7 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Charging Slowly

  Maybe some people have an experience about how long charge their smartphone can be. It would be so annoying if it took hours to charge the battery until it's 100% full, that situation is caused by many factors. Don't worry, there are a lot of tips for fixing this problem, but before you find out those tips, you should know what causes long-duration battery charging, because every problem has its own different causes. 

  Here are some common causes of long-duration battery charging on your smartphone that you might anticipate if something wrong is happening.

1. Bad Charging Cable

First possibility is a problem in your charging cable. If you find out that your charging progress is so slow (long duration), then check your charging cable. Maybe the cable that you use has been broken   down or torn, this is because your cable was often wrapped around, pulled, and plugged into mains. Certainly, the use of old cable will reduce performance of the cable. So, make sure that your cables condition is good before you charge your phone, and if it's not, then you should buy a new one.

2. Bad Adaptor
Long duration charging can caused by problem from your own adaptor. Sometimes, a "small object" that plugged into socket can caused some problem for your battery, or perhaps the adaptor that you use has weak output and doesn't match your phone. It's better to follow advice from your phones vendor about adaptor usage and don't you try to take a risk by over using the adaptor, because it will be a problem if you're misusing it.

3. Weak Electrical Resource
One of the most important factors that determines duration of smartphone's battery charging is electrical source that you have used. If you are using an USB port on a PC to recharge your battery, the charging time will be longer. even with v.3.0 USB port, it is very reasonable, because USB port on a PC or laptop is not designed to recharge your smartphone.

Especially if you use the hubs USB port which the electric current has been divided. The use of wireless charging also take a long time. Wireless charging is cool, i admit it, but charging using conventional charger is still better, because it's faster than wireless charging. 

4. Bad Battery Quality
Quality of battery is an important thing for smartphone using and recharging. With the passage of time and frequently used, quality of battery will decrease. Of course it is a common thing to know, and good news for you who use removable battery, because you only need to buy a new battery if it's broken down. However, it is different if you are using a smartphone with non-removable battery, of course you'll be in real trouble if you're battery is broken. If you feel your battery has had a long life and well-worn, immediately replace your smartphones battery.

5. Damaged USB Micro Port

Your daily activities have the potential to contaminate or pollutate the micro USB port on your phone. Perhaps the micro USB port on your smartphone is blocked by a pile of dust or small particles, thus inhibiting the eletrical current while recharging. To fix this try to clean it with a small object like a toothpick, but i recommended a plastic toothpick and do it slowly, be careful not to damage the USB port on your phone. 

Another problem that may occur from the USB port sector is because the port was damaged. There is a possibility that the pin in USB port has been bent. If it's like this, the solution is you need someone who is professional to fix it. Due to repair a USB port on smartphones require special skills, since these components attached to the motherboard, it must use the soldering iron to replace this USB port.

6. Applications Running In The Background
Problems about long duration of battery charging are not only caused by hardware, but the problem can also caused by background process. Yes, applications running in the background also contribute on the battery charging duration, because applications which running in the background will fulfill RAM capacity and using excessive CPUs performance.

Some applications also frequently boot / run automatically even if they're not in use. How to fix this problem, you should check the task bar or clean up recent apps frequently. If there are applications that don't want to be disabled, try to uninstall them and feel the difference.

7. Problem Of Phone Usage

This is a classic problem, long duration of battery charging doesn't occurred from the phone itself, but it can also happen because of yourself. Yes. try to introspect yourself, how often do you use your phone while recharging? How often do you access Facebook or play games when your smartphone is being plugged into the charger? 

Battery consumption on smartphones is depending on how long the screen turns on. If the smartphone screen stays on when it is being recharged, then it is normal if it takes long time to be fully charged. So, solution to this problem is depending on yourself. Just try not to use the phone when its power is being recharged.
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