Top 8 Tips To Take Care Of Your Computer Or Laptop

A computer is a need for everyone today, there are many people who use it as a means for their work, for their task, and use it as entertainment suggestions. But, what happens if our computer is crashed? Or broke? Of course, it would disrupt our daily activities. So, the solution is, you have to take care of your computer/laptop to minimize a possibility of computers problem.

These are 8 Tips To Take Care Of Your Computer & Laptop :

1. Close Unneeded Applications

Each program you run requires memory (RAM), so if you run more program then you'll consumed more memory. Besides can cause slow-running of your computer, also the workload of your computer becomes heavier which eventually will be able to shorten the life of computers components.

2. Install an Antivirus Program and Update It Regularly

To be able to recognize new viruses on your computer, you should update your antivirus program regularly. An infected computer can make you re-install it. In addition to costs, it will also cause your hard drive will be more easily damaged than a computer which not often reinstalled.

3. Defrag Your Hard Drive Regularly

Defrag function is to organize and sort files by type of hard drive files/data in order to simplify the read / write on your computer, so, its workload will be lighter which can ultimately extend the life of the hard drive.

How To Do Defragmentation In Windows

Click the Start menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.

When you run this function, there must be no other programs running, including screensaver on your computer, because it will disrupt this defrag function.

4. Uninstall / Remove Unnecessary Programs

Too much consumption of hard disk will slow down the read / write file & data on your drive, your computer's workload will be heavier, so the disk will also quickly broken.

5. Clean The Recycle Bin & Junk Files

Actually, files/folders that you remove don't disappear from hard disk because they will be in the Recycle Bin. That someday if you still need them, then you can restore them back. Recycle Bin requires a lot of hard drive space that may cause the slow process of a hard drive.

How to clean it up :  In the Windows Explorer > click the Recycle Bin > File > Empty Recycle Bin Alternatively, or you can run the Disk Cleanup : Click Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup > Select the drive you want to clean > Check the option of Recycle bin, if necessary, also check the other option (such as temporary files, temporary internet files), then click OK.

6. Use a UPS / Stabilizer

Use UPS to anticipate blackouts / sudden outages that can damage your computer components, especially on the hard drive. If you don't have a UPS, use Stabilizer to anticipate and stabilize the power supply voltage fluctuations.

7. Clean the Motherboard and Other Components Periodically

You should clean your motherboard and other components at least once in 6 months, First, open the casing and then clean the motherboard and other peripherals (RAM, Video Card, Modem, Sound Card, CDR / CDRW / DVRW, fan, etc.) with a soft brush. When the computer is not in use close the input & output computer components (monitor, CPU, keyboard/mouse) with a cover so the dust doesn't easily get into your computer.

8. Adequate Ventilation

The point is you should place the CPU and monitor on a right & ideal place for incoming air from outside. Poor ventilation will cause excessive heat so your computer components and electronic circuits will be hot so it will shorten the life of components. Therefore, make sure the distance between the monitor / CPU with a wall of at least 30 cm. If needed, use a fan in your room.
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