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71 Awesome Places to Visit in Japan

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Japan is a great country that has advanced culture. The society is known for its sincerity in everything. This can be seen from the work of his nation's children who can explore every country in the world. Their products exist in all countries, ranging from household products, cookware, vehicles, cars and so forth.

Before we discuss more about awesome places to visit in Japan, it's good if you know the weather conditions or climate in Japan. Japan has 4 seasons where seasons change every 3 months. These seasons are crucial to our visit to Japan. There are spring (haru), summer (natsu), autumn (battery), and winter (fuyu). Usually, spring will begin around March. Don't let your holiday in Japan that you have planned well become chaotic because you don't know the climate in Japan.

71 Awesome Places to Visit in Japan

Here are 71 awesome places to visit in Japan that we've summarized for all of you :


The Buddhist Golden Buddha Temple is the most popular place in Japan. This temple is always crowded with tourists from various countries. This tourist spot is also known by the name of Kinkakuji and Rokuonji. Previously, this temple is a resting place Ashikaga Yoshimitsu after retirement.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Golden Pavilion

The hallmark of the Golden Pavilion is its gold-colored roof. Besides seeing typical Japanese ancient architecture, you can also enjoy hot tea at Tea Garden in this tourist area. here is also a typical Golden Pavilion souvenir shop.
Golden Pavilion's location is at 1 Kinkakujicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8361, Japan.


The Jigokudani Monkey Park is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Japan. You can see swarms of monkeys bathing every day of the year.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Jigokudani Monkey Park

Although these monkeys are soaking every day of the year, the best time to come is during the winter season between December and March. At that time, white snow around the bath will add beauty to the photo you took.
Jigokudani Monkey Park's location is at 6845 Yamanouchi-machi Shimotakai-gun


Mount Fuji is Japan's main icon that must be visited, this is the highest mountain in Japan. Usually, Japanese filmmakers make Mount Fuji as a background in their films to beautify the films setting This mountain became the most famous tourist attractions in Japan and pity to miss.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji has a height of 3776 meters (12,388 feet). An estimated 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year, 30% of them are foreigners. This climb can last between three and eight hours while for the descent can be taken from two to five hours. Mount Fuji lies between Yamanashi and Shizuoka and if it is sunny, you can see it from Tokyo and Yokohama. Another way to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji is by train between Tokyo and Osaka.
To enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji from close, you can climb it. There are five beautiful lakes above an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level. The five lakes are Yamanakako, Motosuko, Saiko, Shojiko, and Kawaguchiko.
In addition, there is a rest area, Fujigoko, which provides resorts, camping ground, fishing pond, museum and also warm water bath.


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Japan that has the attraction of Kuroshio Tank, a giant aquarium where visitors can see the marine life through the access tunnel. Besides a giant aquarium, there is also an outdoor pool that often presents marine animal performances such as dolphins and sea lions.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium locations at 424 Ishikawa, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture 905-0206, Japan.


Culinary attractions in Japan that you shouldn't miss is the Yokohama Raumen Museum. For Anime lovers, you must've been familiar with Ramen Noodle, especially if you're Naruto lovers.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Ramen Museum

So, if you're interested to eat ramen, you can come to Ramen Museum at 2-14-21 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033, Kanagawa Prefecture.


Zoorasia is a tourist attraction in Japan that must be visited. In this place, you can see various collections of animals from various countries in the world. Zoorasia is the largest zoo in Japan. Of the many animals that become collections here, some of which is a favorite of visitors are the elephants, polar bear, and black bears.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Zoorasia

At Zoorasia, you can also enjoy delicious cuisine in the style of restaurant. For children, there is also a playground with an interesting animal concept to try. This zoo is a wonderful place to visit in Japan.


Do you ever hear or watch a legendary anime from Japan "Doraemon"? Are you familiar when I say "Nobita"? If you are, then you'll be amazed when you visit Fujiko F Fujio Museum. Inside the museum, there is a diorama where Doraemon and his friends pose in a very familiar room for the lover like Nobita's room and a playfield with three big pipes. Besides Doraemon, Fujiko F Fuji Museum also displayed another character by Fujiko F. Fujio, P Man.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

In this museum, there is also a culinary tour that you can try. The food menu is also themed Doraemon. You can order Dorayaki cakes and various other foods decorated with Doraemon's face.
Fujiko F Fujio Museum is located at 2-chome 8-1 Nagao, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa Prefecture, 214-0023.


