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Top 10 Most Delicious Typical Foods in South Korea

Most Delicious Typical Foods in South Korea - Who doesn't know South Korea? A country that is famous for K-Pop culture is quite interesting to discuss. Starting with the tradition, culture, and, tourist destinations that always make us amazed. Besides them, the typical South Korean foods are also very well known in foreign countries because of their taste and uniqueness, what are those most delicious typical South Korean foods? Let's talk about them one by one!


Bibimbap - Typical South Korean Food
The first delicious food in South Korea is Bibimbap. Bibimbap in Korean means Mixed Rice. Bibimbap is a South Korean-style mixed rice made from white rice and various kinds of side dishes, vegetable, and chili sauce. More details of Bibimbap recipe are here.

Bibimbap is served in a bowl with side dishes arranged in such a way that the colors look contrast and attractive, then stirred first before being eaten. Bibimbap is also served in a hot pot or bowl as well as a hot plate with raw egg yolk placed directly in the middle of the side dishes.


Kimchi - Typical South Korean Food
Kimchi is a very popular Korean food and has become a national cuisine of South Korea, not just traditional regional cuisine, Kimchi is also an important part of South Korean cuisine and culture, and almost never forgotten by South Koreans.

Kimchi is a typical South Korean food made from vegetables which are fermented with various kinds of spices and usually have a spicy and sour taste. Vegetables commonly used are mustard, radish, or cucumber. While the spices used are chili, ginger, onion, garlic, shrimp paste, and fish sauce.

Kimchi is usually made in large quantities at the same time because these foods can last longer if stored properly. Usually, Kimchi is cut into pieces and served directly as a side dish or can also be used as other traditional Korean food ingredients such as Kimchi Stew, Kimchi Pancakes (or Kimchi Jun), Kimchi Soup, and Kimchi Fried Rice.

Gimbap (or Kimbap)

Gimbap - Typical South Korean Food
Gimbap is a delicious typical South Korean food made from white rice, which in South Korea is called Bap and its contents are pieces of fish, meat, eggs, and vegetables, then rolled with dried seaweed and cut into small pieces for one portion. One Gimbap roll is usually made into 6 to 8 pieces. The shape of the roll can be round or triangular. Seaweed can also be rolled on the inside of Gimbap, although it is generally placed on the outside.

In South Korea, vegetables commonly used to make Gimbap are cucumbers, spinach, carrots, and pickled radishes. The rice is seasoned with salt and sesame oil. The contents can be very varied and easily modified, depending on your desires, tastes, or creativity. Usually, Gimbap is simply served as typical food or can be added with additional ingredients such as mayonnaise or other.

If you're interested to make it yourself, you can see the recipe here.


Bulgogi - Typical South Korean Food
Bulgogi is a typical South Korean food made from several slices of thinly sliced beef and cooked by baking or sautéing in a pan. Some pieces of beef are usually marinated first with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, pepper, and also other spices such as ginger to taste more delicious and softer texture. If you don't know what is "Marination", you can read it here.

Bulgogi is usually served with many other side dishes, each of which is served in several small bowls. Roasted Bulgogi meat is also sometimes given a small amount of chili sauce and eaten in a way wrapped with lettuce with rice and other side dishes. Other leafy vegetables can also be used as Bulgogi wrappers, but the most commonly used is lettuce.


Ramyeon - Typical South Korean Food
Ramyeon is a South Korean version of instant noodles. Ramyeon is usually served in a way that is similar to ordinary instant noodles. Generally, instant noodles in South Korea have a spicy taste, with a thicker sauce and bigger and chewier noodles. The best-selling ramen brand in South Korea is Shin Ramyun which is also popular in China and the United States of America.


Jjajangmyeon - Typical South Korean Food
Jjajangmyeon is one of the Korean noodle dishes made from noodles mixed with thick black soy sauce, vegetables, and meat cuts. The noodles used to make Jjangmyeon are made from wheat flour. While the sauce is made from black soybean paste cooked with sliced onions, ground meat, and other ingredients.

The broth is also usually added in Jjajangmyeon to reduce saltiness from soybean paste, and cornstarch is also added so that the Jjajangmyeon broth is thicker. The way it is served is with pickled radish and hot soy sauce placed on top of the noodles, and sometimes plus a few pieces of cucumber.

