12 Tips to Fix a Slow Android Phone

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone - It's something great if you're having the latest Android phone with high specifications from reputable vendors like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, or etc. But, even if many phones are made by big vendors, Android phones have their own performance limitations, especially if the phone has been used for several years. In addition, sometimes the latest smartphone can also make you feel upset by lagging with no excuses, maybe this is caused by excessive usage. So, for those of you have experienced a slow Android phone performance, these are 12 tips about how to fix a slow Android phone:
How to Fix a Slow Android Phone

1. Restart the Phone

This is the easiest way to speed up your Android phone because by restarting it, your Android will automatically clear the stored cache by itself, And it will also stop running tasks so your Android phone's performance will be faster than before

2. Make Sure Your Apps and System are Always Updated

Doing update for each app and system you have is what you need to do to get your Android phone's performance up. Logically, with every update, there is an improvement that was previously missed by developers, whether it's a bug or enhancement in some features. 
To update your Android phone, you will usually find a notification on your screen area, or you can check it in Settings > About Device > Software Update, this way is for all Android-based smartphones, you can also check it on Playstore, by opening the menu on the left and pressing My Apps.

3. Uninstall Unused Apps

Besides icon of apps which not used anymore, the app itself can slow down your Android phone's performance because those unused apps require storage space and consume your RAM. Therefore, if you're satisfied and don't want to use those apps, you better uninstall them. 

4. Clear App Cache

Cache works to speed up loading while using some apps, but it consumes your internal memory, By clearing the cache then you can speed up your Android phone. To clear it, go to Settings > Apps > Switch to the All tab, you will find all of the installed apps on your phone, whether default apps or not, then choose the app you want to clear.

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone by clearing apps cache
But if you want to clear all apps cache without having to select one by one, then go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data, tap OK to clear it.

5. Cleaning the Home Screen

It's pretty cool to use Live Wallpaper as your home screen, but do you know that it also consume your RAM capacity to run? It's also exacerbated by applications that are silently still running in the system background. Therefore, using a static image as wallpaper is the answer for those of you who want to speed up a slow Android phone.
It is also not less important but usually forgotten by some Android smartphone users is to delete or move the application icon that you do not want to use anymore. This may be insignificant, but logically, every time you open the smartphone and go into the menu then it takes more performance by the GPU to process those icons. See? 

6. Disable or Reduce Animation Effects

You can speed up the slow Android by turning off the animation effects. This way is required tiny extra work to be done, you have to enable the Developer Options by going to Settings > Systems > About Phone > Build Number, if you have found it, then tap 7 times until the message appears that you have become a developer. If so, go back to Settings and look in the System section, you will see Developer Options. Go inside of it and go to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Animation Scale, set them as you want. If you do not understand or do not want to change anything, tap the back button.

7. Disable Auto Sync

Synchronization is very helpful in getting notices from some applications such as BBM, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, and other applications. However, sync can also slow down your Android phone's performance. Disabling or reducing Auto Sync may be the best answer to solve this problem. go to Settings the slide down until you find the Account tab, you will see apps that need sync, Just select one or all of them to disable.

8. Try a Third-Party Launcher

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone by using the third-party launcher
If you want to change the navigation system and want to do some tweaks to the settings for faster performance, There is no harm to try some third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher, Go Launcher Ex, or Apex Launcher. Adjust your settings.

9. Clear Partition Cache

The partitions cache is very different from the applications cache, as well as its storage area. This partitions cache contains temporary files and cleaning them occasionally is highly recommended for better performance, To do this, you must go into Recovery mode so the partitions cache can be cleaned. Because every Android smartphone has a different way to get into Recovery Mode, so try to look for it based on your smartphone in Google.

10. Root & Overclock

If at anytime you find that your friend's Android phone is faster than yours that has the same brand and specifications, don't be confused, your friend just rooted and overclocked it. If you want to root or overclock your phone, you can use apps like SetCPU or Android Overclock. Do it carefully because if you screw it up, you might have to buy the new one.

11. Install Custom ROM

The next way to fix a slow Android phone is by installing custom ROM, This method will be very useful for those of you who have a smartphone that hasn't received an update system or OS. By installing custom ROM, your old Android can be updated with the latest Android version.

12. Factory Reset

If some tips to fix a slow Android phone above aren't working, the last option you have is Factory Reset, But remember, if you want to do this, make sure you backup all your data and files because the factory reset will restore the contents of your smartphone just like when you bought it at the first time, including deleting any updates you've done for Android system. To do Factory Reset, go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

These are 12 tips how to fix a slow Android phone, hope this article will solve your problem, and don't forget to share this with your friends so they can also read this. Thanks for reading!
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