We are certainly no stranger to the name of a city that witnessed the cruelty of the United States in the world. Hiroshima witness how terrible the atomic bomb that dropped America in Japan. The city was once a business and political center and was bombed with atomic bombs in 1945.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Now, this city is back as it once was, the pulse of life has been stretched again, and now Hiroshima became one of the awesome places to visit in Japan that must be visited. In Hiroshima, the monument was built to commemorate the atomic bomb in an area of 120,000 square meters. This spacious garden surrounded by a multi-story building has become one of the favorite locations of local people to spend the day off. Here, you can still see the remains of buildings that still stand after being bombed, one of them is A-Bomb Dome.
Every year on August 6, at exactly 8:16 pm, a memorial service is held here. This commemoration begins with a moment of silence and speech. In addition to local residents, there are many foreign tourists who also come and join in this memorial.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial is located at 1-2 Nakajimacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0811, Hiroshima Prefecture.


Now, it's time for us to explore an amusement park in Japan that can not be missed, Disneyland. Disneyland became one of the tours in Japan, which is always crowded with tourists who go on vacation to Japan. In Disneyland, we can enjoy various rides of the game with the theme of the films produced by Walt Disney. It is the first Disneyland that built outside the United States and officially opened in 1983. Tokyo Disneyland is divided into seven major areas: World Bazaar, Tomorrowland, Toontown, Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country and Fantasyland. Each of these zones has its own characteristics.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Disneyland

For those of you who bring children, Toontown is the right zone for you. In that place, the kids can get into the Disney cartoon town. They can visit Mickey Mouse's house or play on Donald Duck's boat. To shop, you can go to World Bazaar. The zone which located at the entrance is perfect for shopping and culinary tours. The building was designed to resemble America in the early 20th century.
Disneyland Japan is located at 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan.


DisneySea is part of Disneyland. DisneySea becomes one of the rides that can't be missed. At DisneySea, you can enjoy a various rides water-themed game. Tokyo DisneySea is divided into seven main zones: Meditteranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Disneysea

One of the most interesting places in DisneySea is the Mediterranean Harbor, where you will be invited to go around using a gondola in Venice, Italy. For those who love adventure, try entering the Arabian Coast. Sinbad will take you to explore the palace and the sea around it.
DisneySea is located at 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan


Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Tokyo Tower

This tower is Tokyo's main icon. Actually, this tower serves as a communications tower, but this tower is now one of the awesome places to visit in Japan that shouldn't be missed. Visitors can climb up the tower to see unparalleled sights of Tokyo and the magnificent surrounding area as well as shops and restaurants so it won't be wrong if Tokyo Tower is one of the most popular places to visit in Japan.


Himeji Castle became a historical place in Japan that shouldn't be missed. This castle was once made against enemies during the feudal period, but has been renewed many times over the centuries and reflects different design periods.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Himeji Castle

The castle survived the World War II bombings and the castle is often seen in domestic and foreign films, including the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice. Himeji Castle has white exterior and design of a castle that resembles a flying bird. This castle is now always crowded with tourists who enjoy the grandeur of the building and the magnificent scenery around it.


In Japan, there is also a very famous Buddha statue. Great Buddha of Kamakura is a colossal representation of Amida Buddha, one of the most famous Buddhist figures in Japan. The large Buddhist Bronze statue stands at a height of more than 13 meters (40 feet) and weighs nearly 93 tons.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Great Buddha of Kamakura

310/5000 This statue was inaugurated in 1252 AD. Although originally housed in a small wooden temple, this huge Buddha Statue now stands in a public place because its original temple had been swept away by a tsunami in the 15th century. Place Tours in Japan is often crowded in visits by local and foreign tourists.


It turns out Japan also has a temple. Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist temple becomes one of the favorite tourist destinations in Japan that must be visited. This historic building is located in East Kyoto and dating from 798. An indoor waterfall flowed by water from outside the river makes this temple is very harmonious with nature and not a single nail was used in the construction of this temple.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Kiyomuzidera Temple

353/5000 Locals use this temple as a petition, in pretty extreme ways, they would jump off the edge so that their wishes come true (with the level of safety of life 85.4%), for modern visitors, they can enjoy the shrines and works of art exhibited without risking their lives.