Wanna try to cook it yourself? Read the full Jjajangmyeon recipe here.

Miyeok Guk

Miyeok Guk - Typical South Korean Food
Miyeok in Korean means Seaweed and Guk in Korean means Soup, so it can be interpreted that Miyeok Guk is a Seaweed Soup. This soup is usually made by soaking dry side dishes in water until it's soft and then putting it in beef or fish broth. Then seasoned with soy sauce or salt, sesame, and garlic oil. Usually, this food is consumed by women who have just given birth because it has a high content of Calcium and Iodine, important nutrition for nursing mothers. Wanna try to cook it? Read the recipe.


Tteok - Typical South Korean Food
Tteok is made from glutinous rice flour which is cooked by steaming, boiling or frying. Besides using sweet rice. Some types of Tteok can also be made from ordinary rice flour. Rice cakes are foods that are identical to a celebration, such as a wedding or a birthday party. One of the famous ones is Tteok-bokki or spicy South Korean rice cake.


Sannakji - Typical South Korean Food
Sannakji is a very unique typical food in South Korea. Sannakji is a raw food made from small-size living octopus (yes, you read it correctly) which is cut into small pieces. It's usually sprinkled with oil and sesame seeds, then eaten directly alive. The pieces of this octopus are usually still moving and stretching when served in a plate. Are you curious to watch that moving octopus as a food? Watch the video here. So, are you interested?


Hotteok - Typical South Korean Food
The last food on our most delicious South Korean typical foods list is Hotteok. Hotteok is a South Korean pancake made from pancake dough filled with sweet ingredients, such as a mixture of brown sugar, honey, ground nuts, or seeds. To make a Hotteok, the round-shaped dough which is filled with some sweet ingredients is placed on a flat pan and pressed with a special tool to make it rounder, thinner, and wider. Hotteok then continued to be cooked on a pan and wait for it until it's cooked well and the outer part is brownish. Hotteok is usually served when winter arrives. Here's how to make it: Hotteok Recipe.

So, after reading these most delicious typical foods in South Korea, have we get your attention now?
Some of them are very bizarre compared to our daily foods, like the food that made from living octopus (Sannakji) above. Are you brave enough to eat it? Whenever you have a plan to visit South Korea, make sure you try to eat these traditional South Korean cuisine, and tell us how does it feel, alright?

How to Fix Cursor Freeze, Disappears, or Jumps in Windows 10

How to Fix Cursor Freeze, Disappears, or Jumps in Windows 10, 8, and 7 - Cursor is an important part of a computer that is very helpful for Windows 10 users. Without a cursor, of course, we will be confused because there are no pointers on our computer or laptop and we will also have difficulties when we want to open the app we want because we won't be able to double-click it.

So, it can be concluded that cursor has a very important role to make our computers and laptops more usable. But sometimes, we will face problems about the cursor in Windows OS, such as cursor freezes, disappears, lags, or jumps. Of course, these problems will affect our activities using a computer or laptop. This time, Lifestyle Nowadays will guide you the most effective ways to fix cursor freeze, disappears, or jumps in Windows 10, Windows 8, and also Windows 7.

Before we tell you how to fix the problem, you have to know beforehand what might be causing the cursor/pointer in Windows 10 lags or even moving by itself:
  • You unplug your mouse cable using too much power
  • Pointer driver is out of date
  • Laptop's touchpad is damaged
  • Mouse is broken
Well, if you have indeed done some of the things above, then you shouldn't do it again because those things can cause freezing, disappearing, and lagging cursor. If there are other causes that can cause it and you know it, please tell us by commenting in this article.

Your Cursor is Not Moving, Disappearing, or Jumping in Windows 10? Here's to Fix it

Using Shortcut (For Laptop Only)

Shortcut for Fixing Cursor Freeze, Disappears, or Jumps
Some laptops have features using Fn button combination to enable or disable some features. For example, in Dell New Vostro 14 3478, you can increase the brightness by pushing Fn + F12 and decrease the brightness by pushing Fn + F11. For freezing cursor problem, you can try by pushing Fn + F9 or Fn + F7 and try to move your cursor again, these Fn combinations to fix cursor freeze or moving by itself can be applied on most laptops.

