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12 Tips to Fix a Slow Android Phone

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone - It's something great if you're having the latest Android phone with high specifications from reputable vendors like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, or etc. But, even if many phones are made by big vendors, Android phones have their own performance limitations, especially if the phone has been used for several years. In addition, sometimes the latest smartphone can also make you feel upset by lagging with no excuses, maybe this is caused by excessive usage. So, for those of you have experienced a slow Android phone performance, these are 12 tips about how to fix a slow Android phone:
How to Fix a Slow Android Phone

1. Restart the Phone

This is the easiest way to speed up your Android phone because by restarting it, your Android will automatically clear the stored cache by itself, And it will also stop running tasks so your Android phone's performance will be faster than before

2. Make Sure Your Apps and System are Always Updated

Doing update for each app and system you have is what you need to do to get your Android phone's performance up. Logically, with every update, there is an improvement that was previously missed by developers, whether it's a bug or enhancement in some features. 
To update your Android phone, you will usually find a notification on your screen area, or you can check it in Settings > About Device > Software Update, this way is for all Android-based smartphones, you can also check it on Playstore, by opening the menu on the left and pressing My Apps.

3. Uninstall Unused Apps

Besides icon of apps which not used anymore, the app itself can slow down your Android phone's performance because those unused apps require storage space and consume your RAM. Therefore, if you're satisfied and don't want to use those apps, you better uninstall them. 

4. Clear App Cache

Cache works to speed up loading while using some apps, but it consumes your internal memory, By clearing the cache then you can speed up your Android phone. To clear it, go to Settings > Apps > Switch to the All tab, you will find all of the installed apps on your phone, whether default apps or not, then choose the app you want to clear.

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone by clearing apps cache
But if you want to clear all apps cache without having to select one by one, then go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data, tap OK to clear it.

5. Cleaning the Home Screen

It's pretty cool to use Live Wallpaper as your home screen, but do you know that it also consume your RAM capacity to run? It's also exacerbated by applications that are silently still running in the system background. Therefore, using a static image as wallpaper is the answer for those of you who want to speed up a slow Android phone.
It is also not less important but usually forgotten by some Android smartphone users is to delete or move the application icon that you do not want to use anymore. This may be insignificant, but logically, every time you open the smartphone and go into the menu then it takes more performance by the GPU to process those icons. See? 

6. Disable or Reduce Animation Effects

You can speed up the slow Android by turning off the animation effects. This way is required tiny extra work to be done, you have to enable the Developer Options by going to Settings > Systems > About Phone > Build Number, if you have found it, then tap 7 times until the message appears that you have become a developer. If so, go back to Settings and look in the System section, you will see Developer Options. Go inside of it and go to Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Animation Scale, set them as you want. If you do not understand or do not want to change anything, tap the back button.

7. Disable Auto Sync

Synchronization is very helpful in getting notices from some applications such as BBM, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, and other applications. However, sync can also slow down your Android phone's performance. Disabling or reducing Auto Sync may be the best answer to solve this problem. go to Settings the slide down until you find the Account tab, you will see apps that need sync, Just select one or all of them to disable.

8. Try a Third-Party Launcher

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone by using the third-party launcher
If you want to change the navigation system and want to do some tweaks to the settings for faster performance, There is no harm to try some third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher, Go Launcher Ex, or Apex Launcher. Adjust your settings.

9. Clear Partition Cache

The partitions cache is very different from the applications cache, as well as its storage area. This partitions cache contains temporary files and cleaning them occasionally is highly recommended for better performance, To do this, you must go into Recovery mode so the partitions cache can be cleaned. Because every Android smartphone has a different way to get into Recovery Mode, so try to look for it based on your smartphone in Google.

10. Root & Overclock

If at anytime you find that your friend's Android phone is faster than yours that has the same brand and specifications, don't be confused, your friend just rooted and overclocked it. If you want to root or overclock your phone, you can use apps like SetCPU or Android Overclock. Do it carefully because if you screw it up, you might have to buy the new one.

