13 Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally - Having a problem with hair is certainly an annoying thing for every woman. How come? Hair is like a crown for women. One of the hair problems that women often face is hair loss problem. Well, some of the consequences of hair loss, among others, head hair becomes thinner and can also cause baldness. Both of these problems can certainly make the confidence decreased.

There are many things that can make your hair fall out. Starting from a trivial factor to the factors that need to be handled by a specialist. Many women are willing to spend a lot of money so that their hair can be healthy again. Therefore it is important for you to always take care of your hair health. So, how about you who's having a hair problem? How to thicken your hair fast and naturally? Just keep reading our Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally.

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally and Cheaply

Real Cause of Hair Loss

As already mentioned above, there are many causes of hair loss. For example, hair loss caused by genetic factors. Usually, if there is one of your parents who have thin hair, then her child will tend to have thin hair as well.

In addition, thin hair can also be caused due to fungal infection in the scalp. Fungi or certain bacteria can make your hair fall out. If any of your hair is falling out, then your hair will be thinning.

Furthermore, the cause of thin hair is rarely known because of loss caused by lack of vitamin A. Many young women today are less concerned about their nutritional intake. Especially for you career women who are too busy with daily work. In fact, vitamin A deficiency can make hair become easy to fall out.

Those are some possibilities that make your hair thinner. But of course, there are still other causes of thin hair. For more, you better consult with a dermatologist. By knowing the exact cause, then the right treatment will be easier to do.

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally

Okay, here are some quick ways to thicken hair naturally. For those of you who have been wondering how to thicken hair loss with natural ingredients, here are the tips!

How to Thicken Hair Using Banana and Avocado

Banana and Avocado fruit has nutrients that can take care of your hair. The way it is used is to smooth the bananas and avocados and mix it together. After that this herb can be applied directly on the scalp while massaged your scalp so that the nutritional content can seep into the roots of the hair. After drying for a ½ hour, wash your hair using water until clean.

Quick Way to Thicken Your Hair Using Candlenuts

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally Using Candlenuts

Candlenut is one type of spice that can also be selected as one way to thicken the hair naturally. First, provide a few grains of candlenuts then fried them without oil. Besides that, you can use another technique, by baking them using fire that isn't too large. After the candlenuts seeds turn black and remove the oil, immediately mash the candlenuts until smooth. After that apply on the scalp and then massage it slowly and let stand about 20-30 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with cold water.

How to Thicken Your Hair due to Fall Out Using Celery

Celery leaves are the next natural method of thickening hair naturally. How to use it: Take celery leaves as many as several sheets with them stem and then puree them by blend or pounded. Then apply that to your scalp until it's smooth and massage it gently. After that, leave your hair for 1 hour while covered with a towel, then wash your hair using clean water.

This method should be done at least 2 times a week if you want to get better results. In addition, if you want to apply a different way to still be able to use celery leaves as a medicine to thicken your hair. You can boil the celery leaf along with the stalk and let it cool. After that apply to the hair while massaging it slowly.

Quick Way to Thicken Your Hair Using Mung Beans

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally Using Mung Beans

Mung beans have a high ability to thicken hair traditionally, especially in children and infants.
Prepare 2 or 3 handfuls of mung beans seeds are clean and then boil with water as much as 1 ½ cups, then strain and take water only. You can drink this cooking water every day but the water shouldn't be mixed with sugar. If this is done every day, a few months later the hair will grow healthy and thick. Although it is often used in infants and children, it's also worked on adult's hair.

Thicken Your Hair Quickly Using Pandan Leaves

The next type of plant that can be processed into a traditional herb to thicken hair naturally is pandan leaves. Same with oranges, pandan leaves also have a high ability to remove dandruff if used on a regular basis. How to use is to prepare some leaves of pandanus leaves are still fresh and young, then wash the pandan leaves to clean. After that, cut the pandan leaves and then boil in the water about 3 to 4 glasses. If the water stew has been left about 1 cup, pandan leaves can be drained. Apply those boiled pandan leaves on to your hair, and let it stand for about 30 minutes, then wash it using clean water.

Quick Way to Thicken Hair Using Carrots

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally Using Carrots

Carrots are vegetables that can thicken the hair quickly naturally which can also be applied easily and cheaply. How to use is to peel some old carrots but still fresh, then shredded and filtered for water taken. Then apply a squeeze of carrots on your hair to get into the scalp and massage for vitamin content and nutrients can be absorbed by the hair roots. After letting it stand for 30 minutes, you can wash your hair with cold water immediately.

How to Thicken Hair Naturally Using Garlic and Lettuce

When mixed with garlic, lettuce can be an excellent herb to thicken the hair naturally, but you should select fresh lettuce to get the maximum result. Mix it with garlic and blend it. Apply this result of a mixture to your hair and your scalp until it's evenly distributed, after letting it stand for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can clean your hair using regular shampoo.

Thicken Your Hair Naturally Using Corn Hair

Although often discarded and considered to have no value at all, but actually corn hair can be used for various purposes. One of them is as a material to thicken hair quickly and naturally because it doesn't contain chemicals. The trick is, choose the corn hair which is still clean then put in a glass of water and blend it until smooth. After that mix it with clove oil and vinegar solution and stir it until fused.

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally Using Corn Hair

Furthermore, apply this on your scalp and hair, then let it stand for ½ hour. Then, you can wash your hair with clean water and dry it with a thick towel.

Quick Way to Thicken Hair Using Oranges

The squeezed orange can also be used to make the hair thicker naturally. Peanut juice is applied to the hair shaft and scalp, then left to dry for 30 minutes. After that clean your hair with cold water. If done regularly, this technique can not only thicken hair but also can eliminate dandruff that often causes itching in your head.

How to Quickly Thicken Hair Using Ginseng

Besides useful for body health, ginseng can also be used to thicken the hair in a very natural way. How to use it: Blend some ginseng then mix it with clean water and boiled until boiling and cooled. This ginseng stew water can be applied on your hair and your scalp while massaged slowly and let it stand for approximately 10 minutes. As always, the last step is to wash it with shampoo and cold water. Don't use warm water because it can interfere with the growth of hair roots and damage your hair shaft.

Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally

Besides ou tips about quick ways to thicken hair naturally above, there are actually other ways to thicken hair directly from the cause. Like what? Let's take a look together at our next tips.

How to Thickening Hair Because of Genetic Factors

Thickening back the thin hair due to genetic factors is quite difficult. There may not be much you can do to thicken a thinning hair. One way that may be done is cleaning your hair and scalp diligently, and routinely provide nutrition to prevent hair loss. For example, you can use hair tonic or herbs from natural ingredients such as candlenuts.

Thickening Hair in One Week Because of Fungal Infection

If a fungal infection is the main cause of thinning your hair, you should immediately contact a dermatologist. You may go to the hospital or come to a local beauty clinic. Usually, an expert doctor will take a sample of your hair and scalp to ascertain whether there are bacteria or fungi that interfere with the health of your scalp and hair.

Quick Way to Thickening Hair Caused by Lack of Vitamin A

If lack of vitamin A is the main cause of hair loss, then you can first consult with a dermatologist. After examination and treatment, you should also pay more attention to the intake of vitamins in your diet. One that is worth a try is to regularly consume carrots and papaya which contain lots of vitamin A.

These are Quick Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally, hope these tips are useful for your hair loss problem. Read more our other articles about health and fashion on our website. Don't forget to share this with your friends and family, so they can also thicken and taking care of their hair as well. See you!
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