Mouse Settings in Control Panel

If the shortcut keys trick doesn't work, then you may try this one. Windows 10 has Control Panel feature to help you set your PC or laptop yourself, one of the features in Control Panel is Mouse Settings, follow these steps below:

For Laptop

Open the Control Panel, how to open it for each Windows is different, but this method might be used to enter Control Panel on Windows 10, 8, 7, and even XP: Type "Control Panel" in the search menu in Start as shown below.

Searching Control Panel in Windows 10

Click Hardware and Sound

Hardware and Sound in Control Panel

After that, you'll see a tab like a picture below, on Devices and Printers, click Mouse

Mouse Settings on Devices and Printers Option

Go to the Device Settings tab or on another Windows version called ELAN, now you can re-enable it by clicking Disable then Enable it again. Don't forget to apply the settings and click OK

Enabling Touchpad in Windows 10

For PC or Computer

Same as the method for laptop, but the difference is in the Mouse Settings tab

There, go to the Hardware tab, click Properties

Go to Driver tab, and then re-enable the mouse driver by clicking Disable and then Enable it again, you may also try to update the driver by clicking Update Driver

Update Driver or Re-enable Device

How to Fix Pointer Disappears When You're Typing? It's Easy, Actually

Sometimes your pointer disappears from the PC or Laptop screen not because of the touchpad or mouse error, but there is a misconfiguration in Settings. Do you even realize that your pointer disappears while you're typing in word processor apps like Microsoft Word, WPS, or OpenOffice?

If you don't know yet, in Windows settings, there is an option to hide the pointer when you are typing. This option tends to be confusing for some computer users. Some think that the loss of their pointers is due to errors in software or hardware. Actually, it's not.

Therefore, try checking the Mouse Properties page. To check it, you can follow the steps below:

Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device and Printer > Mouse > Pointer Options > Uncheck the option "Hide pointer while typing"

Hide pointer while typing Option
And it's done. Now your pointer will never disappear again even if you are typing in Microsoft Word.

Update the Mouse/Pointer Driver

Just like other computer hardware, the mouse and touchpad also have drivers to be used as they should. If the driver is not installed properly or out of date, then your touchpad or mouse cannot be used properly as well. Some problems that may arise are the pointer freezing, disappearing, or jumping cursor.

If this is the main cause, the best way to fix it is by updating or reinstalling the cursor driver.

DriverPack Updating Drivers
Each laptop brand has its own cursor driver. So, don't ever download the wrong driver for your PC/Laptop, cause if you do, your mouse won't work well.

If you have trouble finding the right cursor driver for your laptop or PC, you can use the download link below:
You can also update your laptop/PC drivers by using apps like DriverMax, DriverPack Solution, and DriverBooster

Hardware Problem

Mice on Amazon
Those tips above are fixing the freezing cursor problem by utilizing Settings in Windows 10, and if it didn't fix your problem, then you must check the hardware condition, such as the mouse and touchpad, whether their condition is good or not. If it's not, the only way to fix it is by buying a new one, make sure you buy the genuine one so you won't buy another one for a long time. There are a lot of online shopping websites that sell it, like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

Now you can fix cursor not moving (freezes) in Windows 10 by yourself, as well as fixing cursor disappears or jumps in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. There's no need to panic when you have experienced this problem, cause every problem has its own solution and its way to be fixed. Don't forget to share this with your friends or family so they can fix the problem too!

5 Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro (FULL GUIDE)

Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro and MacBook Air - Try to imagine for a moment. You are using your Mac to work on an important task, such as working on a financial report for your office, or a very important document (or just playing games). Your Mac doesn't have any problems, its engine sounds quiet, the transition between apps also feels very smooth, everything goes well, and there is no delay occurs when you're typing. Suddenly, your Mac becomes very slow. Laggy and freezing. What is happening? Something is wrong!

These Mac cases that suddenly becomes slow, lagging, and freezing, especially after High Sierra update won't have happened again if you can identify the source of the problem and fix it permanently. But for those of you who haven't apply these powerful tips to speed up MacBook Pro, you'll experience the same thing over and over, even though your Mac OS is already updated to High Sierra.