11. Install Custom ROM

The next way to fix a slow Android phone is by installing custom ROM, This method will be very useful for those of you who have a smartphone that hasn't received an update system or OS. By installing custom ROM, your old Android can be updated with the latest Android version.

12. Factory Reset

If some tips to fix a slow Android phone above aren't working, the last option you have is Factory Reset, But remember, if you want to do this, make sure you backup all your data and files because the factory reset will restore the contents of your smartphone just like when you bought it at the first time, including deleting any updates you've done for Android system. To do Factory Reset, go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

These are 12 tips how to fix a slow Android phone, hope this article will solve your problem, and don't forget to share this with your friends so they can also read this. Thanks for reading!

21 Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Hi girls! You know I've published an article about Best Short Girl Fashion Tips and I believe many people have been helped after reading that article. But as we know, there are many women's body types in this world. So I have decided to create an article about best skinny girl fashion tips.

As a woman, you will always try to look good in every situation, whatever body shape you have, am I right? Generally, tall girls are skinny too, and sometimes their body shape is becoming an obstacle for them to increasing their confidence. So you must read this entire article to figure out what's the perfect fashion style for you.

Before you start reading these tips, you must make sure you know your body type, cause it's very important for deciding the perfect style for you. Also, you must not be carelessly in choosing clothes to wear. Cause your body can be skinnier instead if you are wearing incorrect clothes. Because of that, choosing a perfect fashion style helps to increase your look. 

Prefer Wearing Top Clothing to Dresses

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Combining Top Clothing with Jeans
Tall girls are better in top clothing than dresses, you can combine it with skirt, jeans, or pants. Without us knowing, a boundary between your top and bottom of your body creates an illusion of a fuller body. This illusion won't be able to create if you wear dresses instead. Moreover, wearing tops will not flatter your body shape.

Wearing Dresses Can Make You Look Slimmer by Showing Your Curves

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - The best way to show your curves is by wearing dresses
If you're a dresses-lover or perhaps you have to wear it because of specific excuses, then choose to wear dresses which show your curve. Curves on your body can make skinny girls look fuller.

Wearing Peplum Dresses 

Besides wearing a belt, tall girls would be great in "peplum" dresses. The peplum dress is one of mini-dresses type and has a skirt detail in bottom part which makes you look more feminine and fuller.

Wearing Layered Clothing

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Layered Clothing is right option for skinny girls
Layered clothing creates a thicker body shape instantly. For skinny girls, there are many clothing combinations to wear. For example, you can wear t-shirt and cardigan, or shirt with blazer, or jacket.
Besides creating a fuller body, wearing layered clothing increases your confidence in any situations.
Things that need to be understood is made sure you wear the right size of the first layer clothes.

Wearing a Belt 

For those of you who would like to wear a blazer or cardigan or jacket as a second layer, make sure its length doesn't cover up your hips, cause if it does, it'll also cover up your curves.

Skinny girls can wear a belt to create curves on their body, those curves make your body look fuller. One thing you should concern is the tightness of belt while wearing it, cause it affects your curves and if it too loose, your body will look shorter instead.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Long-sleeved shirt to cover up your skinny arms
The next best skinny girl fashion tips are by wearing a shirt. Wearing a shirt might be the simplest fashion style for tall girls. If you're confused to choose what's perfect clothing to wear, a long-sleeved shirt might be your best choice. It will cover up your skinny shoulders and your skinny arms. But as always, don't forget to wear the right size of the shirt.

Avoid Wearing V-Neck Model

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - V-Neck Clothes aren't the best option for skinny girls
As I've said in the Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer article, V-Neck clothes create a vertical line on your body, it's totally fine to wear it if you're fat, but it isn't fine if you're tall and skinny, cause it increases your body height and makes your body look skinnier instantly. So, don't wear v-neck clothes. Instead, you can wear clothes that create a horizontal line on your body, to make you look fuller.

