9 Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup (With Pictures)

We often see hollywood actresses photos that look beautiful without makeup, do you know that if you want to look beautiful, you don't have to use excessive makeup everyday. Forget about eye shadow, blush, or mascara. Let your skin breathe, you understand what i'm saying? However, without makeup, you can still be a beautiful girl that has good looking appearance. Here are some tips that you can do :

1. Wearing Bright Color

If you usually wearing clothes with monotone colors or natural colors, then try to wear a brightly colored clothes if you want to go outside without any makeup. Clothes in bright colors can distract people from the face to the clothes that you wear.

Clothes with "bold colors" can also help your face looks bright and beautiful even without makeup. Red color can create a naturally blushing face. Even if your face was looking pale, it may look brighter if you're dressed in blue or green.

2. Use Moisturizer

Dry skin can make your face looks dull and older. If you want to appear without makeup, do not let dry skin blocks the freshness of your face. Always use a facial moisturizer before the move and before going to sleep. And don't forget to apply moisturizer to the face that had been cleaned.

It would be better if you use a facial moisturizer that contains antioxidants and vitamin C. Thus the poison of wastes pollution on your face can be minimized, so your dry skin face can look more fresh, glowing like an hollywood actress photos who still look beautiful even without makeup.

3. Curl Your Eyelashes

Mascara as supporter of eye shape is a "weapon" in makeup. However, without any makeup your eyes can still look beautiful. The secret is, just use eyelash curler to make your eyes look dramatic. Before curling your lashes, note the condition of your eyes. Eyelashes should be clean and free from remnants of mascara.

4. Trimming Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows shape can make your face look beautiful even without makeup. Neat eyebrows shape helps your eyes look bigger, even though you're not using any eye liner or eye shadow. But don't be too excessive in shaping and smoothing your eyebrows. It is good enough if you just trimmed your eyebrows that conform with the path of your eyebrows.

If you are not accustomed when trimming eyebrows using tweezers at home, come to the experts. Request a makeup stylist or hair stylist in salon to shape and trim your eyebrows, so your eyebrows will be perfect.

5. Use Face Cream Before Bed

When you sleep at night, skin cells work to produce collagen to repair damaged skin cells. So take advantage of that skin-system by providing vitamins for your skin that exist in face creams. Therefore, use special facial cream at night.

Night skin cream products usually contain a lot of vitamin A, and anti-aging formulas that help the skin to produce collagen and minimize wrinkles on your face. Do not forget to consult to dermatologist before purchasing the right cream for your skin. By using a night cream regularly, your face will look beautiful in the morning even without makeup.

6. Use Collagen Moistfull Facial Freshener
Sometimes intensive daily activities make your face look tired, your face can be look dull and not bright. Especially if you don't have enough sleep. To solve this problem, you can spray a freshener to your tired-face after your busy activities.

Usually, facial fresheners packed in the spray bottle so its use is portable and very practical. Oxygen (O2) in facial freshener can make your skin look shiny and bright. Spray it once in a while when you feel tired.

7. Apply Lip Moisturizer
Dry and cracked lips can ruin your appearance. Apply moisturizer occasionally if your lips is dry. To avoid chapped lips, multiply the consumption of water and fresh fruits.

8. Use Dark Glasses

If your eyes look pale and melancholy, wearing dark glasses is the right solution, because by wearing dark glasses, then it will cover the condition of your eyes, as well as add an elegant impression on your appearance.

9. Just Smile :)
Smile is most simple and free makeup. With a smile, your tired face will completely look fresh and beautiful, In addition to refreshing, your smile will add warmth to your surroundings.

These are 9 Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup. So keep looking beautiful in easy way girls!
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Really wonderful tips you have compiled. In a world of commercialisation, nothing beats a genuine smile.

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