Relax, we'll guide you step by step to fix the slow MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air problem. So, without further ado, here are some powerful tips to speed up a slow Mac:

Time Machine is Running in Background

What is Time Machine? Time Machine is a default tool from Apple that has been included in OS X or macOS packages. This tool can be accessed through Spotlight, Launch Pad, or System Preferences.

Time Machine will back up all of your data, including local files and the entire system. This function is quite similar to System Restore on Windows. The main difference is, Time Machine really backs up everything, not just the recovery points like System Restore do in Windows.

Tami Machine Backup Process - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro
When Time Machine is running in the background, macOS such a High Sierra will make regular backups and write new files to an external hard disk that are used as backups. This backup process can make your Mac run slowly, especially when Time Machine copies large files and big data.

Normally, some Mac users let Time Machine complete its task first, especially when it's copying large files and big data. I prefer to use this feature in optimal conditions where there are no obstacles from other apps processes. If you're a person who's always dealing with large files that you don't want to backup, then you can make a folder as an exception in the backup process. Here's how to create a folder as an exception from Time Machine Backup Process:

Creating Folder to Exclude Items from Backup - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro
  1. Create a folder and fill in the name you want
  2. Run "Time Machine Preferences", you can search for it using Spotlight
  3. Select "Options ..." at the bottom right
  4. Add folders that you have been created in "Exclude these items from backups"
Now if you need to store large data such as a movie, just put it in that folder that you were created. Besides speeding up your slow Mac or MacBook Pro, this way is also save more hard disk drive storage.

Delete Unnecessary Login Items

Login Items - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro
Login Items are the source of MacBook Pro Startup problem which takes a long time to be done. Although not all Login Items can cause Mac's performance becomes laggy, every process that runs on your Mac will definitely drain available RAM. So, how to speed up a slow Mac by setting the Login Items?

You must know the function of each Login Items on your Mac and delete some of the useless ones. You can delete the Login Items by following these steps:
  1. Open "User & Groups" found in the "System Preferences ...".
  2. Click the "Login Items" tab at the top.
  3. Checklist useless login items and delete them by clicking the minus sign in the bottom left.
Sometimes there are several applications that put themselves into Login Items without your consent. Login at Startup mode on these applications can be turned off by opening the settings in each application. So don't be surprised why the app list in Login Items always increases even though you have deleted it many times.

Lack of System Memory or RAM

The size of RAM (Random Access Memory) affects the performance of every Mac product, like MacBook Pro 2009, MacBook Pro 2013, or even Mac Mini 2012. If you don't understand what RAM is, here is a simple question that can make you understand what RAM is:

How many things you can think about in your mind right now?

Maximum capacity to work on multiple tasks simultaneously is known as memory or RAM, you can read more about it here. What happens when you're not capable to hold information in your mind? You will write it down in a note and it must take time, right? The tasks that aren't processed by small capacity RAM will be copied into Virtual Memory like the analogy of the note above.

About This Mac - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro
First, you need to know the RAM available on your MacBook Pro. You simply choose the Apple symbol on the top left of the screen, then choose About This Mac, then there will be information about how much memory your Mac has.

System Memory Details - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro
Second, find out the amount of RAM that has been used. You can check it by running the Activity Monitor stored in the Utilities folder. Then you just move to the System Memory tab to find out the amount of RAM that has been used and how much RAM that has been unused. Remember, you need to upgrade your RAM in your MacBook Pro when the Swap used size is too large. How much the reasonable Swap size you need? Below 5 GB is a reasonable Swap size.

The excessive RAM usage can also be caused by bad habits, such as running many applications simultaneously. Here are some additional tips to save more RAM that is used if the Mac has reached the maximum RAM capacity to speed up a slow Mac:
  1. Only run the applications that you need. Thus, you'll never be running out of RAM
  2. Learn the amount of RAM used by each application. Some applications do drain RAM excessively due to several factors. You can check it using Activity Monitor
  3. Restart the application occasionally. Especially the Safari browser, where the memory handling is still quite bad when compared to Google Chrome

Hard Disk Read/Write Speed

You can have the fastest processor in the world, but everything will be in vain if your hard disk has poor read/write speed. That is what often happens with laptops specifications nowadays, the large size of RAM, fast processor, but the hard drive still has ± 25 MB/s read/write speed. Ouch.

