28 Best Short Girl Fashion Tips

28 Best Short Girl Fashion Tips - There are many body types in this world, and petite body type is one of them. Usually, short girls won't be confident and feel insecure about their looks, and this is very reasonable because every girl's dream is having a tall and slim body. But don't worry, you can also look good too because we believe that every woman deserves the pretty and fabulous look whatever her body type is. All you need is the best short girl fashion tips.

Short Girls Fashion Tips

Short girls must be smart to choose their clothes, cause it affects the perspective of other towards them. If you're choosing the right combination to wear, then you'll be taller instead. So, here are the 28 best short girl fashion tips:

Wear Clothes That Fit You Comfortably

For short girls, the most important thing is wearing the right size of tops and pants. For example, look at the picture below, it's not too loose or too tight, it just fits her perfectly. So, know your size girls!

V-Neck Tops

Remember, what you wear will determine the perception of people who see. Because your body is short, avoid wearing clothes that make you look bigger or fatter, If your body looks bigger, it means your body will be shorter. Do you understand?

Short Girl Fashion Tips - Wear V-Neck Clothes
Just wear V-Neck models for shirt/t-shirt/dress or other tops. V-Neck models are suitable for use by short girls because it creates a straight vertical line on your body and makes your body look taller than before.

Perfect Skirt To Look Taller

For those of you who like to wear a skirt, you should adjust the length of your skirt. Short girls should avoid wearing a long skirt. You better wear a skirt above the knees or fitted to your knees (Midi skirt). By doing so, your legs will look longer and give the impression that your body becomes taller.

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Skirt
If you wear a midi skirt, then the 1/4 of your legs won't be covered, that makes you look shorter, you don't want that to happen don't you? My point is, cover up your legs will give the impression of longer and slimmer legs.

Wear a Belt

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing a Belt
The next advice of best short girl fashion tips is wearing a belt. As we know there are many shapeless dresses models for women. Well, if you're thinking to wear this model, don't forget to wear a belt too, a small belt, it will make you look slimmer, this also applies to short fat women. 

Wear Skirt or Pants That Suits Your Waist (Not Hips)

As you already know, there are many skirt and pants models. This time, pay attention to your waist size. To look taller, make sure you choose a skirt or pants fit your waist perfectly, not your hips. If it suits your hips, it would make you shorter instead, because what are people going to see is your upper body will look longer than the lower body. 

High Waist Models

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing High Waist Model
In my advice about short girl fashion tips above, it was mentioned that you better wear a skirt or pants that suit your waist. For the alternative, you can also wear high waist pants model which is higher than your abdominal girth. High waist models will create an optical illusion of a shorter upper body than your lower body, therefore, high waist pants are the best choice for short girls to look taller than you actually are.

Avoid Wearing Skinny Jeans

Most women like to wear skinny jeans or long tight pants, it wouldn't be fine for short girls because of its effect. The effect of skinny jeans is creating a shorter posture of yourself. I prefer bootcut jeans for you to create an illusion of ideal body height.

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Jeans

Also, Avoid Wearing Loose Pants

Wearing loose pants like baggy pants or harem pants, however, make yourself look smaller because its shape would make your lower body, especially your legs, look shorter instead. And proportional body wouldn't be reached.

Split Skirt

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Split Skirt
There is a great news for short girls who like to wear a skirt, some lovely skirt models are created to beautify its wearer. That skirt model is Split Skirt model. As you can see that Split Skirt creates a vertical effect on your lower body and this effect makes your legs look slimmer. Don't wear a big skirt, cause it makes you look shorter instead. 

Combination of Dresses and Belt

Mostly, short girls are confused about what to wear when they're going to a party, the problem is hard to find a perfect dress that suits their body perfectly. Random dress choice makes you look like "drowning" in your own loose/big dress.

Combination of Dress and Belt
But don't let that thought ruins your mind, cause we have a solution for that problem by wearing a belt. Basically, a belt is tightening your dress so you'll look slimmer. Make sure you choose to wear a small belt.

Choose Sheer Fabric

When you're about to buy some clothes, make sure to concern about clothing fabric, just choose clothes which made from thin or sheer fabric. Thin fabrics make you look slimmer and taller, whereas thick fabrics make you look fatter and shorter.

Layer Your Clothes

We've understood that vertical effect is a good thing to short girls, alright? So, this is another advice to create the vertical effect by wearing layered clothes. You can wear a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan, etc. as long as you don't button it. Its vertical effect creates a taller and slimmer.

Layer Your Clothes
Don't wear a thick fabric jacket to cover up the upper body, because it makes you look bigger instead. For an amazing appearance, you can wear darker clothes for the first layer, and a bright color for the second layer.

Maxi Skirts Can Make Short Girls Look Taller

Many people are saying that  Maxi Skirt is a wrong choice for short girls, they say it does not belong to short girls. Well, they are wrong, Maxi Skirt could be your perfect outfit if you know the rules. The main rule when you're wearing Maxi Skirt is cutting it off right to your ankle. It makes you look taller if you combine it with layered V-Neck clothing. Don't forget it, girls! Not too long or too short.

Best Short Girl Fashion Tips: Perfect Accessories

High Heels Can Make Short Girls Look Taller

Of course, the main problem of short girls is their height, so how to increase height instantly? By using high heels. You can put on 5 cm high heels to increase your height instantly.

Don't Wear a Big Tote Bag

What comes to your mind when a petite girl's carrying a big tote bag? Yes, she will look smaller instead. Therefore, choose a smaller bag. Adjust it to the size of your body.

Small Bag & High Heels

Perfect Hat for A Better Result

Besides wearing high heels. you can wear a hat to increase your height a few centimeters and create a fashionable look.

Wear a Scarf That Hang Down

In general, people wear a scarf around their neck just to make themselves look nice or just to keep warm. But if you're included in short girls category and want to look taller, you should wear a scarf that hangs down.

How to Wear a Scarf
Do you understand why? Sure, to create a vertical imaginary line on your upper body and to create taller body illusion.

Wear a Long Necklace

It's the same point as before, long accessories create a vertical effect that increases your height instantly. but make sure you wear a small necklace.

Don't Wear Horizontal Stripe Dresses

You wear a dress with one purpose: to look taller. And now you know that every clothes that create vertical effect are the right choice, so you should've understood why aren't you allowed to wear horizontal stripe dresses. Okay?

Dark Colored Clothes

I've been explaining that monochrome colors are the right choice, but unfortunately, not all monochrome colors match with short girls. If you want to look taller, choose the darker color like black, dark blue, dark brown, dark green, etc.

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Dark Colored Clothes

Monochrome Colors

The meaning of monochrome color is the same clothing colors, it's clearly different with colorful clothes. Short girls aren't supposed to wear the different color of their top and skirt or pants, cause you will look divided into two parts, your upper body and lower. You can wear one color clothes combination with no motif for a better result.

Small Motif Clothing

The last advice of best short girl fashion tips is wearing small motif clothing. It's better for you to wear motiveless clothing, but in case you insisted on wearing motif clothes, you can still look nice by wearing small motif clothing, like a picture below!

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Small Motif Clothing

These are best short girl fashion tips to look taller. I hope this article will help you to solve your fashion problems. Share on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter so your friends can read this too.

I know that you want to look as perfect as you want, but don't forget to thank God for all you have right now, it's a gift and you should be grateful for it. Thanks for reading, stay pretty girls!
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