Top 9 Best Women's Fashion Style

Top 9 Best Women's Fashion Style - Women nowadays absolutely want a perfect appearances in every situation, where they look elegant and exquisite. They also find a perfect fashion style that matches with their own personality. So, these are 9 Best Women's Fashion Style :

1. Artsy Style

As the name suggests, this style is directed to those who have the creative and artistic soul. No doubt if its wearer often show artistic side in every appearance. They are usually more put something unique rather than conventional or mainstream. No wonder if they like handmade items or handicrafts. In fact, there are some people who make their own clothes or accessories. Thus, the ir appearance will show their creative side

2. Bohemian Style

At first glance, bohemian style is so artistic. But, this one is little different than artsy style, cause bohemian tends to focus on its texture or exotic pattern, Gypsy often inspired by free spirit which possessed by people who use Bohemian fashion style. The characteristics of this style normally exist on their complex patterns, typical village girls blouse style, hippe poncho, a sort of veil, various chains and tight patterned jeans. All these Bohemian style's things make this style tends to be non-traditional style. So can we agree to include Bohemian Style to Best Women's Fashion Style list?

3. Chic Style

Chic style is a popular fashion style. People often equate a "chic" style to trendy or fashionable. Chic style means that the clothes we wear have a strong color, but not too flashy. 'Followers' of this style tend to enjoy the classic, stylish, clever, and special design. Its accessories aren't random accessories and its seams aree very neat.

4. Classic Style

If you've seen this style, then you must understand that classic style has a priority to comfort people who favor it. But actually , classic style is so focused on its quality and popular style. For example, such as footwear, leather boots, vertical buttoned blouse and wide pants. All of the neat things in classic style are indicating stability aura and elegance of its users.

5. Flamboyant

If you hear "Flamboyant", you may be reminded of dramatic impression, but the main style of this fashion is showing more sociable and energetic aura. It is seen from its dazzling and striking characteristic. Flamboyant style has an asymmetrical style, a lot of accessories, colorful, and excessive pleats on its clothes

6. Exotic Style

Exotic means something different than the usual style (mainstream), It's like an explorer who returns from exotic lands that she visited, it may seem quite mysterious, but unique, you understand what i'm saying? Exotic style has a mysterious outfit pattern, smoky colors, mosaic-shape style, and quite shiny jewelry.

7. Romantic

Romantic style doesn't always represent its color in pink, This style also doesn't mean its wearer looking for romances, but shows a hope for romances, usually the wearers are quite ideal figure. The outfits usually have flower or heart pattern, soft fabric, buttons, folds, gentle slope, and has a decorative accessories.

8. Glamorous Style

We can just guess that glamour style is highly prioritizing its luxurious impression. Therefore, 'follower' of this style won't feel perfect without any diamonds, satin, or silk. Besides it has a luxurious, glamour style is similar to flamboyant style, which shows a sexy and dramatic impression. Appearances of glamour style always briliant and succeed to attract everyone.

9. Sexy

Sexy style has a power to tempt its viewer, because it is showing a beautiful part of wearer's body. Sexy style users dont hesitate to expose their parts of body that generally closed, wear a tight clothes, and mini skirt. Usually, people who love sexy style wiill complete their appearances with high-heels or stiletto heels.

So these are Top 9 Best Women's Fashion Style, which one is your favorite?
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Wow! There are so many American fashion style you're sharing in your site, it surely would be informative to others, but this style is not suitable for me, I will more prefer to Korean fashion style :)

Classic, chic and romantic for me. These styles complement my personality.

I prefer the classic, chic and artsy styles, love the layering :)

Everything you mentioned is my style except for Exotic Style. =D

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