Todaiji temple building became one of the Japanese architectural evidence of progress. The world's largest building made of wood is also home to the world's largest bronze Buddha statue. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and wildlife, Kegon school of Buddhism also based here and the reason that plays an important role for many Japanese history and Buddhist artifacts.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Todaiji Temple

In Todaiji Temple, you can see deer that roam the park, because these animals are allowed to freely roam the grounds as a messenger of the god Shinto. Todaiji Temple became one of the awesome places to visit in Japan which are always crowded with tourists from various countries around the world.


Another magnificent building in Japan that we must visit, Tokyo Imperial Palace. This palace serves as the administrative center and museum to showcase Japanese art and Japanese history. The palace was built on the ruins of an old palace destroyed by fire or warfare, and architects remained respectful of the remnants of the past from the palace by incorporating design elements from different eras into modern palaces.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Tokyo Imperial Palace

The new palace is surrounded by traditional Japanese gardens and has many activities and functions of space to receive guests and welcome the public and can also be made into one of the worthy Tourist Places in Japan to be included in your list of visits later.


The beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan is very remarkable. When spring arrives, these flowers will decorate the entire garden. One of the famous cherry blossoms in Japan is Ueno Park. To enjoy its beauty come from March to May.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Ueno Park

Ueno Park is the most famous tourist spot and has become the most popular Japanese tourist site to do hanami, which is a picnic while enjoying blooming cherry blossoms.


Do you want to feel the thrill of the fastest roller coaster ride in the world? Fuji Q-Highland is the right place. At Fuji Q-Highland, there are much fun and challenging game rides to try. Fujikyu Highland or Fuji Q-Highland is located at the foot of Mount Fujiyama.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Fuji-Q Highland

The playground that starts with ice skating game is indeed very interesting. The playground is open to all, and the roller coaster has once occupied the world's fastest roller coaster, and there are still plenty of challenging games here.


Have you ever felt what it's like to watch a 4D movie? You will feel the shock when swaying, wind blowing, and so forth. Watching 4D movie becomes one of the tourist choices.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan which located in Osaka is presenting a variety of entertainment, ranging from attractions of Hollywood cinema (2D, 3D, even 4D), or you can just walk in a place very similar to the location of a movie film.


Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Biei

In Japan, there is one small town that has a very charming beauty, Biei City. In this city, you will feel the serenity and peace. The beautifully arranged hill-covered hillside makes it one of the ideal holiday destinations in Japan worth visiting.


One more historic building in Japan to visit, Sensoji Temple or known as Kannon Asakusa Temple that located in Asakusa. This enormous and beautiful temple is dominated by red paint and surrounded by lanterns hung above it. On holidays, this place is visited by many pilgrims. You can also follow the forecast because supposedly said the prophecy in this temple is very accurate! In addition, you can also get a talisman to get a mate.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Sensoji Temple

If you want to find a souvenir, you can visit Nakamise Dori (Nakamise Shopping Street) near the main gate. On the street along the 200-250 meters, there are many souvenirs sellers typical of Japan.


Another unique awesome places to visit in Japan at night is the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge which connecting Kobe and Awaji are located on the Akashi Strait, this bridge will bring up colorful rays every hour to be a reminder of time, and half an hour displayed colorful on precious stones.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Rainbow Bridge

And every January 17, this Rainbow Bridge will only emit white as a sorrow to commemorate the Hanshin Earthquake. With a length of 1990 meters, this bridge is one of the longest bridge in the world.


Kyoto and Nara were once the capital of Japan before Tokyo now. There are many historical relics, cultures, buildings, and art here. The two ancient capitals of Japan (a place of priceless wealth and unparalleled tradition) have remained unchanged for centuries. The glorified temples of all time and the quiet traditional streets, certainly evoke the impression of "Japan" that you have long wanted to feel.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Kyoto and Nara

Kyoto was once the capital of Japan for more than 1000 years, and during that time it has also become a warehouse of art, culture, religion, and thought of the best Japanese society. Kyoto can be reached in 2 hours 40 minutes using Shinkansen super express from Tokyo, and 1 hour 15 minutes from Kansai International Airport near Osaka.


Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Nagasaki

Besides Hiroshima, you have to visit Nagasaki city. There are many unique and interesting sights in Nagasaki city, such as; Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki Peace Art, Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium, Iojima Island, Mt. Inasa, Hashima Island, and many others.


