Top 10 Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece

What things should be done when you visit other countries? That's right, you must try a variety of typical foods in the country you are visiting. Eating a variety of delicious typical foods will certainly make you feel happier when you travel abroad.

Greece is one of the countries in Europe that is often visited by foreign tourists for vacation. Besides being famous for its various mythologies, Greece turned out to be so famous for its variety of typical foods that were truly delicious! In addition to its delicious taste, the appeal of food in Greece is the foods unique names. What are these Greek typical foods? Here are 10 most delicious typical foods in Greece:


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Moussaka

Moussaka has a shape that is similar to Lasagna. In general, Lasagna is a pasta that contains beef, pasta sauce, and can also be mixed with cheese. However, Moussaka has a unique content compared to Lasagna. Moussaka is a baked pasta that contains eggplant, minced beef, and potato slices on the bottom. Moussaka is also mixed with tomato sauce and topping of cheese. 

It's delicious, unique, and exotic! You certainly have never felt or even imagined the taste of roasted eggplants mixed with tomato sauce and cheese, right? It's unique, delicious, and of course, now Moussaka has succeeded in making you tempted to try it!

Greek Salad

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Greek Salad

This appetizer is certainly well known in various parts of the world. This Greek salad is made from large pieces of tomatoes, carrot slices, cucumber slices, and others. What distinguishes Greek salad with other salads is the Greek salad mixed with an olive oil and sprinkled with Feta cheese and Parsley. Hmm, how fresh this salad is!

Feta Cheese

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a typical Greek cheese made from sheep's milk. Feta cheese has a very salty taste because making feta cheese is soaked in a salt solution for some time. Besides its very salty taste, feta cheese also has a hard texture but the taste is very tasty. In addition, generally, feta cheese is white or whitish yellow. Feta cheese is usually used as a mixture or sprinkling on a variety of Greek specialties. This original Greek cheese has been made since around the 8th century to the 6th century BC.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Spanakopita

This food is at a glance shaped like a Martabak (a food in Indonesia). Spanakopita is made from pan-fried spinach along with eggs and spices. After sautéing, the mixture of spinach and eggs is wrapped with Phyllo pastry. Then, Spanakopita is served with soft and savory Feta cheese, and sauce which is a blend of lemon, onion, chili, and peppers. How delicious, of course, eating Spanakopita is still warm. Curious about the taste? Please try it for yourself in Greece!

Pita Bread

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Pita Beard

Pita Bread can be categorized as a staple food in Greece. Pita bread made from flour that is not given yeast as bread in other countries. Therefore, you will feel very full after eating this bread. In addition, the taste of pita bread is very bland. Because of its taste, Pita bread is usually eaten with various foods or other dishes, such as Souvlaki and Tzaziki.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Souvlaki

Souvlaki is one of the delicious Greek typical food. Souvlaki is very easy to find because it is sold in many shops, restaurants, and can be found in almost all roads in Greece. This food has a shape like a Satay. Generally, Souvlaki is made from chicken, goat, beef, or shrimp, sumi, mushrooms, and cheese. In addition, Souvlaki is served directly on a plate as usual or can be used as a sandwich.

Souvlaki served on a plate is generally served together with french fries, mushrooms, cheese, and various other desired foods. Souvlaki, like this, is more expensive than Souvlaki sandwich. Meanwhile, Souvlaki, who was served in the form of sandwiches, was usually wrapped in Pita bread and added with a little fries.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Tzaziki

Tzaziki is a Greek salad that is white and shaped like a thick cream sauce. Tzaziki is made from Greek yogurt mixed with pieces of onion, oregano, cucumber, and olive oil. This food is usually eaten with pita bread by applying it on the Pita bread pieces. Tzaziki makes the Pita bread pieces have a fresher taste and, of course, tastier! The uniqueness and delicacy of Tzaziki make it one of the must-try typical food in Greece.

Grilled Seafood in Greece

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Grilled Seafood

Grilled seafood is probably a food that is familiar to our ears (and our tongue). However, this grilled seafood is different from other grilled seafood because it has its own uniqueness. Grilled seafood in Greece made from a variety of fish and other fresh meat from the sea is burned and then smeared with olive oil and given lime juice. The taste is very tasty and fresh. This Greek grilled seafood will probably be the most delicious seafood you have ever eaten.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Kourabiedes

This typical Greek food does have a unique name. Kourabiedes are made from a mixture of flour, butter, and baked almonds. Kourabiedes is served simply with sugar sprinkled on it. The taste is certainly sweet and delicious. Kourabiedes is certainly very suitable for sweet food lovers.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Amygdalota

Anyone who loves sweet foods will also like Amygdalota. This food is also known as Pasteli and has been popular in various regions in Greece. Amygdalota is made from a mixture of white almond flour, sugar and rose water made into various forms. This sweet food is white like snow and is generally served at weddings and baptisms.

These are the top 10 most delicious typical foods in Greece. Don't miss the chance to eat them all when you're going to Greece for a vacation, cause they have a delicious and unique taste!

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