10 Best Mobile Puzzle Games to Eliminate Boredom

Boredom often comes to us in the midst of our daily activities, like when we are working. To get rid of the boredom, then you need a game that provides challenges as well as sharpening the brain but still fun to play. You don't need to bother, you can check on the Play Store and download the best puzzle games available there. So, what are those 10 best mobile puzzle games that are interesting to play when you feel bored?

1. Love You to Bits

Love You to Bits

A mobile game that has beautiful and cute visuals. You will be invited to follow Cosmos adventure to find Nova. Nova is a robotic lover of the Kosmos that was destroyed to pieces in an explosion. Your job is to search for Nova's robotic pieces and memories that scattered throughout the universe. You will explore and solve existing puzzles on every planet. With a unique and funny story in every place, you will be entertained and won't feel bored while playing this game.

2. Framed


This game brings the concept of a detective comic with a silhouette character. Your job is to save the main character from the police chase. How to save the main character is by swapping the existing panel in the game. Each panel you exchange will affect the storyline.

3. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

In Monument Valley, you will be asked to find a way out of a place by manipulating the surreal-shaped building. You will find beautiful and charming buildings that you need to manipulate. Even so, not only just an exciting game, you will be amazed by the graphics are simple but quite exquisite to see.

4. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that is still popular today. This game is quite easy, you are only asked to align three pieces of candy. The more combo you make, the higher the score you get.

5. Onet


Games that can get rid of your boredom is quite simple, this game asks you to match the same image. In that way, you will get a score. The more images you match in a given time, the more you score.

6. Where is My Water

Where is My Water

This Disney-made game has a unique puzzle game system. You must help Swampy get water for a bath. However, not easy to get the water. You must open a water path from the ground to get to Swampy's bath tube. Let Swampy get water for a bath, okay?

7. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

This game is not less unique with other puzzle games, Cut the Rope brings the story of a frog-like animal that likes to eat food named Om Nom. There will be candy hanging between the ropes. Your mission is to cut the rope and make Om Nom eat the candy. It's really cool!

8. Tetris


Maybe you're not familiar with this game, yep, Tetris. One of the best-selling legendary games of all time has been presented on smartphone devices. You need to arrange the blocks with different shapes to be neatly aligned. Try playing and competing records with your friends!

9. Shadowmatic


As the name suggests, Shadowmatic brings a shadow theme to solve the existing puzzle. You will be asked to create a shadow of an abstract object to be a real thing or animal. It's really exciting!

10. Unblock Me

Unblock Me

The last mobile puzzle game on our list is Unblock Me. This game also has simple gameplay, you have to move blocks and get a different color block out of that place, you may think it's simple, but trust me, this game is sharpening your brain, a lot.

Besides spoiling your eyes, you'll get your own satisfaction if you can finish these 10 Best Mobile Puzzle Games to Eliminate Boredom. From the list above, what interests you the most? Or maybe one of them it's already your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments field below!
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