Merah Putih Cafe is a restaurant that serves Indonesian Food. In this restaurant, you can eat halal foods as well. Owner of Merah Putih Cafe is Moslem and use halal ingredients to cook.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Merah Putih Cafe's Menu

Merah Putih Cafe's closest location: Shinokubo Shin Okubo Initial House 304, 2-10-9 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku–ku Tokyo (03-6279-2399)


The next awesome place to visit in Japan is Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo Skytree became one of the iconic advances in Japanese technology today. With a peak that reaches 634 meters, make Tokyo Skytree into the second tallest building structure in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Tokyo Skytree

With that height, of course, we can freely see all parts of the Japanese capital. And to build Tokyo Skytree, it takes about 4 years from 2007 to finish in 2011.


The next tourist spot in Japan is a reclaimed island which is now one of the coolest places in Japan. The island has an icon that is a statue of Gundam and also the miniature Statue of Liberty like that owned by America. There are also beaches that we can use to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Odaiba

For those of you who are interested to visit Odaiba, you can use the Monorail Yurikamome Line that passes the rainbow bridge or commonly called the Rainbow Bridge. At night the bridge will bring out colorful lights that add to the atmosphere becomes more beautiful. Rainbow Bridge is also one of the outstanding attractions in Japan which are quite famous.


Harajuku is known as a place of fashion shops which is quite crowded. Therefore we can easily find people with an eccentric style in Harajuku. Aside from being a fashion center, in Harajuku, there is also an urban forest and a temple named Meiji Jingu.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Harajuku Street

The temple is also one of the awesome places to visit in Japan for both foreign and local tourists. Usually, on Sunday, this temple is in use for the wedding ceremony by Japanese citizens and this is the main attraction for tourists.


There is a building that is usually always seen when photographers take a picture of the mountain Fuji, that is Chureito Pagoda.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Chureito Pagoda

This magnificent building located amongst the lush cherry blossoms is very charming and worthy of our input in the list of awesome places to visit in Japan. Indeed, in order to reach this pagoda, we have to take hundreds of stairs. But the fatigue is paid when we can enjoy the beauty of this building closely.


There is an interesting bamboo groove to visit in Japan, Arashiyama Bamboo Groove, which is located in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto. This beautiful and very spacious bamboo groove becomes one of the awesome places in Japan. To be able to visit it, we have to spend about 1 hour an on foot.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Arashiyama Bamboo Groove

Besides on foot, tourists can also hire a pedicab driver in order to more quickly around this charming bamboo garden.


The next stunning place in Japan is Fushimi Inari Taisha, which is a famous temple building with a thousand Torii or a thousand gates lining the road leading to the top of the Inari mountain. Especially on the day of the holidays, we will be very difficult to find a gap to be photographed in the row of 1000 torii is because many people passing by.

Awesome Places to Visit in Japan - Fushimi Inari Taisha

This thousand Torii is donations from the followers of temples in antiquity. Where when the followers of this temple very much around the year 1700 an AD.

Still not satisfied enough with our lists above? Then we'll give you a list of other awesome places to visit in Japan based on its cities:

Awesome Places To Visit In Kobe :
  • Kobe Port Tower
  • Arima Onsen
  • Kobe Chinatown
  • Ikuta Shrine
  • Shin-Kobe Ropeway
  • Kobe City Museum
  • Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge
  • Meriken Park
  • Kobe Maritime Museum
  • Kobe Mosque
  • Kobe Municipal Arboretum
  • Taisan-Ji
  • Mount Nagamine
  • Misaki Park Stadium
  • Mount Tanjo
Awesome Places To Visit In Hiroshima :
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  • Itsukushima
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial
  • Hiroshima Palace
  • Hiroshima Museum of Art
  • Children's Peace Monument
  • Hiroshima Bay
  • Ninoshima
  • Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park
  • Mitaki-Dera
Awesome Places To Visit In Osaka :
  • Universal Studio Japan
  • Osaka Castle
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  • Umeda Sky Building
  • Shinsekai
  • National Museum of Art Osaka
  • Osaka Science Museum
  • Osaka International Peace Center
  • Kyocera Dome
  • Namba Parks
  • Intex Osaka
  • Boat Race Suminoe
  • Nakayama-Dera
  • Tobita Shinci
  • Nagai Botanical Garden
These are our list of 71 Awesome Places to Visit in Japan, are you becoming more interested in visiting those awesome places in Japan? We hope so because we have to agree that Japan is one of a great country with outstanding places to visit. So, if you have other awesome places recommendations or maybe your favorite place hasn't included in our lists, let us know by commenting on this article. 

