9 Tips How To Lose Weight Without Diet

Losing weight can be hard for some people. Many people have been successfully lost their weight by doing a diet program, but others fail, even their weight was increased. Those who fail are generally running the wrong and unhealthy diet. Losing weight takes time and the process is not instant. Without having to run a difficult diet program, actually there are simple and effective ways that you can do to lose weight easily.

1. Drinking Water

Water is one of the best drinks to maintain a body health. Besides it does not contain calories, water can cleanse toxins from your body through sweat. Therefore, meet the needs of your body fluids by drinking enough water every day.

2. Drinking Green Tea
Besides water, you are also advised to consume green tea. Green tea may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, lower cholesterol, and can help burn fat.

3. Avoid Calorie Drinks
Avoid calorie beverages such as energy drinks, soda, or coffee. If you consume a lot of those drinks, your ideal weight will never be reached

4. Walking Up and Down Stairs

Public places such as shopping malls, airports and office buildings always have escalators or elevators. Rather than using escalator or elevator, you better use the stairs when you are in those places.

5. Go Out
Go out does not mean you have to do heavy exercise such as running, swimming, or even fitness. Take a walk or a bike ride in your neighborhood on a regular basis can burn calories in your body.

6. Stop Eating When You're Already Full
Already full? Then you do not have to force yourself to spend food on the plate because of your guilty feeling (you have to eat it all!!). We recommend you to save the leftover food for the next meal or give it for other members of your family.

7. Eat Smaller Portions
Instead of eating 3 meals in large quantities every day, it would be better if you eat five or six times per day in small portions. This is one effective way to lose weight. In addition, change your plate to a smaller size. Eating with a small plate will prevent you to eat in large portions.

8. Don't Watch Television For Too Long

Various studies show that spending time in front of the television has link with obesity and weight gain. Watching television too long is causing people to eat more and get people feel lazy to do physical activity.

9. Don't Be Stressed
Avoid stress as much as possible. This is because stress can disrupt your hormonal system and your appetite, which in turn makes you overeat. If it is so, your weight will not go down but will increase slowly.
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