile games are the best tool to escape from reality, because mobile games can be easily accessed by everyone with their smartphones wherever they are.

In this article, you will see some very interesting mobile games that will draw your attention and help you divert your mind from the daily problems you face. These mobile games will take a different approach to help you relax, for example by making you focus, think, laugh, or just allow you to vent your frustration. So these are 7 mobile games to take a break from your daily routine:

The Room

The Room - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

The Room has a quiet setting with light music, stunning graphics, and complicated puzzles. Once you start playing, you will focus on the task in front of you. There are many stories behind it, but to avoid spoilers, let's just say that you are in a room with very complicated security that requires quite a lot of problem-solving skills and patience to unlock.

You will face lots of puzzles, each more complicated than the previous one, and will make you curious for a few hours. The game is very interesting, forcing you to think hard, and effectively freeing your mind from your daily routine.

Crayon Physics

Crayon Physics - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

Crayon Physics, as the name suggests, is a unique physics game because this game combines intelligent physics-based puzzles with cute art styles and very unique mechanics. Your goal at each level seems simple, which is to get a small red ball across the level to the yellow star. But you have to do it by drawing different objects which will then be brought to life by the physics game system and will function as they originally were on this earth.

You will use a magic crayon that will give life to what you draw. Soft music, addictive games, and the fact that you can play levels repeatedly more than enough to keep your mind calm as you explore your creative side.

Master of Craft

Master of Craft - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

Unlike the standard RPG games, Master of Craft invites you to become a hero who also has an item shop in the city. You will use raw materials collected from different locations. This game is very fun to play and allows you to be creative. You will spend a stress-free afternoon playing this game.

Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

Similar to the old "Snake" game, you will control something long while avoiding various obstacles. But the difference with the Snake game is in Nimble Quest you actually lead a group of small heroes who form snake-like formations. You only have one hero at the beginning game, but others will join you as the game progresses, so your hero line grows and you have to be careful about how to lead them.

You must keep concentrating on what's in front of you because there is no time for empty thoughts when you have to make quick tactical decisions. You will definitely have fun playing this game on your smartphone.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Cut The Rope: Time Travel - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

This famous mobile game invites players to pass various levels of the game while cutting the rope. This amazing mobile game is intuitive, has good audio, isn't too difficult, and has small monsters that will give a smile on your face.

Doodle God

Doodle God - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

Doodle God gives you the perfect opportunity to have fun with concepts that are fun, innovative, and don't really need you to think hard. You will start with four traditional elements: water, wind, earth, and fire that you can combine to get new elements. These new elements can be mixed with other elements, and you are encouraged to make some interesting combinations. There are more than 100 different combinations, from storms, planes, to dinosaurs.

Not all elements can be combined so there will be several experiments involved, and there are funny "facts" about the new elements that you make that will make you laugh. If you cannot find a new combination for three minutes, you will get instructions so you will not be confused when playing this game, and it will certainly attract your attention to make you forget your problem for a while.

Real Boxing

Real Boxing - Mobile Games to Take a Break from Daily Routine

Are you feeling tired and angry after a bad day? Don't put your emotions on the people around you. Just play Real Boxing and remove all your anger.

Real Boxing has excellent graphics and you will really feel that you are right in the middle of a match. This is a great way to release some of your frustration without actually punching a drywall.

These are the 7 mobile games to take a break from daily routine which is good as your free time killer and stress reliever. So, don't be confused anymore about what are you gonna do when you got free time to rest in your office. You better refresh your mind by playing these games above. Stay calm and relax.

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