8 Virtual Reality Technology Predictions in the Future

8 Virtual Reality Technology Predictions in the Future - For those of you who have been watching Ready Player One may think "Is it actually can be real in the future?", for those of you who haven't been watching it, in the movie, any real-world activity can be done through a VR (Virtual Reality) device. So, what could possibly change in the future? Let's discuss it below!

1. Video Games Will Be More Epic

Virtual Reality Video Games

One thing that is sure to grow rapidly with the VR is the world of video games. Currently, there are PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift as devices that support gamers' satisfaction in the VR world. Although it is only visual satisfaction.

In the future, it could be not only your eyes that can feel the VR technology, but the VR can also involve kinetic movements, such as hand and foot movements. So far, the technology is still being developed. Imagine if you can play shooter games with VR devices that also involve gestures. It would be really epic.

2. 3D Movies in VR Technology

The next virtual reality technology predictions in the future are 3D movies in VR. Currently, most movies can only be enjoyed in electronic devices like TV or cinema with one point of view. Imagine, with the development of VR sophistication, it will appear many 3D movies that support VR devices. And not only see the movie from one side, you can also see the scene around the main character.

Virtual Reality 3D Movies

In addition, you will definitely be invited to think, about which you should look in the direction for the scene climax. But be careful if you watch horror movies in VR, because if you misunderstand the direction, maybe suddenly a ghost can appear and scare you. Woahh!

3. Traveling Around The World Without Going Outside Your House

Traveling Around The World with Virtual Reality

Maybe you already know if there is a map app, like Google Maps that allows you to see interesting places around the world with street view feature. Imagine with VR technology, you can take a walk to visit exotic places around the world without needing to get out of your house!

4. Surgical Training Through VR Device

Surgical Training Through Virtual Reality

Do you want to be a surgeon? During this time, surgical training performed on real humans. With the development of VR in the medical world, allowing professionals to do safer surgical simulations. For those of you who are curious about surgical simulation, you can try Surgeon Simulator game. In the future, there may be more sophisticated surgical simulation games with VR technology.

5. Driving Simulator Using VR Device

Driving Simulator Using Virtual Reality Device

Do you want to drive but you feel afraid of an accident? Relax, because if that comes to you, then it's a natural thing. However, with VR technology, you can throw away that thought. Not just driving a motorcycle or a car, you can try aircraft or plane simulations. With realistic VR technology, it will minimize accidents rather than using the real aircraft. At least, even if you don't become a real pilot, you can feel the experience of flying the plane.

6. Play Sports Through VR Device

Play Sports Through Virtual Reality Devices

Not just games, VR devices also have the potential to be a device to play sports in the future. You can try a variety of sports just by relying on your VR devices. You can play tennis, archery, football, or jog. However, it will be more interesting if it is equipped with a motion detector. Right?

7. With VR, You Can Explore Outer Space and Sea

Exploring Outer Space Through Virtual Reality Device

Besides exploring interesting places on earth, VR also allows you to explore places that are difficult to reach, such as in the oceans or outer space. Imagine how beautiful nature is from behind your VR device.

8. You Can Also Study School Subjects Through VR

Studying School Subjects Using Virtual Reality

VR will spoil you for not going anywhere. Besides entertainment, you can study school subjects through VR a lot. Studying school subjects face-to-face may not be an important thing to do. In fact, it could happen that people in the future will be more interested in studying school subjects virtually than doing old school way.

That was some of our thoughts about virtual reality technology predictions in the future. What interests you the most? Or do you have your own picture of what could happen in the future? Tell me what you think in the comment field below! And as always, thanks for reading, see you in the next article!
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