6 Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam offers many tourist destinations that are attractive to tourists throughout the world. Besides Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam which has hundreds of temples and pagodas, there is also Ho Chi Minh which is nicknamed the Paris-style place. Nha Trang, with its longest cable car across the sea. Hue, which is one of the historic cities, and Phu Quoc, which is the largest island in Vietnam even though it isn't as popular as other destinations.

Phu Quoc is a tropical island paradise located in southern Vietnam. At this island, you will find perfect natural beauty, like lush green trees and beautiful beaches. To be able to visit Phu Quoc, you can travel 50 minutes by plane from Ho Chi Minh.

About the place where you will stay later, you will be given lots of choices for cheap hotels to luxury resorts. So, for those of you who prefer accommodation with number one services, here are the recommendations of 6 best resorts near beach in Phu Quoc Vietnam:

Sol Beach House

Sol Beach House - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

Sol Beach House is just 2 minutes from Troung Beach on Phu Quoc Island and is located in a beautiful tropical garden. Facilities offered by Sol Beach House are a private beach area on Duong To beach, an outdoor swimming pool equipped with beautiful sun terrace, spa, free airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi in all resort areas, free public parking, and various international dishes.

Each room is equipped with 5-star hotel furniture and features a private balcony overlooking the garden, sea and swimming pool.

Nam Nghi Resort

Nam Nghi Resort - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

The specialty of this 5-star resort is located on the edge of the exclusive Mong Tay peninsula, a beautiful private white sand beach area, lush green forests, and its strategic location close to Duong Dong city. Other facilities owned by Nam Nghi Island are a beautiful outdoor swimming pool adjacent to the restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped sauna and spa, fitness center, nightclub, bicycle rental and close to the golf course.

The rooms are spacious with pastel color paint and naturally, it makes this resort is a very comfortable place to rest. The interior design is also very classy. Each room is equipped with a private balcony, bathtub, sofa, beautiful carpet and overlooking the garden or sea.

Eden Resort

Eden Resort - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

The luxury of Eden Resort is undoubtedly is the best facilities that this resort can provide. There are several advantages if you stay at Eden Resort: It only takes 1 minute to walk to the beach and 5 minutes to Phu Quoc airport by driving, free airport shuttle and free Wi-Fi throughout the beautiful garden inside the Resort.

The room was quite spacious with wooden furniture that added to your comfort while relaxing in the room while enjoying the sea breeze.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa

Vinpearl Resort & Spa - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Resort & Spa offers modern, luxurious and pleasant accommodation, with free Wi-Fi access throughout the area. This resort is only 1 minute from the beach and provides facilities for an outdoor swimming pool, private beach area, spa, karaoke, 3 restaurants that provide local & international cuisine, and shuttle buses to nearby attractions, such as Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari, and Vinpearl Golf.

Each room is designed with modern, unique and creative architecture with very classy furniture and equipped with a private balcony and bathtub. The room types also vary with views overlooking the garden, sea, mountains and swimming pool. It's great, isn't it?

Cassia Cottage

Cassia Cottage - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

This resort has a premium classy style! The distance from Phu Quoc Airport to Cassia Cottage by driving is only about 10 minutes and it makes Cassia Cottage is a premium resort that attracts many tourists. Cassia Cottage provides super luxury services, such as 130 m private beach area, 3 swimming pools, lush tropical gardens and neatly arranged, indoor and outdoor restaurants with local and international dishes, free Wi-Fi, and location close to the night market Duong Dong Town.

The choice of room types also varies. There is a 'modern' type on the 2nd floor so you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, this room contains comfortable wooden furniture and there is a 'heritage' type with views overlooking the garden, sea and swimming pool.

The Shells Resort & Spa

The Shells Resort & Spa - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

The Shells Resort & Spa has first class service. The resort is located along the edge of the city of Duong Dong (the largest city in Phu Quoc) equipped with a large outdoor swimming pool, private beach area, fitness center, Free Wi-Fi throughout the building, strategic location and spa/sauna. With spacious rooms, tiled floors, equipped with private balconies and beautiful interior design, making the rooms at The Shells Resort & Spa truly feel luxurious.

So, don't worry about the place where you'll rest if you have a plan to go on vacation to Phu Quoc, cause these 6 best resorts near the beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam will solve your problem.
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