Don't Wear Sleeveless Blouse

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny girl looks fuller in a blouse
Sometimes you wear a blouse, right? It's so natural for you to wear it at some moments. For those of you who have a tall skinny body, make sure to wear the right size of blouse you want to wear. Because of your skinny arms, I advise you not wearing a sleeveless blouse, cause it'll show up your arms.

Wearing Jeans

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Wearing Skinny Jeans is a nice choice 
You must've been familiar with this one, yeah, Jeans. Jeans is the simplest and stylish thing you can wear in any situations. Some jeans model can make you look fuller, one of them is Low Waist Jeans, by wearing it, your waist will look smaller than your hips. Besides low waist jeans, you can also wear skinny jeans. it makes your legs look slimmer than before.

Another thing to consider for tall skinny girls is avoiding clothes that too tight, like legging or jegging, cause it makes your legs look skinnier instead, and that's totally not fine. I suggest you wearing bootcut model or flare model for better appearance.

Wearing a Skirt

Even if you are included in skinny girls category, doesn't mean you are not allowed to wear a skirt. With the right model and size, you can be prettier by wearing it. Like a picture below!

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny Girls look pretty in a skirt

Wearing A-Line Skirt

The next suggestion is wearing A-Line Skirt and Tube Skirt. Those two models are giving smaller waist and bigger hips impressions. Bigger hips make your body look fuller and create curves on your body.

Skinny Girl Fashion Tips in Terms of Colors, Motif, and Fabrics

Besides tips above, there are still more tips for all of you. Further advice relating to clothes colors, motif, fabrics, model, and size for skinny girls.

Skinny Girls Look Fabulous in Bright Colored Clothes & Motif Clothing 

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Bright colored clothing makes skinny girls look fabulous and gorgeous
In certain case, skinny girls who wear one color t-shirt might look skinnier, but if you're selecting clothes which have bright colors, like pink, light blue, yellow, or light green, it will be fabulous and gorgeous. Don't wear clothes that have dark colors, like black, dark brown, dark blue, or etc. It will make you look skinnier instead.

You should concern about the motif too, like floral motif or geometrical motif. You may become more festive but it can be a trick to distract people from looking your skinny body.

Avoid Wearing Vertical Stripe Dresses

As we already know, vertical stripe dresses are good to wear for fat girls, therefore, skinny girls shouldn't wear vertical stripe dresses. Basically, do the opposite things fat girls do.

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Horizontal Striped T-Shirt creates curves on your body
For your consideration, combine horizontal stripes clothing with dark colored skirt or jeans. like A-Line Skirt or Skinny Jeans. so the illusion of fuller body will be created.

Avoid Wearing Spandex Clothing

Spandex is fabrics for soft textures in clothing industries. Generally, spandex is made from synthetic fibers which have elastic texture. So, you can imagine that spandex clothing will follow the body shape, in this case, a skinny body. Obviously, it doesn't make your body look fuller but skinnier.

Best Skinny Girl Fashion Tips - Skinny girls shouldn't wear spandex shirt

Modify Your Clothes to the Tailor

Same as tips for plus size fashion, don't hesitate to go to a professional tailor for consultation about the right size for your body shape to increase your confidence in the next days. Also consider about lifestyle nowadays and new model in the following years if you're planning to modify your clothes.

Wearing Right Accessories

For stylish and maximal look, you can wear perfect accessories as well, cause accessories make your body look fuller.

Avoid Wearing High Heels

I believe all women's really want to wear high heels, whatever body type they have, but the problem is not all women are having the same body type, so there are some women who look good in heels and some women do not. For example, short fat girls will look good in high heels, cause heels make their legs look slimmer.

I prefer flat shoes to high heels for all skinny girls out there
But what if the person who wears heels are included in tall skinny girls category? I think heels don't match with their body. Well, this just my opinion, you can disagree with my opinion, of course,

Perfect Accessories are Helping Too

Some accessories are worth to wear for a maximal look, besides beautifying your look, they can be a distractor for people from seeing yourself. One of those accessories is earrings. Earrings prevent people from seeing your body, as well as necklaces and the right size of the handbag.

