7 Effective Things to Deal With Depression

Your life is not going to avoid the various problems that came and went. Test of life and praise come to give colorful life. Even when you're at the lowest point, as if unable to do anything else to go on living and confused about how to release the pressure that continued to follow.

When depression comes, there will be psychological disturbances that affect your daily activities. Mild or severe depression can threaten our own lives. So, you'll need some effective things to deal with depression, what are those things?

1. Think Positively

Think Positively to Overcome Depression

I understand that your feelings are churning, feeling confused, and you tend to blame yourself. Hold on to the first anticipation to relieve depression and think positively. Make peace with yourself if what you feel is an injustice, as if you were just a victim.

Try not to be suspicious and blame others about what isn't necessarily true. The first effective thing to deal with depression is to think positively.

2. Ask Someone for Help

Just ask your closest friend or family for help

Sharing stories and complaints to the closest people certainly relieve problems in your mind that are difficult to pour out. Don't hesitate and hold back all the problems themselves in your mind, ask for advice and assistance from your closest friends or family. Even though you're a strong person, but solving the problem yourself will take longer time than asking for help from the nearest person.

If you surrender, even decide to commit suicide, then it isn't a wise choice. It just adds a burden to yourself and to your nearest person. They will also feel guilty for not being able to provide a solution to your problems.

3. Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is a key to deal with depression

You are a great person. Remember that! You are a wonderfully chosen person who is appointed by God to undergo the test of this life. Fortunately, you are getting a new challenge to the maturing process that makes you wiser. Fill your mind with positive motivation, by any means. Let the problem come, face it and finish it. Because you can handle it!

4. Escape from Daily Routine and Take a Vacation

Escape from your daily activities and go on a vacation

Another effective thing to deal with depression you can try is to stay away from the daily activities that bind your life and take a vacation. Enjoy nature or anything for the sake of self-satisfaction and release the tension of the mind. Remove all negative energy, absorb all positive energy.

5. Hypnotherapy


If you still feel helpless, it would be wise to go to a psychologist to be professionally guided. Open up, tell, and reveal all the issues that bind you. They will help you to improve your subconscious perception to get better.

The hypnotherapy method will take you in a comfortable state of relaxation. Relax, because this method is not like a hypnotist in a television show.

6. Exercising

Exercising is a great thing to overcome depression too

Besides refreshing your soul, your body must be reprocessed to be more healthy too. The relationship of both is inseparable. In a healthy body, there is a strong soul. Do exercises such as jogging, yoga, gymnastics, or meditation. Absorb all positive energy and throw away all negative energy in your soul.

7. Ask Religious Leader's Advice

Don't forget to pray

The last effective thing to deal with depression is asking for advice from religious leaders, this is actually needed by depressed people to guide their lives for the better. You will feel better when surrendering all the problems in your life to God. Because the religious leaders only act as the counselor and facilitator of your relationship with God.

And the trust you have has led you to a better direction to return to the path of your life that was constrained in the middle of the road.

Do you have any other effective things to deal with depression? If you have then you can try sharing it in the comment field below!
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