The effect of the read/write speed on a hard disk greatly determines whether your MacBook Pro is slow or not because when you use it, a hard disk read/write process will always occur. You must have once copied a large file from an external hard drive to your Mac. According to, The average speed on USB 2.0 is ± 60 MB/s. Both on Windows and Mac, read/write greatly affects how quickly an application is opened for the first time. Data transfer is also determined by hard disk read/write speed. If you are interested in knowing the hard disk read/write speed in your MacBook Pro, you can run this command in Terminal:

How to Check Read/Write Speed - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro

Write Speed:
time dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024k of=tstfile count=1024

Read Speed:
dd if=tstfile bs=1024k of=/dev/null count=1024
Do you see the number next to bytes/seconds? Copy the number and convert it to MB/s via Google by searching "50287333 bytes to MB". The result is ± 50 MB/s.

So how to increase the hard disk read/write speed? If you have a plan to buy a Mac in the future, make sure the hard drive on the Mac is an SSD (Solid State Drive) that no longer uses a disk platter that produces noisy sounds but instead uses electrical circuits, you can see more information about SSD here. SSD read/write speed can reach 5 times faster than normal hard drive. Wow!

Force Quit Not Responding Apps

Some apps may not be responding and freezing, and this a rare case but must have happened at least once. An application that hangs can cause the entire macOS system to not work properly. Fortunately, this problem does not cause OS X and High Sierra to be completely out of control. You can easily press Command + Option + Escape together to show up the Force Quit feature and close apps that are hanging.

Force Quit Applications - Powerful Tips to Speed Up MacBook Pro
What should you do if the main cause of MacBook Pro becomes slow is not the apps, but the process that runs in the background? Then you should find out which process is problematic and do Force Quit through Activity Monitor.

Apply these powerful tips to speed up your Mac permanently. Well, knowing some things that cause Mac's slow performance is an important thing, you will capable to fix this problem yourself without bringing your Mac to the Apple Service Center. If there are some clever tips we missed, let us know by writing them down in the comment column below!

9 Ways to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off

How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off - Imagine when you're chatting or video calling someone you love, like your crush or your family. Then you're going to talk about something important. Because it's important, you don't realize that your iPhone's battery is below 10% and in the middle of the conversation, your iPhone is dead. Turned off

You grab your charger cable as fast as you can, you plug it, and it's charging. But when you turn it on and trying to continue the conversation, it won't charge anymore and turned off again. It's a pretty upsetting moment, isn't it?

According to FoxNews, there are some reasons causing your iPhone's battery is draining faster. Now, we're going to discuss some effective ways to fix iPhone won't charge unless it's turned off. These tips are also useful for iPhone won't charge unless restarted, unlocked, or plugged in at a certain angle.

Effective Ways to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off

Use the Apple Genuine Charger Cable

Apple Genuine Charger - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
The first step to fix iPhone won't charge unless turned off is by using the Apple Genuine Charger Cable, there are some differences between the real and fake charger cable. Although it's not automatically turned on at the moment when you plug the cable to the phone, you don't need to panic, because basically, your iPhone takes a long time until the battery is charged enough to turn on itself automatically.

The important thing about fixing iPhone won't charge unless it's turned off is when you press the home button, the battery icon appears and that is being charged. However, if the iPhone screen does not display the charging icon when you press the home button, then there is a possibility if there is a damage to the charger or iPhone itself. Therefore, you need to bring it to the nearest Service Center for further handling, or you can also try some of the steps we will explain below.

Restart iPhone

How to Restart iPhone - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
When your iPhone starts to be often problematic and does not want to be charged when it's on, then restart your iPhone immediately. This simple method is considered as an effective way to overcome the problem of the charging process.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset iOS 12 - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
If by restarting it is not solving the problem, then you can try this method. But keep in your mind, before a factory reset, make sure you have backed up all the important data, cause this action will delete them all. You don't know how to backup iPhone data? Read this article. If after you do this then it turns out your iPhone still doesn't charge unless it's turned off, maybe you should do the next way.