The last tip of best skinny girl fashion tips is wearing right accessories, such as earrings

These are best skinny girl fashion tips, hope these tips help you to increase your confidence and make you look pretty + fabulous. Don't forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ so your skinny friends can read this too. Thanks for reading and stay pretty girls!

28 Best Short Girl Fashion Tips

28 Best Short Girl Fashion Tips - There are many body types in this world, and petite body type is one of them. Usually, short girls won't be confident and feel insecure about their looks, this is very reasonable because every girl's dream is having a tall and slim body. But don't worry, you can also look good too because we believe that every woman deserves the pretty and fabulous look whatever her body type is. All you need is fashion tips for short girls.

Short Girls Fashion Tips

Short girls must be smart to choose their clothes, cause it affects the perspective of other towards them. If you're choosing the right combination to wear, then you'll be taller instead. So, here are the best short girl fashion tips:

Wear Clothes That Fit You Comfortably

For short girls, the most important thing is wearing the right size of tops and pants. For example, look at the picture below, it's not too loose or too tight, it just fits her perfectly. So, know your size girls!

V-Neck Tops 

Remember, what you wear will determine the perception of people who see. Because your body is short, avoid wearing clothes that make you look bigger or fatter, If your body looks bigger, it means your body will be shorter. Do you understand?

Short Girl Fashion Tips - Wear V-Neck Clothes
Just wear V-Neck models for shirt/t-shirt/dress or other tops. V-Neck models are suitable for use by short girls because it creates a straight vertical line on your body and makes your body look taller than before.

Perfect Skirt To Look Taller

For those of you who like to wear a skirt, you should adjust the length of your skirt. Short girls should avoid wearing a long skirt. You better wear a skirt above the knees or fitted to your knees (Midi skirt). By doing so, your legs will look longer and give the impression that your body becomes taller.

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Skirt
If you wear a midi skirt, then the 1/4 of your legs won't be covered, that makes you look shorter, you don't want that to happen don't you? My point is, cover up your legs will give the impression of longer and slimmer legs.

Wear a Belt

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing a Belt
The next advice of best short girl fashion tips is wearing a belt. As we know there are many shapeless dresses models for women. Well, if you're thinking to wear this model, don't forget to wear a belt too, a small belt, it will make you look slimmer, this also applies to short fat women. 

Wear Skirt or Pants That Suits Your Waist (Not Hips)

As you already know, there are many skirt and pants models. This time, pay attention to your waist size. To look taller, make sure you choose a skirt or pants fits your waist perfectly, not your hips. If it suits your hips, it would make you shorter instead, because what are people going to see is your upper body will look longer than the lower body. 

High Waist Models

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing High Waist Model
In my advice above, it was mentioned that you better wear a skirt or pants that suit your waist. For the alternative, you can also wear high waist pants model which is higher than your abdominal girth. High waist models will create an optical illusion of shorter upper body than your lower body, therefore, high waist pants are the best choice for short girls to look taller than you actually are.

Avoid Wearing Skinny Jeans

Most women like to wear skinny jeans or long tight pants, it wouldn't be fine for short girls because of its effect. The effect of skinny jeans is creating a shorter posture of yourself. I prefer bootcut jeans for you to create an illusion of ideal body height.

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Jeans

Also, Avoid Wearing Loose Pants

Wearing loose pants like baggy pants or harem pants, however, make yourself look smaller because its shape would make your lower body, especially your legs, look shorter instead. And proportional body wouldn't be reached.

Split Skirt

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Split Skirt
There is a great news for short girls who like to wear a skirt, some lovely skirt models are created to beautify its wearer. That skirt model is Split Skirt model. As you can see that Split Skirt creates vertical effect to your lower body and this effect makes your legs look slimmer. Don't wear a big skirt, cause it makes you look shorter instead. 

Combination of Dresses and Belt

Mostly, short girls are confused about what to wear when they're going to a party, the problem is hard to find a perfect dress that suits their body perfectly. Random dress choice makes you look like "drowning" into your own loose/big dress.

