13 Best Search Engines Alternatives to Google

Google is a big thing. It's true that Google is the most dominating search engine compared to other search engines. This statement is proven by Google's global market share percentage of more than 78%, you can check it here. Therefore, many people are starting to worry that Google will control all internet networks, so there are various other best search engines alternatives that dare to compete with Google. Is there any other search engines than Google? Of course, in fact, a lot.

You can use some alternative internet search engines if you want to have another point of view when searching for the information you need. Even though these internet search engines are underrated in some countries, some of these search engines are more famous than Google in their home countries. Wow!

So, without further ado, these are the best search engines alternatives to Google:


Baidu - Search Engines Alternatives to Google 
Baidu is the most famous search engine in China and the second most popular search engine alternative to Google. Baidu covers 11.08% of searches around the world. Although it was only used in China, now it is able to gain global market share and continue to grow because of the large Chinese population. Baidu also became the most popular search engine with a domestic market share of around 74% compared to Google which was only 1.7%.

For foreign business people, Baidu is the main thing they must know if they want to expand their business wings to the Chinese online market. Because to get high rankings, your brand content must use Chinese, your website must use the '.cn' domain, you also have to host your website in China and use some title tags. You can optimize your website in Baidu by applying these ways.


Bing - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Bing is the third most popular Microsoft-made search engine in the world. According to Net Marketshare, from January 2017 to August 2018, Bing covers 5.18% of searches worldwide.

Lifehacker also insists that you must use Bing because it is the main rival to Google and it does some things better than Google. This may be the best search engine alternative to Google.

Some of the advantages of Bing are:
  • Bing's video search results are significantly more than Google, Bing provides many videos thumbnails that you can click to watch the video
  • Bing often gives more autocomplete suggestions than Google
  • Bing can predict whenever the plane's price will increase or decrease when you search for flight tickets
  • Bing has a feature where if you type linkfromdomain: (website name), Bing will highlight the best outgoing links on the website. This helps you to choose which website is the most suitable for you to visit.


Yahoo! - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Yahoo! is not a new name in search engine competition. Not only as a search engine, Yahoo! also presents other features such as mail, news, and finance. Yahoo! had been in its glory days before being acquired by Verizon in 2017. Yahoo's global total market share ranks fourth after Google, Baidu, and Bing as of August 2018 and covers 3.36% of all searches in the world.


Yandex - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Yandex is a Russian search engine that offers the same products and services like Google. Yandex is the most dominant or most widely used search engine in Russia. Yandex has a market share of more than 50% in its own country compared to Google which is only about 46%. This alternative search engine is also present in other countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Belarus.

If you want your content to be in demand and ranked high on Yandex, your content must be truly original. Because if you find duplicates, you will be subject to severe sanctions. Yandex offers search results in a good logical format, full of favicon so you can clearly see various websites for your needs. Favicon is the main icon that appears in the address bar of a website and is the logo of the website.


Ask - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
The next alternative search engine is Ask, it is also called 'Ask Jeeves'. Ask is the parent company of several well-known web destinations such as Ask for Kids and Teoma.

The main page of Ask has a simple design and an efficient look. This search engine can respond to searches based on questions, phrases, or a word. Ask has a Smart Answers feature that can help you find instant and factual results among many search results.


DuckDuckGo - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Do you need search engines with privacy protection? DuckDuckGo can be the best search engine alternative for you. DuckDuckGo emphasizes the privacy protection of searchers, reduces advertiser tracking, avoids filter bubbles, and limits data profiling.

The main feature that the DuckDuckGo search engine has is that they don't store the data of its users so they won't be able to track you or manipulate search results based on your behavior. For those of you who are scared of Google's 'spy power', DuckDuckGo is one of the other search engines besides Google that can be the right choice for you.


Naver - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Naver only has a small percentage in terms of global market share, only 0.11%. However, Naver has a large base in the South Korean domestic market.

Thanks to the Korean language algorithm, Naver gives far better results than Google. This is also due to the Korean wording which is very different from English.


Dogpile - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
This search engine is quite unique. Dogpile is an information meta-search engine on the World Wide Web that results are collected from various other search engines such as Google, Yahoo !, Yandex, and a number of other popular search engines.

According to Lifewire, this search engine is able to search 50% more information than any search engine in this world.


AOL - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
AOL (America Online) Search is a search engine supported by Bing. AOL approved the 10-year strategic relationship with Microsoft in 2015 by expanding their advertising business called AOL Advertising. Now, Bing has become a web search provider for AOL Search starting from January 1, 2016, until now.


Rambler - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Rambler is a search engine and also the biggest web portals from Russia. It's owned by Rambler Media Group and Prof-Media. Rambler is also well-known as kind of a virus that forces you to use it on your browser even if you're using Google or other search engines, if you have ever experienced this problem, you can remove it by following this guide. This search engine only covers 0.01% of searches in the world.


Boardreader - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
If you want to find information with a variety of different points of view and away from the main publication, then you can try this search engine. Boardreader will display some pure search results from many forums, discussion boards, and also Reddit.


WolframAlpha - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
WolframAlpha is a knowledge search engine or a super smart search engine for you. You can ask him to calculate any data based on any fact. WolframAlpha is not always used successfully, so you must continue to practice to use this search engine optimally.

IxQuick (StartPage)

IxQuick - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
IxQuick or StartPage is another search engine that also emphasizes the privacy of its users. They will not store information about you and no tools are used. Users can set preferences according to their wishes but they will be deleted within 90 days after they are inactive.

Have you ever tried at least one of these best search engines alternatives to Google? And if you have, what's your opinion about it? Is it better? or worst? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Hope this article provides you some useful pieces of information about search engines alternatives. Thanks.
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