Find a Stable Power Source

Stable Power Source - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
When charging the iPhone that went dead because of the dead battery, you are advised to use a stable power source without any unstable voltage interference. The unstable power source will damage any electronic device. So if you are an ex-Android user who has just switched to an iPhone device, don't panic about how to turn on an iPhone that runs out of battery.

Check the Charger Cable

Damaged Charger Cable - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
iPhone charger cable is something that is easily damaged, therefore, you should often check it in detail, whether the cable is peeled or not, or whether the cable is broken or not. The initial sign of charger cable problem is when you use it to charge the iPhone, the power won't be charged unless the charger is plugged in certain position or in at a certain angle. If it's damaged, then there is no way than buying a new one. You can buy it here.

Check the Charger Adapter

Genuine Charger Adapter and Cable - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
Besides the problem of the charger cable, another cause the iPhone can't be charged when it turns on is because the charger adapter has been damaged. So, how do you know if your charger adapter is damaged or not? Check it by joining it with a new USB cable or another charger cable that is still functioning, and use it to charge your iPhone.

If your iPhone battery still doesn't want to be charged, it can be concluded that your charger adapter is damaged. Try buying a new adapter charge, but don't forget to buy the genuine one!

Check the Charging Port

Clean iPhone Charging Port - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
If your charger and adapter cable are not damaged at all, it is possible that the source of your problem comes from the Charging Port. Of course, the dusty charging port can interfere with the charging process! Because the dust in the charging port can block the electric current between the pins on the iPhone charging port and a charger cable.

Therefore, don't ever feel lazy to clean your iPhone charging port. The way to clean it is by using a thin cloth or a small blower. If it is already clean, your iPhone is guaranteed to be able to recharge the battery as usual, even though it is turned on.

Try using iPad's Charger

iPad Charger - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
There is no harm if you try to use an iPad charger if your iPhone still can't turn on even though the battery has been charged. This is because the iPad charger has a larger output compared to the iPhone charger so that the battery charging process can be faster than usual.

If your iPhone can come back to life after using an iPad charger, then replace it using the iPhone genuine charger. This must be done as a step to check if your iPhone charger is damaged or not.

Connect to Laptop or PC that has iTunes Program

Syncing iTunes - How to Fix iPhone Won't Charge Unless It's Turned Off
If you have used an iPad charger but your iPhone is still not charging when it's turned on, try to connect it to a PC or laptop that has an iTunes program, you can download it here. You can use your computer or laptop. If there is a problem with the iPhone, iTunes will be able to detect the problem and will advise you to restore iOS. But one thing you need to know about it is the restore iOS process will take a while.

So, these ways are very effective to fix iPhone won't charge unless it's turned off, and it doesn't cost much, but after you have done these ways and still got the problem, then maybe you should bring it to the nearest Apple Service Center in your town, they will fix the problem as quick as possible.

13 Best Search Engines Alternatives to Google

Google is a big thing. It's true that Google is the most dominating search engine compared to other search engines. This statement is proven by Google's global market share percentage of more than 78%, you can check it here. Therefore, many people are starting to worry that Google will control all internet networks, so there are various other best search engines alternatives that dare to compete with Google. Is there any other search engines than Google? Of course, in fact, a lot.

You can use some alternative internet search engines if you want to have another point of view when searching for the information you need. Even though these internet search engines are underrated in some countries, some of these search engines are more famous than Google in their home countries. Wow!

So, without further ado, these are the best search engines alternatives to Google:


Baidu - Search Engines Alternatives to Google 
Baidu is the most famous search engine in China and the second most popular search engine alternative to Google. Baidu covers 11.08% of searches around the world. Although it was only used in China, now it is able to gain global market share and continue to grow because of the large Chinese population. Baidu also became the most popular search engine with a domestic market share of around 74% compared to Google which was only 1.7%.

For foreign business people, Baidu is the main thing they must know if they want to expand their business wings to the Chinese online market. Because to get high rankings, your brand content must use Chinese, your website must use the '.cn' domain, you also have to host your website in China and use some title tags. You can optimize your website in Baidu by applying these ways.


Bing - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Bing is the third most popular Microsoft-made search engine in the world. According to Net Marketshare, from January 2017 to August 2018, Bing covers 5.18% of searches worldwide.

Lifehacker also insists that you must use Bing because it is the main rival to Google and it does some things better than Google. This may be the best search engine alternative to Google.