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to share this article so your friends or family will know their destinations while on holiday in Japan. Goodbye!

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally - For most of the women, hair is the crown that should be treated well, because if you have healthy long hair, it will certainly boosting your performance. In addition, your confidence will also be higher to living daily activities. But sometimes there are just hair issues that come and must be solved. The common issue is right when you just wake up, and you got that messy lion-like hair all over your head. So, how to soften coarse hair naturally?

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally
Caring for the hair is tricky. Sometimes, there is hair which given vitamins can be soft directly, and sometimes there is also a type of hair that is immune to vitamins. If it's so, of course we must patiently take care of it. Remember, there are a lot of ways to create soft hair naturally. Starting from sophisticated and modern ways to natural and traditional ways, if the modern way requires a large cost, then the natural way to soften your hair will be a great alternative. And also, do the traditional ways will minimalize side effect to your hair.

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Safely and Naturally 

By using natural ingredients, hair problems such as hair stiff and rough like fibers can be overcome easily. Sometimes, women which have coarse hair don't care at all about her hair. Well, that issue can be treated by using natural materials and traditional way. Are you already curious about our tips? Check out my tips on how to soften coarse hair naturally and permanently!

Soften Your Hair Using Bananas

Did you know that bananas can be used to help maintain the softness of hair and nourish hair to stay healthy? Bananas have a lot of vitamins and substances that are beneficial for your hair.
Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally Using Bananas
How to use it is also not too complicated. First, you can take one or two bananas then peel them until clean. Then, blend the banana flesh and flatten on the entire surface of the hair as a mask. Let it stand for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it using clean water. For maximum results, you can add 3 tablespoons of original honey on that banana mask. 

Using Castor Oil to Soften Coarse Hair

Have you ever heard about castor oil? Castor oil is one of the natural ingredients that is usually used as a way of softening coarse hair naturally and permanently. There is a high amount of ricinoleic acid in castor oil, it can be used as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment for your hair. Castor oil will keep your hair clean so your hair issue will be solved easily.

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally Using Castor Oil

How to use castor oil as a hair softener is pretty easy, you just have to warm 100 ml of castor oil, then wipe them through all parts of your coarse hair and give massage slowly to your scalp. After that, you can wrap it with a warm towel. Let it for 30 minutes. And then rinse your hair with shampoo or clean water.

Soften Your Coarse Hair Using Avocado

The next tips to soften your coarse hair is by using avocado, Avocado is often used for some beauty treatments, one of them is to keep your hair healthy. Good fat in avocados will help you to meet your hair nutritional needs and contribute to moisturizing your hair safely and naturally. Not only that, but avocado will also prevent you from some dry and branched hair issues.

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally Using Avocado
The first step to soften rough hair with avocado is take 1 pieces of avocado that are completely cooked. Then peel and separate it with the seeds. Soak avocado meat with a little water and use it as a hair mask. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse by using clean water. 

Using Yogurt and Eggs to Safely and Naturally Soften Your Hair

Natural ingredients for hair care are numerous. For example, you can use yogurt and eggs to soften your coarse hair naturally and permanently. Yogurt and eggs are a perfect match because the ingredients of these two will help you to maintain your hair moisture and keeping it healthy.

Using Yogurt and Eggs to Safely and Naturally Soften Your Hair

How to use it? That is by adding one chicken egg into 6 tablespoons of yogurt. After that, stir it until well blended and apply it on the surface of your hair like using a mask. And then, you can wrap it in a towel and wait about 10 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water until it's clean.

Soften Rough Hair Using Mayonnaise

Who would have thought that mayonnaise could also be used to soften your coarse hair naturally and permanently? Besides its delicious taste for hundreds of food topping, mayonnaise can also soften your hair and moisturize it, The use of mayonnaise for a hair mask will help to protect your hair from sunlight and chemicals effect. So your hair pH balance can also be maintained.

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally Using Mayonnaise
How to use mayonnaise to soften your hair? So after shampooing, use mayonnaise as a natural conditioner. Apply mayonnaise to the entire surface of your hair, then wrap it with a shower cap or towel for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair using shampoo until it's clean.

Using Vinegar and Wheat Germ Oil as A Hair Softener

The last way to soften coarse hair naturally and permanently is by using vinegar and wheat germ oil, these two have natural nutrition to soften your hair.