Combination of Dress and Belt
But don't let that thought ruins your mind, cause we have a solution for that problem by wearing a belt. Basically, a belt is tightening your dress so you'll look slimmer. Make sure you choose to wear a small belt. 

Choose Sheer Fabric

When you're about to buy some clothes, make sure to concern about clothing fabric, just choose clothes which made from thin or sheer fabric. Thin fabrics make you look slimmer and taller, whereas thick fabrics make you look fatter and shorter.

Layer Your Clothes

We've understood that vertical effect is a good thing to short girls, alright? So, this is another advice to create the vertical effect by wearing layered clothes. You can wear a jacket, a blazer, a cardigan, etc. as long as you don't button it. Its vertical effect creates a taller and slimmer.

Layer Your Clothes
Don't wear a thick fabric jacket to cover up the upper body, because it makes you look bigger instead. For amazing appearance, you can wear a darker clothes for the first layer, and bright color for the second layer.

Maxi Skirts Can Make Short Girls Look Taller

Many people are saying that  Maxi Skirt is a wrong choice for short girls, they say it does not belong to short girls. Well, they are wrong, Maxi Skirt could be your perfect outfit if you know the rules. The main rule when you're wearing Maxi Skirt is cutting it off right to your ankle. It makes you look taller if you combine it with layered V-Neck clothing. Don't forget girls! Not too long or too short.

Best Short Girl Fashion Tips: Perfect Accessories

High Heels Can Make Short Girls Look Taller

Of course, the main problem of short girls is their height, so how to increase height instantly? By using high heels. You can put on 5 cm high heels to increase your height instantly.

Don't Wear a Big Tote Bag

What comes to your mind when a petite girl's carrying a big tote bag? Yes, she will look smaller instead. Therefore, choose a smaller bag. Adjust it to the size of your body.

Small Bag & High Heels

Perfect Hat for Better Result

Besides wearing high heels. you can wear a hat to increase your height few centimeter and create a fashionable look.

Wear a Scarf That Hang Down

In general, people wear a scarf around their neck just to make themselves look nice or just to keep warm. But if you're included in short girls category and want to look taller, you should wear a scarf that hangs down.

How to Wear a Scarf
Do you understand why? Sure, to create a vertical imaginary line on your upper body and to create taller body illusion.

Wear a Long Necklace

It's the same point as before, long accessories create a vertical effect that increases your height instantly. but make sure you wear a small necklace.

Don't Wear Horizontal Stripe Dresses

You wear a dress with one purpose: to look taller. And now you know that every clothes that create vertical effect are the right choice, so you should've understood why aren't you allowed to wear horizontal stripe dresses. Okay?

Dark Colored Clothes

I've been explaining that monochrome colors are the right choice, but unfortunately, not all monochrome colors match with short girls. If you want to look taller, choose the darker color like black, dark blue, dark brown, dark green, etc.

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Dark Colored Clothes

Monochrome Colors

The meaning of monochrome color is the same clothing colors, it's clearly different with colorful clothes. Short girls aren't supposed to wear the different color of their top and skirt or pants, cause you will look divided into two parts, your upper body and lower. You can wear one color clothes combination with no motif for a better result.

Small Motif Clothing

The last advice of best short girl fashion tips is wearing small motif clothing. It's better for you to wear motiveless clothing, but in case you insisted wearing motif clothes, you can still look nice by wearing small motif clothing, like a picture below!

Short Girl Fashion Tips by Wearing Small Motif Clothing

These are best short girl fashion tips to look taller. I hope this article will help you to solve your fashion problems. Share to Facebook, Google+, or Twitter so your friends can read this too.

I know that you want to look as perfect as you want, but don't forget to thank God for all you have right now, it's a gift and you should be grateful for it. Thanks for reading, stay pretty girls!

