20 Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - For most women, it may suck to have a fat body, especially when they're choosing the right style of clothes to be able to look slimmer, but it turns out that choosing style for plus size fashion isn't difficult as it seems, because there are many ways to combine plus size clothing and some accessories that would make you feel prettier and more confident when you perform in public area wearing that plus size clothing.


Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer

You have to be careful when choosing clothes combination, because if you do it wrong, then it would make you look fatter instead. Before we go any further, I should warn you that there is one important thing before we talk about these tips, i.e.:


How to dress to look slim and tall? At first, make sure you've understood your body type because there are many body types in this world. And right now, you have to find which one is yours. Just take a look to picture below :

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Understand Your Body Type

So, have you understood your body type? If you have, then we can go to the next tips for plus size fashion styles.


V-Neck Clothes Make You Look Slimmer

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - V-Neck Clothes For Fat Women

Do you know that the fat body looks more extending to the side rather than upward? Therefore, to create an illusion of a slimmer body, wear V-Neck clothes, cause V-Neck clothes make you look slimmer. The wider V-Neck you wear, the slimmer you are.

Don't Wear Loose Clothing

Some fat women often wear loose clothing, some of them wear those clothes to cover their fat, but do you know that wearing loose clothes make you fatter instead?.

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Don't Wear Loose Clothes

This is serious advice for you, don't wear loose clothing anymore! If you're fat, wear clothes which suit you perfectly, but not too tight. Believe me, it would make you look slimmer.

Try to Modify Plus Size Clothing To Suit You Perfectly

There are a lot of clothes in this world which have the wrong size for fat women. Therefore, try to go to a professional tailor once for a while for consultation about the perfect size of your plus size clothing to increase your confidence in the following days. Also consider about lifestyle nowadays and new model if you're planning to modify your clothes.

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Plus Size Clothing Modification For Non-Mainstream Look

If you've done that, you will get 2 things. First, you will have clothes that perfectly fit your body. Second, you will attract people's attention for wearing good non-mainstream clothes.

Wearing Layered Clothes To Cover Up Your Fat

Sometimes, we may have clothes or shirts which too tight or make us fatter, but I have a solution to this problem by wearing Layered Clothes. Because fat people can also wear layered clothes if they know the "rules".

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Layered Clothes To Look Slimmer

Wear a t-shirt or sleeveless shirt which isn't too tight, then combine it with a jacket or cardigan, it makes your fat invisible.

Choose The Best Skirt Length For Your Body

Some women wear the skirt to make their legs look slim, it's not a wrong choice, but you have to concern about its length, it would be better if you choose to wear above knee skirt, cause it would slim down your legs immediately.

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Above-Knee Skirt To Look Slimmer

But if you're choosing Below the Knee Skirt, you'll look shorter than before, and remember, Fat + Short = Fater & Chubby.

Wear Simple Clothes To Make Fat Women Look Slimmer

Do you often go outside to buy something or just to walk around but you don't want to think too much about what you wear to make you thinner? Don't worry, the best way to cover up your body fat is wearing simple clothes, like the black T-Shirt and dark wash jeans.

Simple Plus Size Clothing

Avoid to buy glamor clothes and clothes with some details or ornaments, cause those clothes can attract attention immediately.

Choose Right Color To Wear

However, having a fat body is a gift, there are a lot of people who were trying to fatten their body. I'm pretty sure you can look gorgeous too if you're choosing the right color to wear.

Black is Perfect Color For Fat Women
Many fashion experts say that Black is right color to wear for fat women, besides black, you can also wear another dark color clothes, the reason is black and dark color hide your obesity so you will look thinner. 
You can wear dark colored tops and jeans, or maybe combine black tops with bright colored jeans (white, light blue, etc). Avoid wearing bright tops and dark jeans.

Pay Attention to Motif Clothing

This advice is intended for you who loves to buy motif clothing. Of course, fat women are allowed to get into motif clothing, but only if the motif is right. You don't want to look fatter, don't you? So choose small motifs or small pattern clothes to wear, cause it's included in our plus size fashion styles to look slimmer lists.

Flower Motif for Fat Women

There are many motives in this world, for example, flower motif (floral). So, wear clothes which have small flower motives on them, you can also wear bracelets and necklaces to sweeten your look, but remember, don't wear them too much.

