Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands

This country is certainly no stranger to our ears, the Netherlands. If you are planning to go on holiday to the Netherlands, then you should try these top 8 most delicious typical foods in the Netherlands which tastes very good. Dutch food is influenced by the North of French food where this country once also colonized the Netherlands. Dutch foods are divided into three general forms based on the region, such as eastern foods, northern foods, and western foods. Of course, there are many special foods in this country. Here are some of the most delicious typical foods in the Netherlands.

1. Stamppot

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Stamppot

The first most delicious typical food in the Netherlands is Stamppot. This is the food that is often recommended to foreign tourists if they ask about the country's special food. Stamppot is made from boiled and crushed potatoes then mixed with some vegetables such as carrots, or other green vegetables such as Boerenkool. This food is served when it is hot along with a large sausage named Rookworst. This food is usually served when winter arrives.

2. Hutspot

Besides the super-famous Stamppot, Hutspot is another Dutch food that tastes good too. For those of you who love meat, this food can spoil your tongue. The meat is cooked and diced, then mixed with mashed vegetables, such as carrots, beans, potatoes, and onions. Hutspot is also the food most often made by Dutch citizens when tourists arrive because the process of making is very easy and fast.

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Hutspot

The first step is peeling and chopping carrots, then slicing onions and cooking in butter. Then, carrots and onions are put together with pepper, salt, nutmeg, and bay leaf. Don't forget to boil potatoes. The final step, remove the bay leaf and simultaneously pulverize the other. This food is usually served with jenever or what you usually know as "beer"

3. Herring

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Herring Sandwich

This food has been around for six centuries. Herring is a food like Sashimi and is often found in the summer because at that time, Herring fish can be caught. This food isn't completely served without processing. After the fish is caught, Herring fish is cleaned and cut the head off, then frozen for 24 hours. Herring fish is very soft, salty, but very fresh. You can eat it directly, or by making it as Sandwich content.

4. Erwtensoep (Dutch Pea Soup)

The Netherlands is famous for its soup food. Besides Stamppot and Waterzooi, other Dutch soup dishes that are no less delicious are Erwtensoep or Dutch Pea Soup. Named Dutch Pea Soup because the main ingredient of this soup is made from pea. This soup color is yellowish green and even tends to be brown. Erwtensoep has a similar texture to porridge. Besides peas, this soup is also a variety of other ingredients, such as leek, potatoes, beef or chicken, and carrots.

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Erwtensoep

Like other soup foods, eating Erwtensoep is perfect activity when winter arrives. This Soup is added with bread, it can be Soft Roll or Hard Roll. But if you buy Erwtensoep in France, the used bread is French Bread. If you like other nuts, this soup can also be added with peanuts or red beans. And as a final touch, Erwtensoep is given a little lime or lemon juice.

5. Waterzooi

This food is highly recommended for those of you who like warmth during cold weather. This food is often served in winter. Waterzooi is a kind of soup. At first, this food is made from fish, either freshwater fish or sea water fish, because the place of manufacture is close to the sea. But right now, Waterzooi uses an easier material, the chicken. This changed ingredient changed the name of this meal into Kippenwaterzoi.

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Waterzooi

Why don't they use fish again? One of the most accepted reasons is the rivers in Ghent, where Waterzooi was originally made are very polluted, so the fishes disappeared and died. As the name implies, this food is made from chicken or fish stew, then combined with various types of vegetables, such as carrots, leeks, and potatoes, mixed with eggs, cream and butter. You can enjoy this food with Baguette, a kind of typical Dutch bread.

6. Boerenkoolstamppot

Dutch foods aren't always soup. There is also delicious Dutch with a more simple presentation. That food is Boerenkoolstamppot. This meal is one of the oldest and most popular Dutch dishes. Since 1661, Boerenkoolstamppot has been known to the public throughout the Netherlands.

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Boerenkoolstamppot

The basic ingredients of this food are a typical Dutch cabbage called Kale, which is then mixed with mashed potatoes. This food is very tasty when served with sauce, mustard, and Rookworst sausage. One of the things that makes this food so popular is because potatoes are a popular vegetable that is often used by Dutch people as food ingredients. Because of this, Boerenkoolstamppot contains lots of carbohydrates and is very popular when winter arrives.

7. Ontbijtkoek

The next most typical delicious food in the Netherlands is Ontbijtkoek. If you are a person who doesn't have time for breakfast, then you should try this one. Ontbijtkoek or "Breakfast Bread" is made from wheat. The food is a kind of sponge cake, but the ingredients are different from the usual sponge cake. This cake is often flavored with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Ontbijtkoek

In the northern part of the Netherlands, this food is called Oudewijvenkoek, the ingredients are almost the same as Ontbijtkoek, only added with anise. As we said earlier, Ontbijtkoek was originally often served as a regular bread substitute at breakfast. This food is much better if smeared with butter. But nowadays, Ontbijtkoek is more often served as snack food at typical Dutch tea parties.

8. Edam Cheese

European countries are known as the best source of cheese in the world, one of them is the Netherlands. The Netherlands has the famous delicious cheese, Edam cheese. Like most cheeses, the basic ingredient for making Edam cheese is cow's milk.

Top 8 Most Delicious Typical Foods in The Netherlands - Edam cheese

Edam cheese has a red paraffin coating which is another cheese that is exported to other countries. The texture is very soft, and the taste is slightly salty or can be said to be somewhat similar to peanuts. Of the many types of cheese, Edam cheese is the cheese that has the lowest fat content and has 25% protein. Usually, Dutch citizens use Edam cheese as cake toppings, or as snacks when drinking tea.

Now you know the top 8 most typical delicious foods in the Netherlands, and they're very worth a try. Do we haven't put your favorite Dutch foods on our list? Let us know what do we missed in the comment field below. So, whenever you go on vacation to the Netherlands, don't forget to try all these foods while you can
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