21 Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Hi girls! You know I've published an article about Best Short Girl Fashion Tips and I believe many people have been helped after reading that article. But as we know, there are many women's body types in this world. So I have decided to create an article about the best skinny girl fashion tips.

As a woman, you will always try to look good in every situation, whatever body shape you have, am I right? Generally, tall girls are skinny too, and sometimes their body shape is becoming an obstacle for them to increase their confidence. So you must read this entire article to figure out what's the perfect fashion style for you.

Before you start reading these tips, you must make sure you know your body type, cause it's very important for deciding the perfect style for you. Also, you must not be carelessly in choosing clothes to wear. Cause your body can be skinnier instead if you are wearing incorrect clothes. Because of that, choosing a perfect fashion style helps to increase your look. 

Prefer Wearing Top Clothing to Dresses

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Combining Top Clothing with Jeans
Tall girls are better in top clothing than dresses, you can combine it with skirt, jeans, or pants. Without us knowing, a boundary between your top and bottom of your body creates an illusion of a fuller body. This illusion won't be able to create if you wear dresses instead. Moreover, wearing tops will not flatter your body shape.

Wearing Dresses Can Make You Look Slimmer by Showing Your Curves

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - The best way to show your curves is by wearing dresses
If you're a dresses-lover or perhaps you have to wear it because of specific excuses, then choose to wear dresses which show your curve. Curves on your body can make skinny girls look fuller.

Wearing Peplum Dresses 

Besides wearing a belt, tall girls would be great in "peplum" dresses. The peplum dress is one of mini-dresses type and has a skirt detail in bottom part which makes you look more feminine and fuller.

Wearing Layered Clothing

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Layered Clothing is the right option for skinny girls
Layered clothing creates a thicker body shape instantly. For skinny girls, there are many clothing combinations to wear. For example, you can wear a t-shirt and cardigan, or shirt with blazer, or jacket.
Besides creating a fuller body, wearing layered clothing increases your confidence in any situations.
Things that need to be understood is made sure you wear the right size of the first layer clothes.

Wearing a Belt 

For those of you who would like to wear a blazer or cardigan or jacket as a second layer, make sure its length doesn't cover up your hips, cause if it does, it'll also cover up your curves.

Skinny girls can wear a belt to create curves on their body, those curves make your body look fuller. One thing you should concern is the tightness of belt while wearing it, cause it affects your curves and if it too loose, your body will look shorter instead.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Long-sleeved shirt to cover up your skinny arms
The next best skinny girl fashion tips are by wearing a shirt. Wearing a shirt might be the simplest fashion style for tall girls. If you're confused to choose what's perfect clothing to wear, a long-sleeved shirt might be your best choice. It will cover up your skinny shoulders and your skinny arms. But as always, don't forget to wear the right size of the shirt.

Avoid Wearing V-Neck Model

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - V-Neck Clothes aren't the best option for skinny girls
As I've said in the Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer article, V-Neck clothes create a vertical line on your body, it's totally fine to wear it if you're fat, but it isn't fine if you're tall and skinny, cause it increases your body height and makes your body look skinnier instantly. So, don't wear v-neck clothes. Instead, you can wear clothes that create a horizontal line on your body, to make you look fuller.

Don't Wear Sleeveless Blouse

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny girl looks fuller in a blouse
Sometimes you wear a blouse, right? It's so natural for you to wear it at some moments. For those of you who have a tall skinny body, make sure to wear the right size of the blouse you want to wear. Because of your skinny arms, I advise you not wearing a sleeveless blouse, cause it'll show up your arms.

Wearing Jeans

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Wearing Skinny Jeans is a nice choice 
You must've been familiar with this one, yeah, Jeans. Jeans is the simplest and stylish thing you can wear in many situations. Some jeans model can make you look fuller, one of them is Low Waist Jeans, by wearing it, your waist will look smaller than your hips. Besides low waist jeans, you can also wear skinny jeans. it makes your legs look slimmer than before.

Another thing to consider for tall skinny girls is avoiding clothes that too tight, like legging or jegging, cause it makes your legs look skinnier instead, and that's totally not fine. I suggest you wearing bootcut model or flare model for better appearance.

Wearing a Skirt

Even if you are included in skinny girls category, doesn't mean you are not allowed to wear a skirt. With the right model and size, you can be prettier by wearing it. Like a picture below!

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny Girls look pretty in a skirt

Wearing A-Line Skirt

The next suggestion is wearing A-Line Skirt and Tube Skirt. Those two models are giving a smaller waist and bigger hips impressions. Bigger hips make your body look fuller and create curves on your body.

Skinny Girl Fashion Tips in Terms of Colors, Motif, and Fabrics

Besides the tips above, there are still more tips for all of you. Further advice relating to clothes colors, motif, fabrics, model, and size for skinny girls.

Skinny Girls Look Fabulous in Bright Colored Clothes & Motif Clothing 

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Bright colored clothing makes skinny girls look fabulous and gorgeous
In certain case, skinny girls who wear one color t-shirt might look skinnier, but if you're selecting clothes which have bright colors, like pink, light blue, yellow, or light green, it will be fabulous and gorgeous. Don't wear clothes that have dark colors, like black, dark brown, dark blue, or etc. It will make you look skinnier instead.

You should concern about the motif too, like floral motif or geometrical motif. You may become more festive but it can be a trick to distract people from looking at your skinny body.

Avoid Wearing Vertical Stripe Dresses

As we already know, vertical stripe dresses are good to wear for fat girls, therefore, skinny girls shouldn't wear vertical stripe dresses. Basically, do the opposite things fat girls do.

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Horizontal Striped T-Shirt creates curves on your body
For your consideration, combine horizontal stripes clothing with dark colored skirt or jeans. like A-Line Skirt or Skinny Jeans. so the illusion of fuller body will be created.

Avoid Wearing Spandex Clothing

Spandex is fabrics for soft textures in clothing industries. Generally, spandex is made from synthetic fibers which have elastic texture. So, you can imagine that spandex clothing will follow the body shape, in this case, a skinny body. Obviously, it doesn't make your body look fuller but skinnier.

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny girls shouldn't wear spandex shirt

Modify Your Clothes to the Tailor

Same as tips for plus size fashion, don't hesitate to go to a professional tailor for consultation about the right size for your body shape to increase your confidence in the next days. Also consider about lifestyle nowadays and new model in the following years if you're planning to modify your clothes.

Wearing Right Accessories

For stylish and maximal look, you can wear perfect accessories as well, cause accessories to make your body look fuller.

Avoid Wearing High Heels

I believe all women's really want to wear high heels, whatever body type they have, but the problem is not all women are having the same body type, so there are some women who look good in heels and some women do not. For example, short fat girls will look good in high heels, cause heels to make their legs look slimmer.

I prefer flat shoes to high heels for all skinny girls out there
But what if the person who wears heels are included in tall skinny girls category? I think heels don't match with their body. Well, this just my opinion, you can disagree with my opinion, of course,

Perfect Accessories are Helping Too

Some accessories are worth to wear for a maximal look, besides beautifying your look, they can be a distractor for people from seeing yourself. One of those accessories is earrings. Earrings prevent people from seeing your body, as well as necklaces and the right size of the handbag.

The last tip of best skinny girl fashion tips is wearing the right accessories, such as earrings

These are best skinny girl fashion tips, hope these tips help you to increase your confidence and make you look pretty + fabulous. Don't forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ so your skinny friends can read this too. Thanks for reading and stay pretty girls!
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