Some of the advantages of Bing are:
  • Bing's video search results are significantly more than Google, Bing provides many videos thumbnails that you can click to watch the video
  • Bing often gives more autocomplete suggestions than Google
  • Bing can predict whenever the plane's price will increase or decrease when you search for flight tickets
  • Bing has a feature where if you type linkfromdomain: (website name), Bing will highlight the best outgoing links on the website. This helps you to choose which website is the most suitable for you to visit.


Yahoo! - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Yahoo! is not a new name in search engine competition. Not only as a search engine, Yahoo! also presents other features such as mail, news, and finance. Yahoo! had been in its glory days before being acquired by Verizon in 2017. Yahoo's global total market share ranks fourth after Google, Baidu, and Bing as of August 2018 and covers 3.36% of all searches in the world.


Yandex - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Yandex is a Russian search engine that offers the same products and services like Google. Yandex is the most dominant or most widely used search engine in Russia. Yandex has a market share of more than 50% in its own country compared to Google which is only about 46%. This alternative search engine is also present in other countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Belarus.

If you want your content to be in demand and ranked high on Yandex, your content must be truly original. Because if you find duplicates, you will be subject to severe sanctions. Yandex offers search results in a good logical format, full of favicon so you can clearly see various websites for your needs. Favicon is the main icon that appears in the address bar of a website and is the logo of the website.


Ask - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
The next alternative search engine is Ask, it is also called 'Ask Jeeves'. Ask is the parent company of several well-known web destinations such as Ask for Kids and Teoma.

The main page of Ask has a simple design and an efficient look. This search engine can respond to searches based on questions, phrases, or a word. Ask has a Smart Answers feature that can help you find instant and factual results among many search results.


DuckDuckGo - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Do you need search engines with privacy protection? DuckDuckGo can be the best search engine alternative for you. DuckDuckGo emphasizes the privacy protection of searchers, reduces advertiser tracking, avoids filter bubbles, and limits data profiling.

The main feature that the DuckDuckGo search engine has is that they don't store the data of its users so they won't be able to track you or manipulate search results based on your behavior. For those of you who are scared of Google's 'spy power', DuckDuckGo is one of the other search engines besides Google that can be the right choice for you.


Naver - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Naver only has a small percentage in terms of global market share, only 0.11%. However, Naver has a large base in the South Korean domestic market.

Thanks to the Korean language algorithm, Naver gives far better results than Google. This is also due to the Korean wording which is very different from English.


Dogpile - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
This search engine is quite unique. Dogpile is an information meta-search engine on the World Wide Web that results are collected from various other search engines such as Google, Yahoo !, Yandex, and a number of other popular search engines.

According to Lifewire, this search engine is able to search 50% more information than any search engine in this world.


AOL - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
AOL (America Online) Search is a search engine supported by Bing. AOL approved the 10-year strategic relationship with Microsoft in 2015 by expanding their advertising business called AOL Advertising. Now, Bing has become a web search provider for AOL Search starting from January 1, 2016, until now.


Rambler - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
Rambler is a search engine and also the biggest web portals from Russia. It's owned by Rambler Media Group and Prof-Media. Rambler is also well-known as kind of a virus that forces you to use it on your browser even if you're using Google or other search engines, if you have ever experienced this problem, you can remove it by following this guide. This search engine only covers 0.01% of searches in the world.


Boardreader - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
If you want to find information with a variety of different points of view and away from the main publication, then you can try this search engine. Boardreader will display some pure search results from many forums, discussion boards, and also Reddit.


WolframAlpha - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
WolframAlpha is a knowledge search engine or a super smart search engine for you. You can ask him to calculate any data based on any fact. WolframAlpha is not always used successfully, so you must continue to practice to use this search engine optimally.

IxQuick (StartPage)

IxQuick - Search Engines Alternatives to Google
IxQuick or StartPage is another search engine that also emphasizes the privacy of its users. They will not store information about you and no tools are used. Users can set preferences according to their wishes but they will be deleted within 90 days after they are inactive.

Have you ever tried at least one of these best search engines alternatives to Google? And if you have, what's your opinion about it? Is it better? or worst? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Hope this article provides you some useful pieces of information about search engines alternatives. Thanks.
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