6 Tips Choosing Stylish Plus Size Office Clothes

If you are a woman who has a curvy body shape, the process of choosing clothes for activities will be more "tricky", not least when you choose work clothes. You have to look neat and professional with the right choice of outfit and in accordance with your body shape.

Well, for curvy women who go to the office and are still looking for a safety with the same clothing style every day, then from now on, try exploring various interesting styles for your work outfit. Here are 6 tips choosing stylish plus size office clothes!

Pastel-colored Pantsuit for a Chic Style

Pastel-colored Pantsuit for a Chic Style

A suit can be a practical choice for your office clothes but don't choose suits with monton colors like black or white. Try wearing a pastel-colored pantsuit for a more fresh style and certainly makes you look more stylish.

This style also looks better when combined with sneakers. Your office outfit becomes more comfortable and you certainly become more stylish.

Play with Colors

Pleated Blouse Curvy Woman Office Clothes Ideas 

Don't make your curvy body as an excuse to wear clothes in dark colors. Girls, you can still look attractive with pop up colors that make your style more stunning! Bright colors are not a problem that can make your body look bigger.

By choosing the right clothing material and cut line, you can still look thinner even though you wear bright colors. For example, you can wear a pleated blouse, black pants, high heels, and yellow blazer.

Say Yes to White Color

Plus Size White Office Clothes Ideas

White is a frightening color for curvy women. Because white can easily show a person's body shape, finally, many curvy women are not confident when wearing a white outfit. In fact, a white outfit can also make you look sleek and stylish, you know!

The trick is, you can mix white tops, blazers, and culottes with vertical line accents. Don't forget to maximize your style with high heels with matching colors. Even though you wear a white outfit, the blazer you wear will cover the top of your body. In addition, vertical stripe pants also make your legs look slimmer

Look More Professional with a Monochrome Theme

Look More Professional with a Monochrome Theme Office Clothes

If you are the curvy women who like a simple and minimalist style, this one style can be a mainstay for you. Choose basic outfits like white shirts and black pants. Instead of using a stiff blazer, you can try wearing a long outerwear to complete your style.

For accessories, you can wear glasses to add a 'smart' impression. Just add black high heels and handbags, you are already looking stylish!

Be a Stylish Women by Wearing Satin Blouse

Wearing Satin Blouse as Your Office Clothes

It's not only a matter of color and the right pieces of clothing that affect your plus size office clothes style, but the materials used can also be a determining factor of how stylish you are in your office. When you come to a formal event, you can choose a blouse with satin material to add an elegant and stylish impression.

Choose calm colors like maroon to add a stylish and elegant impression. You can mix it with lace pencil skirt and sling bag. To be more interesting, you can mix and match with contrasting pink fuschia shoes as your statement outfit.

Shirt Dress for Stylish and Simple Look

Shirt Dress for Stylish and Simple Look

You don't have to always wear tops and pants, you can also wear dress shirts as your office clothes. Choose a shirt dress with a simple pattern such as a line pattern. You can also add a ribbon or belt at your waist to display the curvy body you have. For accessories, you can use white high heels and trendy pastel clutch bags.

These are the best 6 tips for choosing stylish plus size office clothes, now you don't have to wear the same style of outfit every time you're going to work at your office. If you're a curvy woman, don't be shy about that, you must be grateful and show them what you got after reading this article. Stay stylish ladies!
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