Best Ways to Soften Coarse Hair Naturally Using Vinegar and Wheat Germ Oil
The way it's done is by mixing 100 ml or half glass of apple vinegar and 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Then stir it evenly, you can wash your hair first. Then, apply the apple vinegar and wheat germ oil on the surface of your hair while it's still wet. Let it for 10 minutes to seep in your hair. After that, wash your hair again until it's completely clean by using cold water.

ATTENTION: Not all natural ways and materials above are suitable for you. There are various factors that can make your hair or skin irritated or cause allergies. Therefore, to make sure the use of these ingredients is safe for your scalp and hair, you may need to consult your doctor first. Follow the advice of the doctor to get the maximum results.

Those are best ways to soften coarse hair naturally and permanently that you can use at home without having to go to the salon. It's a good move to try one of my instructions above then do it regularly to get maximum results. Hopefully, my article is helpful to you. Don't forget to visit our other articles on this website, like 20 Plus Size Fashion Styles to Look Slimmer or 21 Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips. And also don't forget to share this article with your friends or family on Facebook or Twitter, Thanks for reading and stay healthy!

12 Tips to Fix a Slow Android Phone

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone - It's something great if you're having the latest Android phone with high specifications from reputable vendors like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, or etc. But, even if many phones are made by big vendors, Android phones have their own performance limitations, especially if the phone has been used for several years. In addition, sometimes the latest smartphone can also make you feel upset by lagging with no excuses, maybe this is caused by excessive usage. So, for those of you have experienced a slow Android phone performance, these are 12 tips about how to fix a slow Android phone:
How to Fix a Slow Android Phone

1. Restart the Phone

This is the easiest way to speed up your Android phone because by restarting it, your Android will automatically clear the stored cache by itself, And it will also stop running tasks so your Android phone's performance will be faster than before

2. Make Sure Your Apps and System are Always Updated

Doing update for each app and system you have is what you need to do to get your Android phone's performance up. Logically, with every update, there is an improvement that was previously missed by developers, whether it's a bug or enhancement in some features. 
To update your Android phone, you will usually find a notification on your screen area, or you can check it in Settings > About Device > Software Update, this way is for all Android-based smartphones, you can also check it on Playstore, by opening the menu on the left and pressing My Apps.

3. Uninstall Unused Apps

Besides icon of apps which not used anymore, the app itself can slow down your Android phone's performance because those unused apps require storage space and consume your RAM. Therefore, if you're satisfied and don't want to use those apps, you better uninstall them. 

4. Clear App Cache

Cache works to speed up loading while using some apps, but it consumes your internal memory, By clearing the cache then you can speed up your Android phone. To clear it, go to Settings > Apps > Switch to the All tab, you will find all of the installed apps on your phone, whether default apps or not, then choose the app you want to clear.

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone by clearing apps cache
But if you want to clear all apps cache without having to select one by one, then go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data, tap OK to clear it.

5. Cleaning the Home Screen

It's pretty cool to use Live Wallpaper as your home screen, but do you know that it also consume your RAM capacity to run? It's also exacerbated by applications that are silently still running in the system background. Therefore, using a static image as wallpaper is the answer for those of you who want to speed up a slow Android phone.
It is also not less important but usually forgotten by some Android smartphone users is to delete or move the application icon that you do not want to use anymore. This may be insignificant, but logically, every time you open the smartphone and go into the menu then it takes more performance by the GPU to process those icons. See? 

6. Disable or Reduce Animation Effects

You can speed up the slow Android by turning off the animation effects. This way is required tiny extra work to be done, you have to enable the Developer Options by going to Settings > Systems > About Phone > Build Number, if you have found it, then tap 7 times until the message appears that you have become a developer. If so, go back to Settings and look in the System section, you will see Developer Options. Go inside of it and go to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Animation Scale, set them as you want. If you do not understand or do not want to change anything, tap the back button.

7. Disable Auto Sync

Synchronization is very helpful in getting notices from some applications such as BBM, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, and other applications. However, sync can also slow down your Android phone's performance. Disabling or reducing Auto Sync may be the best answer to solve this problem. go to Settings the slide down until you find the Account tab, you will see apps that need sync, Just select one or all of them to disable.

8. Try a Third-Party Launcher

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone by using the third-party launcher
If you want to change the navigation system and want to do some tweaks to the settings for faster performance, There is no harm to try some third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher, Go Launcher Ex, or Apex Launcher. Adjust your settings.

