5 Best Apps to Track Partner and Family Location

5 Best Apps to Track Partner and Family's Location

Best Apps to Track Partner and Family Location - In today's digital era, millennials are one of the most technology users. Because of technological advancements, you can stay connected to one another without constraints on distance and time.

In addition, there are some apps that are intentionally made to make it easier for you to track your closest people's location. Like your family, your friends, or your partner. These apps help you and your closest people during an emergency, such as when your friend has an accident, kidnapped, or another emergency case. Are you already curious about what apps that can track your closest people's location? Check out our explanation below:

1. Trusted Contacts

Google makes a tracking application that you can use to track family, close friends, or your partner's location in a two-way system. With your phone number, you can track their location even when the phone is not connected to the internet.

Best Apps to Track Partner and Family's Location - Trusted Contacts

The main idea of using this app is by requesting a location, where you can request to share your location with anyone who is registered as your contact in this application, and vice versa. You can also choose to accept the location request or reject it with a short message to let you know that you are okay with the person who made the request. It's so safe and comfy, right?

2. Family Locator

Best Apps to Track Partner and Family's Location - Family Locator

The next one of best apps to track partner and family's location is Family Locator. This app isn't only tracking phones location based on Android, this app can also track smartphones with iOS operating systems, so don't worry if you have a different type of OS with your closest people. This application will also keep track of visited locations for the past 7 days too!

3. Famy

This South Korean app can help you track the location and activities of your closest people. Install this application on each smartphone that you want to track, then register the phone number, and voilĂ , you can track where they are whenever and wherever accurately.

Best Apps to Track Partner and Family's Location - Famy

You can also see the history of their activity, as well as chat with people you have registered as a family. Equipped with the SOS button, this application can also send emergency messages to the closest people accompanied by the location of your last place quickly. The features in this application are very complete and very useful.

4. Glympse

Best Apps to Track Partner and Family's Location - Glympse

This app not only helps you who want to know where is the location of the people closest to you, in addition to directions, the Destination Picker feature of this app allows you to "face to face" with the person you want to meet. So, not only gives information about their location, but Glympse will also direct you to meet them directly. Very cool!

5. Zenly

Best Apps to Track Partner and Family's Location - Zenly

Do you want to hang out with your friends without having to contact them one by one? This application is the right solution! Invite and add your friends to Zenly, create a group, invite them to hang out, and track where your friends are. It's very easy, isn't it? By using this app, there are no more friends who can lie and say "I'm on my way." Even though he is still in his house. Haha!

Now, after you find out some best apps to track partner, best friend, or family's locations, then, you don't need to know where your closest people are by asking "where are you?" to them all the time. You also won't make your parents panic when you haven't had time to give them news, or being pissed by your friends who are always lying and often late when you invited them to hang out, right?
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