Vertical Stripe Dress Will Make You Look Thinner

The most suitable motif for women is a vertical stripe, these stripes create an optical illusion that makes your body looks slim. Fat women will look slimmer and taller while wearing vertical stripe dress.

Vertical Striped Dress To Look Slimmer

Otherwise, the horizontal stripe will make fat women look fatter instead, it creates an optical illusion that makes your body fatter and shorter. The same thing applies to the accessories you wear like shoes, bracelets, necklaces, and a belt.

Choosing Right Fabric for Clothes

Right Fabrics for Dresses

Some fabrics make fat women look slimmer. Cotton, Denim, and Silk are the best choices, or you can choose Cashmere wool, Soft Cotton, and Spandex. Don't wear clothes made from shiny fabrics, cause shiny fabrics to reflect the sunshine and show your folds of fat instead.

Perfect Accessories for Slimmer Look

We've discussed some tips for fat women to look slimmer and thinner, Besides clothing, it turns out that accessories also be a factor to increase or decrease your appearance. If you do it right, you'll look slimmer, otherwise, you'll look fatter.

Wear Enough Jewelry

One of the women's accessories is Jewelry. With enough jewelry, women will be more beautiful. Even though accessories are a complement to your look, but do you know that jewelry can also make you look slimmer?

Long Enough Necklaces

Just try to wear a necklace that hung down. Long enough necklace would make you look taller. Wear big brown bracelet too to make your arms look smaller. For those of you who have a wide face, wear big enough earrings to create an illusion that makes your wide face looks smaller.

Perfect Belt

Small Belt for Fat Women to Look Slimmer

For fat women, the belt could be the best accessories to hide their belly fat, but the wrong choice of a belt would make it as their "nemesis" haha. Wear a small belt for your best look. Don't wear a big belt, cause it will make you look shorter. Remember what I said before? Fat + Short = Fatter. Also don't wear it too tight or too loose.

Perfect Bag

Small Bags for Fat Women

Women are very identical with a handbag. There are many models of bags that women can wear, like Handbag, Shoulder Bag, Tote Bag, and Backpack. Fat women are allowed to wear them all only if its size is right. Wear small bag, the effect for people around while looking at you is you'll be slimmer.

Choose Right Model of Shoes

Pointed High Heels is the best choice for fat women, if you wear it then your calf will be toned and your body will be sexier, in other words, you will be taller indirectly. For creating long legs effect, you should choose the same color as your legs.

Pointed High Heels to Look Slimmer

High heels are suitably combined with a skirt or jeans. Your legs will be lean and your body will be sexier.

Cover Up Your Fat with Jacket

Jackets to Cover Up Your Fat

There are some fat women who do love to wear a jacket. But there are some fat women too who don't, their excuse is "Jacket makes you bigger". But in fact, Jacket can make you look slimmer. Wearing jacket or blazer can create "long vertical line" on your body. For the best look, choose a dark colored jacket or blazer.

Combination Between Jeans and Scarf

For fat women, accessories which create a vertical line on their body is very helpful to make them look slimmer. Besides long necklace, you can wear a scarf once in a while, combine it with Skinny Jeans, it will make you thinner.

Wearing Scarf is Perfect Choice

Okay, some tips above are talking about plus size clothing, dress, and accessories. Now for the final touch, I will give you advice about your "natural crown". Yes, I'm talking about your hair, hairstyle also affects your look, it will help you to look slimmer or fatter instead.

Perfect Hairstyle for Fat Women

Hairstyle affects your look, the problem is, most of the fat women don't know how to style their hair properly. One of the hairstyles that suit fat women is Ponytail, cause it makes your facial bones more prominent and you'll look younger, thinner, and slimmer.

Ponytail for Fat Women

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The Conclusion of Plus Size Fashion Styles That Makes You Look Slimmer 

These are some tips for fat women who still want to look good and feel more confident. I've realized that not of all our tips is suitable for your condition. Therefore, you should try to search for the perfect combination for yourself

One more advice from me. Don't ever push yourself too hard, just enjoy your life and be yourself. Thanks for reading & stay pretty ladies!
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