9. Clear Partition Cache

The partitions cache is very different from the applications cache, as well as its storage area. This partitions cache contains temporary files and cleaning them occasionally is highly recommended for better performance, To do this, you must go into Recovery mode so the partitions cache can be cleaned. Because every Android smartphone has a different way to get into Recovery Mode, so try to look for it based on your smartphone in Google.

10. Root & Overclock

If at anytime you find that your friend's Android phone is faster than yours that has the same brand and specifications, don't be confused, your friend just rooted and overclocked it. If you want to root or overclock your phone, you can use apps like SetCPU or Android Overclock. Do it carefully because if you screw it up, you might have to buy the new one.

11. Install Custom ROM

The next way to fix a slow Android phone is by installing custom ROM, This method will be very useful for those of you who have a smartphone that hasn't received an update system or OS. By installing custom ROM, your old Android can be updated with the latest Android version.

12. Factory Reset

If some tips to fix a slow Android phone above aren't working, the last option you have is Factory Reset, But remember, if you want to do this, make sure you backup all your data and files because the factory reset will restore the contents of your smartphone just like when you bought it at the first time, including deleting any updates you've done for Android system. To do Factory Reset, go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

These are 12 tips how to fix a slow Android phone, hope this article will solve your problem, and don't forget to share this with your friends so they can also read this. Thanks for reading!

21 Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Hi girls! You know I've published an article about Best Short Girl Fashion Tips and I believe many people have been helped after reading that article. But as we know, there are many women's body types in this world. So I have decided to create an article about best skinny girl fashion tips.

As a woman, you will always try to look good in every situation, whatever body shape you have, am I right? Generally, tall girls are skinny too, and sometimes their body shape is becoming an obstacle for them to increasing their confidence. So you must read this entire article to figure out what's the perfect fashion style for you.

Before you start reading these tips, you must make sure you know your body type, cause it's very important for deciding the perfect style for you. Also, you must not be carelessly in choosing clothes to wear. Cause your body can be skinnier instead if you are wearing incorrect clothes. Because of that, choosing a perfect fashion style helps to increase your look. 

Prefer Wearing Top Clothing to Dresses

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Combining Top Clothing with Jeans
Tall girls are better in top clothing than dresses, you can combine it with skirt, jeans, or pants. Without us knowing, a boundary between your top and bottom of your body creates an illusion of a fuller body. This illusion won't be able to create if you wear dresses instead. Moreover, wearing tops will not flatter your body shape.

Wearing Dresses Can Make You Look Slimmer by Showing Your Curves

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - The best way to show your curves is by wearing dresses
If you're a dresses-lover or perhaps you have to wear it because of specific excuses, then choose to wear dresses which show your curve. Curves on your body can make skinny girls look fuller.

Wearing Peplum Dresses 

Besides wearing a belt, tall girls would be great in "peplum" dresses. The peplum dress is one of mini-dresses type and has a skirt detail in bottom part which makes you look more feminine and fuller.

Wearing Layered Clothing

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Layered Clothing is right option for skinny girls
Layered clothing creates a thicker body shape instantly. For skinny girls, there are many clothing combinations to wear. For example, you can wear t-shirt and cardigan, or shirt with blazer, or jacket.
Besides creating a fuller body, wearing layered clothing increases your confidence in any situations.
Things that need to be understood is made sure you wear the right size of the first layer clothes.

Wearing a Belt 

For those of you who would like to wear a blazer or cardigan or jacket as a second layer, make sure its length doesn't cover up your hips, cause if it does, it'll also cover up your curves.

Skinny girls can wear a belt to create curves on their body, those curves make your body look fuller. One thing you should concern is the tightness of belt while wearing it, cause it affects your curves and if it too loose, your body will look shorter instead.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Long-sleeved shirt to cover up your skinny arms
The next best skinny girl fashion tips are by wearing a shirt. Wearing a shirt might be the simplest fashion style for tall girls. If you're confused to choose what's perfect clothing to wear, a long-sleeved shirt might be your best choice. It will cover up your skinny shoulders and your skinny arms. But as always, don't forget to wear the right size of the shirt.

Avoid Wearing V-Neck Model

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - V-Neck Clothes aren't the best option for skinny girls
As I've said in the Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer article, V-Neck clothes create a vertical line on your body, it's totally fine to wear it if you're fat, but it isn't fine if you're tall and skinny, cause it increases your body height and makes your body look skinnier instantly. So, don't wear v-neck clothes. Instead, you can wear clothes that create a horizontal line on your body, to make you look fuller.

