5 Bad Habits That Lead To Obesity

Exercising regularly may be one of the most popular choices for weight loss. However, it seems not enough, because it must also be balanced with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One way is to avoid some habits that can lead to accumulation of fat in belly. What are those habits?

1. Large Meals

When you eat, you should pay attention to the size of the plate that you use. This looks trivial, but its influence can not be underestimated. A survey conducted on obese people found that they tend to choose large plate when eating. Large plate allows you to take more food. It can make you eat more than your body needs.

2. Eating Late at Night

Although naturally your body will burn fat while you sleep, that burning mechanism is difficult to work well if you sleep on a full stomach condition. Eating late at night will make you sleep on a full stomach. Besides can cause fat deposits in the belly, sleep with a full stomach can interfere with digestion. To fix this, you can eat small meals at night and did not sleep for 3 hours after eating.

3. Drinking Fizzy Drinks

If you could not pass a single day without a drink sodas, then you are in risk of having a distended abdomen. According to the study, drinking a can of soda every day can cause your waistline to grow five times faster than those who do not consume soda every day. This is because the soft drinks have high sugar content that makes you to eat more.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep can be one of the reasons why your weight is easily increased. When the body fails to meet adequate sleep (7-9 hours), the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) will be increased. It encourages you to eat foods that contain lots of sugar.

5. Eating When You Feel Sad or Angry

Increased emotion can make you eat more food. Not a few of the people's emotions to vent their frustration on the food, and this is certainly not good. Uncontrolled food intake can make fat deposits in your belly. Instead, you can change this bad habit by drinking lots of water when you feel sad or angry.
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