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone

How to Speed Up iPhone - One of the reasons why iPhone is chosen by many people is its smooth and seamless interface. But along with its usage, as it does with other gadgets or smartphone, iPhone's performance will decrease and users may be aware of iPhone's slow performance. Sometimes, upgrading your iOS to the latest version may be the main reason why your iPhone's performance has become slower. If you ever feel your iPhone is not as fast as before, or maybe your iPhone's lagging, then we have solutions for this case. These are some tips and tricks how to speed up a slow iPhone:

1. Restart Your iPhone

How to restart iPhone to speed it up again
First thing and perhaps the easiest way to do when your iPhone seems slow is restarting it. Because when you restart your device, the unused cache will be automatically cleared & deleted. You all know how to restart iPhone, don't you? Just press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button and slide switch on the screen to turn off the iPhone. When it's already off, press the Sleep/Wake Button until Apple's logo appears.

2. Turn Off Visual Effect

Honestly, Visual Effect at the interface makes iPhone looks cooler, but it also makes the hardware overload. To turn off visual effect feature, open Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast then change Reduce Transparency to On.
You can also turn off motion feature on iPhone by opening Settings menu > General > Accessibility then turns on Reduce Motion. Turn them off will speed up your iPhone.

3. Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Go to Settings > App and iTunes Stores > Automatic Downloads. If you have only one device connected with Apple ID, let this feature on, but if you have many devices with just one Apple ID, then other devices will also update unnecessary apps on your iPhone. So, you have to update it manually or only when it's connected to WiFi by turning off Use Cellular Data on Settings > App and iTunes Stores.

4. Delete Unused App

I'm pretty sure we all have many apps in our phone, either important app like Social Networks apps (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc), Navigation's app, News apps, or unimportant apps like games and anything else. Well, if you want to speed up your iPhone, you must make a decision what apps you need most because unused apps will fulfill phone's memory, especially if they're running in the background.

5. Turn Off Siri

Enable/disable Siri

Siri is a personal assistant feature on iPhone Operating System (iOS), Siri can give advice while you're browsing or searching on iOS 9, even though it's cool and simplify the user experience, but Siri can slow down your iPhone's performance. To turn it off, go to Settings > General > Spotlight Suggestions > Siri Suggestions. Another feature leads to slow down performance is "Hey Siri". Just turn it off on Settings > General > Siri and feel the difference.

6. Use Default Apps

Actually, Default Apps by Apple were designed to be running properly on iPhone, they're designed for common functions like e-mail, navigation, and web browsing. Perhaps those apps aren't the best ones, but they're used to speed up iPhones performance.

7. Turn Off Background App

Some apps are still running on our iPhone's system (background), like synchronizing data or updating themselves without us knowing. Those activity impact on phone's memory and processor, and also slow down the performance and reducing battery. To turn off Background App and speed up iPhone, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and shut them all down or maybe just some.

8. Clean Up Old Files

Clean up old files, like old photos and videos which you have backed up, old text messages, or old data (cached) can speed up your iPhone's system. To manage them, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. Delete anything you don't need, you might uninstall some apps to clear them cache.

9. Clear Browsing Data

Clear history and website data in Safari

Clear browsing data in Safari could be done by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Sometimes clearing browsing data in Safari makes the browser work slowly cause the browser requires some time to re-collect data, but after that, its performance will be faster.

10. Reset iPhone's Settings

Reset iPhone's settings to default is the last thing you can do if some tips above aren't effective. Reset settings mean all configurations and apps are back to default, like a new one. Here's how to do it : Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Before you do it, remember your Apple ID and password you used before. But remember, think seriously before you reset iPhone's settings, cause once you do that you can't go back.

These are tips and trick to speed up a slow iPhone, we hope they can help solve your iPhone's problem. If your iPhone's performance still slow, just consider buying a new one. Thanks for reading.

20 Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - For most women, it may suck to have a fat body, especially when they're choosing the right style of clothes to be able to look slimmer, but it turns out that choosing style for plus size fashion isn't difficult as it seems, because there are many ways to combine plus size clothing and some accessories that would make you feel prettier and more confident when you perform in public area wearing that plus size clothing.