Don't Wear Sleeveless Blouse

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny girl looks fuller in a blouse
Sometimes you wear a blouse, right? It's so natural for you to wear it at some moments. For those of you who have a tall skinny body, make sure to wear the right size of blouse you want to wear. Because of your skinny arms, I advise you not wearing a sleeveless blouse, cause it'll show up your arms.

Wearing Jeans

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Wearing Skinny Jeans is a nice choice 
You must've been familiar with this one, yeah, Jeans. Jeans is the simplest and stylish thing you can wear in any situations. Some jeans model can make you look fuller, one of them is Low Waist Jeans, by wearing it, your waist will look smaller than your hips. Besides low waist jeans, you can also wear skinny jeans. it makes your legs look slimmer than before.

Another thing to consider for tall skinny girls is avoiding clothes that too tight, like legging or jegging, cause it makes your legs look skinnier instead, and that's totally not fine. I suggest you wearing bootcut model or flare model for better appearance.

Wearing a Skirt

Even if you are included in skinny girls category, doesn't mean you are not allowed to wear a skirt. With the right model and size, you can be prettier by wearing it. Like a picture below!

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny Girls look pretty in a skirt

Wearing A-Line Skirt

The next suggestion is wearing A-Line Skirt and Tube Skirt. Those two models are giving smaller waist and bigger hips impressions. Bigger hips make your body look fuller and create curves on your body.

Skinny Girl Fashion Tips in Terms of Colors, Motif, and Fabrics

Besides tips above, there are still more tips for all of you. Further advice relating to clothes colors, motif, fabrics, model, and size for skinny girls.

Skinny Girls Look Fabulous in Bright Colored Clothes & Motif Clothing 

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Bright colored clothing makes skinny girls look fabulous and gorgeous
In certain case, skinny girls who wear one color t-shirt might look skinnier, but if you're selecting clothes which have bright colors, like pink, light blue, yellow, or light green, it will be fabulous and gorgeous. Don't wear clothes that have dark colors, like black, dark brown, dark blue, or etc. It will make you look skinnier instead.

You should concern about the motif too, like floral motif or geometrical motif. You may become more festive but it can be a trick to distract people from looking your skinny body.

Avoid Wearing Vertical Stripe Dresses

As we already know, vertical stripe dresses are good to wear for fat girls, therefore, skinny girls shouldn't wear vertical stripe dresses. Basically, do the opposite things fat girls do.

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Horizontal Striped T-Shirt creates curves on your body
For your consideration, combine horizontal stripes clothing with dark colored skirt or jeans. like A-Line Skirt or Skinny Jeans. so the illusion of fuller body will be created.

Avoid Wearing Spandex Clothing

Spandex is fabrics for soft textures in clothing industries. Generally, spandex is made from synthetic fibers which have elastic texture. So, you can imagine that spandex clothing will follow the body shape, in this case, a skinny body. Obviously, it doesn't make your body look fuller but skinnier.

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny girls shouldn't wear spandex shirt

Modify Your Clothes to the Tailor

Same as tips for plus size fashion, don't hesitate to go to a professional tailor for consultation about the right size for your body shape to increase your confidence in the next days. Also consider about lifestyle nowadays and new model in the following years if you're planning to modify your clothes.

Wearing Right Accessories

For stylish and maximal look, you can wear perfect accessories as well, cause accessories make your body look fuller.

Avoid Wearing High Heels

I believe all women's really want to wear high heels, whatever body type they have, but the problem is not all women are having the same body type, so there are some women who look good in heels and some women do not. For example, short fat girls will look good in high heels, cause heels make their legs look slimmer.

I prefer flat shoes to high heels for all skinny girls out there
But what if the person who wears heels are included in tall skinny girls category? I think heels don't match with their body. Well, this just my opinion, you can disagree with my opinion, of course,

Perfect Accessories are Helping Too

Some accessories are worth to wear for a maximal look, besides beautifying your look, they can be a distractor for people from seeing yourself. One of those accessories is earrings. Earrings prevent people from seeing your body, as well as necklaces and the right size of the handbag.

The last tip of best skinny girl fashion tips is wearing right accessories, such as earrings

These are best skinny girl fashion tips, hope these tips help you to increase your confidence and make you look pretty + fabulous. Don't forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ so your skinny friends can read this too. Thanks for reading and stay pretty girls!
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