Top 7 Best Places To Visit In Italy (Part 1)

Italy, a country in Southern Europe which has been famous around the world has many beautiful historical city, both in terms of architecture and history. No doubt, a country that borders France and Switzerland became one of most visited destination by tourists all over the world.

For those of you who intend to vacation in this country, it's good to make a list of the places that you'll visit, so you won't be confused, because Italy has a lot of tourist destinations. Therefore, here are some tourist attractions that you should visit in Italy :

1. Colosseum

Colosseum is a tourists spot in Italy that is very famous all over the world. It is not complete if you are on vacation to Italy without visiting this building. Colosseum is located in Rome, capital of Italy. Colosseum is a historic building with an architecture that is quite unique. Built in about the year 72 to 80 AD by Emperor Vespasian, the founder of the Flavian dynasty.

Colosseum stands firmly like a football stadium, supposedly Colosseum can accommodate audiences of up to 55,000 people with 80 entrances. The building which has an elliptical shape has a height of 48 meters with a size of 188 meters x 156 meters. The building is also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre.

As one of the tourist attractions, Colosseum is always visited by both local and international tourists. The number of visitors increases during summer. For those of you who intend to visit this place, you should come early in the day to avoid jostling with other visitors.

2. Pantheon

Pantheon is a relic temple of Roman Empire which at present has been converted to the Roman Catholic Church. The building is located on the edge of central square of Rome or the Piazza Della Rotonda, near the Piazza Novona. The distinctive feature of this building is it's high pillars, which in the present era inspires many designs for buildings such as libraries, universities, government buildings, and others.

Pantheon is designed in about 27 BC as a temple. The construction itself was completed in 126 AD, during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian. As the original destination, Pantheon is a temple to worship the Roman Gods. However, the events fire in 80 AD, leaving the front pillars of the building (Portico or front porch). Then, Emperor Hadrian fixed it and added Rotunda parts, a circular building, on the inside of the Pantheon. Then, since the 609 AD, the Pantheon was converted to a church until about 1885 AD. In addition, Pantheon is also used as a place to bury the Italian national heroes such as King Emmanuel I and Raphael, the Renaissance painter.

3. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is very large and beautiful town square, located in the center of Rome, west of the Pantheon. Especially in the afternoon, this location is used as a place for recreation by tourists. In fact, it is recognized that the attractiveness of Piazza Navona is awesome during the afternoon. On the right and left sides Piazza Navona there is a row of stately buildings of European architecture.

Piazza Navona has three fountains :
- Fountain of the Four Rivers, that there is Obelisk of Domitian statue at the peak.
- Fontana del Moro, that there are four Tritons (Sea God who has the lower body such as dolphins) in the pool
- Fountain of Neptune.

Additionally, if you pay a visit to Piazza Navona, do not miss the chance to visit the Baroque Sant'Agnese in Agone, a giant church which is on the back side of Piazza Novana. I promise you will be amazed by the enormity of this church.

4. Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo is an ancient building which actually is a cylindrical-shaped castle. Castel Sant 'Angelo, also known as Spot Hadrian, because when the Roman emperor died in 138 AD, his body is buried in this place. Not only Kaisan Hadrian, another Roman emperors are also buried here. Castel Sant 'Angelo located on the edge of the right side of Tiber river and it's connected to the entire city via Ponte Sant'Angelo (Bridge of Hadrian). The original building of this bridge was built in around the 17th century. Hadrian bridge decorated by various marble statues which have seen as the embodiment of angels in various poses. Being one of the main attraction when you want to go to Castel Sant 'Angelo.

5. Trevi Fountain

As its name suggests, one of the fountain attractions is located in Trevi, Rome. Compared with other fountains throughout Italy, Trevi Fountain is the largest and most famous fountain in the world. This Baroque Style fountain has a height of 26.3 meters and width of 49.5 meters. Built in 1732 AD by order of Pope Clement XII and designed by Nicola Salvi. Trevi Fountain adorned with many sculptures that told of "Taming of the Waters", someone who tamed the water.

Besides its magnificent design, Trevi Fountain is also famous by its myth : Throwing a coin into the pool. That said, anyone who throws a coin was believed to be going back to visit this city someday. Tourists doing this ritual with the rules; thrower must backs the fountain. Every day, there are about 3000 Euro in the pool. However, the coins are collected for use as a subsidy to the poor and those in need. Indirectly, doing this ritual, that means you also do good at the same time.

6. Vatican Museum

The decision of Pope Julius II in 1506 who bought the Laocoon, a marble statue of the first century that were discovered by a farmer in Roman turn into the right decisions because it makes the biggest museum in Vatican become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. During 500 years of its acquisition, the Pope actually managed to make the Vatican Museums as a popular place with so many works of art that adorn this museum, as Pope Julius II was an art lover.

Visitors can admire the greatness of Michelangelo creations which carved in the walls of the Sistine Chapel. And the works of  Renaissance and Laocoon sculpture is in another part of the museum. Although the hours of visits are varies, Vatican Museum can be visited at 8:45 local time, until the late afternoon. Starting from Monday until Saturday, but sometimes on Sundays it is still open. Mainly the Vatican Museum is closed on holy days.

7. The Vertical Garden

Milan is a city in Italy that is famous for fashion and has long been one of the world's fashion direction. But apparently, the appeal of this city not only in terms of fashion alone. There is one fairly well-known tourist attraction in Milan, that is the vertical garden which located in a Fiordalisa Shopping Center. This park is the tallest vertical garden in Europe, even in the world.

Initiated by Le Corbusier of France, with Francesco Bollani and the team of Montpellier in France as an architect. In this vertical garden, there are about 44,000 species of plants, its whole wide area reached 1,263 square meters. This vertical garden has been there since 2010, but only about 2 years afterwards it gained recognition as the largest vertical garden in the world, beating one of the largest parks in Madrid (which covers 844 square meters)

These are 7 Best Places To Visit In Italy (Part 1), hope you all have a great vacation in Italy. Just wait for Part 2 okay? I'll post it soon. Thanks for reading.
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