You have to be careful when choosing clothes combination, because if you do it wrong, then it would make you look fatter instead. Before we go any further, I should warn you that there is one important thing before we talk about these tips, i.e.:


How to dress to look slim and tall? At first, make sure you've understood your body type, because there are many body types in this world. And right know, you have to find which one is yours. Just take a look to picture below :

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Understand Your Body Type

So, have you understood your body type? If you have, then we can go to the next tips for plus size fashion styles.


V-Neck Clothes Make You Look Slimmer

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - V-Neck Clothes For Fat Women

Do you know that the fat body looks more extending to the side rather than upward? Therefore, to create an illusion of a slimmer body, wear V-Neck clothes, cause V-Neck clothes make you look slimmer. The wider V-Neck you wear, the slimmer you are.

Don't Wear Loose Clothing

Some fat women often wear loose clothing, some of them wear those clothes to cover their fat, but do you know that wearing loose clothes make you fatter instead?.

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Don't Wear Loose Clothes

This is serious advice for you, don't wear loose clothing anymore! If you're fat, wear clothes which suit you perfectly, but not too tight. Believe me, it would make you look slimmer.

Try to Modify Plus Size Clothing To Suit You Perfectly

There are a lot of clothes in this world which have the wrong size for fat women. Therefore, try to go to a professional tailor once for a while for consultation about the perfect size of your plus size clothing to increase your confidence in the following days. Also consider about lifestyle nowadays and new model if you're planning to modify your clothes.

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Plus Size Clothing Modification For Non-Mainstream Look

If you've done that, you will get 2 things. First, you will have clothes that perfectly fit your body. Second, you will attract people's attention for wearing good non-mainstream clothes.

Wearing Layered Clothes To Cover Up Your Fat

Sometimes, we may have clothes or shirts which too tight or make us fatter, but I have a solution for this problem by wearing Layered Clothes. Because fat people can also wear layered clothes if they know the "rules".

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Layered Clothes To Look Slimmer

Wear t-shirt or sleeveless shirt which isn't too tight, then combine it with jacket or cardigan, it makes your fat invisible

Choose The Best Skirt Length For Your Body

Some women wear the skirt to make their legs look slim, it's not a wrong choice, but you have to concern about its length, it would be better if you choose to wear above knee skirt, cause it would slim down your legs immediately.

Plus Size Fashion Styles To Look Slimmer - Above-Knee Skirt To Look Slimmer

But if you're choosing Below the Knee Skirt, you'll look shorter than before, and remember, Fat + Short = Fater & Chubby.

Wear Simple Clothes To Make Fat Women Look Slimmer

Do you often go outside to buy something or just to walk around but you don't want to think too much about what you wear to make you thinner? Don't worry, the best way to cover up your body fat is wearing simple clothes, like black T-Shirt and dark wash jeans.

Simple Plus Size Clothing

Avoid to buy glamor clothes and clothes with some details or ornaments, cause those clothes can attract attention immediately

Choose Right Color To Wear

However, having a fat body is a gift, there are a lot of people who were trying to fatten their body. I'm pretty sure you can look gorgeous too if you're choosing the right color to wear.

Black is Perfect Color For Fat Women
Many fashion experts say that Black is right color to wear for fat women, besides black, you can also wear another dark color clothes, the reason is black and dark color hide your obesity so you will look thinner. 
You can wear dark colored tops and jeans, or maybe combine black tops with bright colored jeans (white, light blue, etc). Avoid wearing bright tops and dark jeans.

Pay Attention to Motif Clothing

This advice is intended for you who loves to buy motif clothing. Of course, fat women are allowed to get into motif clothing, but only if the motif is right. You don't want to look fatter, don't you? So choose small motifs or small pattern clothes to wear.

Flower Motif for Fat Women

There are many motives in this world, for example, flower motif (floral). So, wear clothes which have small flower motives on them, you can also wear bracelets and necklaces to sweeten your look, but remember, don't wear them too much.

Vertical Stripe Dress Will Make You Look Thinner

The most suitable motif for women is a vertical stripe, these stripes create an optical illusion that makes your body looks slim. Fat women will look slimmer and taller while wearing vertical stripe dress.

Vertical Striped Dress To Look Slimmer

Otherwise, the horizontal stripe will make fat women look fatter instead, it creates an optical illusion that makes your body fatter and shorter. The same thing applies to accessories you wear like shoes, bracelets, necklaces, and belt

Choosing Right Fabric for Clothes

Right Fabrics for Dresses

Some fabrics make fat women look slimmer. Cotton, Denim, and Silk are the best choices, or you can choose Cashmere, Soft Cotton, and Spandex. Don't wear clothes made from shiny fabrics, cause shiny fabrics reflect the sunshine and show your folds of fat instead.

Perfect Accessories for Slimmer Look

We've discussed some tips for fat women to look slimmer and thinner, Besides clothing, it turns out that accessories also be a factor to increase or decrease your appearance. If you do it right, you'll look slimmer, otherwise, you'll look fatter.

Wear Enough Jewelry

One of the women's accessories is Jewelry. With enough jewelry, women will be more beautiful. Even though accessories are a complement to your look, but do you know that jewelry can also make you look slimmer?

Long Enough Necklaces

Just try to wear a necklace that hung down. Long enough necklace would make you look taller. Wear big brown bracelet too to make your arms look smaller. For those of you who have a wide face, wear big enough earrings to create an illusion that makes your wide face looks smaller.

Perfect Belt

Small Belt for Fat Women

For fat women, the belt could be the best accessories to hide their belly fat, but the wrong choice of a belt would make it as their "nemesis" haha. Wear a small belt for your best look. Don't wear a big belt, cause it will make you look shorter. Remember what I said before? Fat + Short = Fatter. Also don't wear it too tight or too loose.

Perfect Bag

Small Bags for Fat Women

Women are very identical with a handbag. There are many models of bags that women can wear, like Handbag, Shoulder Bag, Tote Bag, and Backpack. Fat women are allowed to wear them all only if its size is right. Wear small bag, the effect for people around while looking at you is you'll be slimmer.

Choose Right Model of Shoes

Pointed High Heels is the best choice for fat women, if you wear it then your calf will be toned and your body will be sexier, in other words, you will be taller indirectly. For creating long legs effect, you should choose the same color as your legs.

Pointed High Heels to Look Slimmer

High heels are suitably combined with skirt or jeans. Your legs will be lean and your body will be sexier

Cover Up Your Fat with Jacket

Jackets to Cover Up Your Fat

There are some fat women who do love to wear a jacket. But there are some fat women too who doesn't, their excuse is "Jacket makes you bigger". But in fact, Jacket can make you look slimmer. Wearing jacket or blazer can create "long vertical line" on your body. For the best look, choose dark colored jacket or blazer.

Combination Between Jeans and Scarf

For fat women, accessories which create a vertical line on their body is very helpful to make them look slimmer. Besides long necklace, you can wear a scarf once in a while, combine it with Skinny Jeans, it will make you thinner.

Wearing Scarf is Perfect Choice

Okay, some tips above are talking about plus size clothing, dress, and accessories. Now for the final touch, I will give you advice about your "natural crown". Yes, I'm talking about your hair, hairstyle also affects your look, it will help you to look slimmer or fatter instead.

Perfect Hairstyle for Fat Women

Hairstyle affects your look, the problem is, most of the fat women don't know how to style their hair properly. One of hairstyle that suits fat women is Ponytail, cause it makes your facial bones more prominent and you'll look younger, thinner, and slimmer.

Ponytail for Fat Women

Conclusion of Plus Size Fashion Styles That Makes You Look Slimmer 

These are some tips for fat women who still want to look good and feel more confident. I've realized that not of all our tips is suitable with your condition. Therefore, you should try to search the perfect combination for yourself

One more advice from me. Don't ever push yourself too hard, just enjoy your life and be yourself. Thanks for reading & stay pretty ladies!
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