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Simple Ways to Create a Restore Point in Windows 10

Create Restore Point in Windows 10 - Have you ever heard of System Restore on Windows 10? Only by knowing its name, surely you begin to have a picture of its function. So, there are times when your computer or laptop is not running smoothly or has a problem that might cause some of your applications or files to be damaged. One of the causes of this issue is due to an error installing the driver, when installing software, infection with viruses, malware, trojans, or certain changes to your settings on Windows 10, 8, or 7.

How to fix that issue? You can use a feature provided by Windows that can restore your Windows to the point before the error occurred so that your PC / laptop returns to normal. This is called System Restore.

What is System Restore?

Laptop with Windows 10 OS - Create Restore Point in Windows 10
Generally, System Restore contains all information related to the registry and important settings of Windows. By default, Windows will automatically create a Restore Point in other words when the computer has a problem then you can choose the Restore Point created by Windows. In addition, you can also create your own Restore Point manually. The thing you need to know is: Without Restore Point, System Restore won't work.

A computer that has just installed Windows OS don't have a Restore Point. So, just in case, you should make a Restore Point manually. So that if later you have a Windows 10 problem, then it can be solved by returning to the Restore Point that you have made. How to create Restore Point in Windows 10? We'll explain it to you.

Simple Ways to Create Restore Point in Windows 10

The first step to create Restore Point in Windows 10, open File Explorer > right-click on This PC > click Properties

Open System Properties through File Explorer

Click System protection on the left side

System Protection

For the faster way, you can type "Restore Point" directly on the Windows Search feature, and click the Create a Restore Point, like this one:

Create a restore point through Search

After the System properties are open, if you have never changed the configuration in this section before, then by default, the status in the Drive Protection section is Off

To activate it, you must click Configure > then click Turn on System protection > At the bottom of the tab, set the Max Usage slide around 10-15%, this section is very useful for managing the storage space used by the Windows system to create the Restore Point and save all data. And then, click OK

Turn On System Protection and Set Max Usage

Type the Restore Point's description to make it easier for you to remember when you created the Restore Point, for example: "Restore Point Nov 12, 2018". Then click Create

Typing a Restore Point Description

Wait for a moment to let the Windows creating the Restore Point

Creating a restore point Process

After it's finished, the system will tell you that the Restore Point was created successfully.

Restore Point was Created Successfully

Some Things You Need to Know About Restore Points

Earlier, I had already mentioned the function of the Restore Point. But, besides that, there are other things that are equally important to be known.
  • System Restore point can't reinstall the application that has been installed, even though you're rolling back the system to the ancient Restore Point
  • System Restore Point also only makes system backups including registry and computer settings, not your personal data. So, your documents and photos won't be affected
  • By default, the System Restore Point will be created automatically by the computer system. But, for the flexibility of the system, it also allows users to create it manually like we just did

That's it! These are the simple ways to create Restore Point in Windows 10, this way is also can be applied in Windows 8, 7, or XP. It's pretty simple but it has a useful function during hard times. You may be wondering how to rollback your Windows to the Restore Point you have created earlier. Calm down, we'll explain it to you in the next article. So stay tuned!

8 Effective Ways of Fixing 502 Bad Gateway

Fixing 502 Bad Gateway - When you are browsing on the internet, you may have experienced several errors such as "Error establishing a database connection" or "HTTP Error 500". One of the most common types of website errors is "HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error". This is one type of error that doesn't only occur on WordPress websites, but sometimes also occurs on Gmail, Twitter, and Cloudflare. This time, we will discuss "What is HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?" and the most effective ways of fixing error 502 bad gateway.

What is the meaning of "502 Bad Gateway" Error?

Before we discuss how to troubleshoot 502 bad gateway error, we will explain what a 502 Bad Gateway Error is. Every time you visit a website, your browser will send a request to the web server. Then the web server will receive and process the request. After that, the web server will send the requested resource back together with the HTTP header and HTTP status code. Usually, the HTTP status code won't be visible unless something is wrong. The HTTP status code works as a notification if something is wrong. The number you see is a code that can help you find the right solution.

One of the most commonly seen error codes is 500 status error codes (for example 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, etc.). Each number has different meanings. These codes indicate that your request was received, but the server didn't allow the request to be fulfilled. 

502 Bad Gateway is an error that indicates that the server that works as a gateway or proxy, receives an invalid response from the inbound server.

Kinds of 502 Bad Gateway Errors

  502 Bad Gateway Nginx
With the large number of browsers, web servers, and operating systems (OS) in the world, 502 Bad Gateway can appear with several different views, but basically, they all have the same meaning. Some kinds of the 502 bad gateway error that you might see while browsing on the internet are:
  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • Error 502
  • HTTP 502
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
  • 502 Server Error
  • 502 – Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server. There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.
  • Nothing appears, just blank white screen
There are also websites that have their own page to display 502 Bad Gateway error, and usually, their custom web page is user-friendly, like this one.

The Effect of 502 Bad Gateway on SEO

In contrast to the "Short for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute" error, which is used for maintenance mode on WordPress and tells Google to check the website again at a later time, error 502 Bad Gateway directly affects SEO if it's not fixed quickly.

If your website experiences 10 minutes of downtime and your website is crawled by Google consistently, the crawler will usually crawl the page from the cache of the page. But if your website downtime is really long for example 6 hours more, then Google might see Error 502 Bad Gateway on your website. This can drop your website ranking on Google directly, of course you don't want that to happen right?

Fixing 502 Bad Gateway Error Quickly

The 502 Bad Gateway error is usually related to network or server problems. However, this error can also be caused by the client-side issue.  So, we will tell you about some effective ways of fixing 502 Bad Gateway error from the server side and client side.

Reload the Page and Clear Web Browser's Cache

The first step you should try when you get a 502 bad gateway error is waiting for at least one minute and reload or refresh your website page. There is a possibility that a 502 bad gateway error occurred because the server was overloaded and soon, the website will be normal again.  

How to Reload Webpage in Google Chrome - Fixing 502 Bad Gateway
When you wait, you can also try opening another website in order to see if the problem is on the website or not. In addition, you can also check This website will tell you if your website is actually down or there is a problem on the client side. 

If you have reloaded the website page and you still see this error, you can also try to clear the browser cache. If you don't know how to do it, visit this website called to understand how to do it step by step.

Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Google Chrome - Fixing 502 Bad Gateway

DNS (Domain Name System) Issue

The 502 Bad Gateway Error can also occur due to an issue with DNS. For example, the domain does not resolve the correct IP Address. If you have just migrated your WordPress website to a new hosting, you need to wait for at least 24 hours to ensure that the migration runs smoothly. This depends on the TTL value of your DNS. You can also try clearing your local DNS cache. The way the local DNS cache works is similar to the browser cache. In Windows, you only need to open a command prompt and enter the following code: ipconfig / flushdns. If that works, you will get a message "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache", as shown below:

Clear the DNS Cache via CMD - Fixing 502 Bad Gateway
For Mac users, you can enter the following code into your Mac terminal: dscacheutil -flushcache. After that, you won't see any messages afterward. You can also temporarily change your DNS server. By default, the DNS server will be automatically selected by your ISP or internet provider, but you can temporarily change the DNS server to the public DNS server.

Hosting Issue

One of the main reasons why we get a 502 Bad Gateway error message is because of an issue with the website hosting. Sometimes queries, scripts, or requests will take longer than usual, and then the request is canceled or turned off by the server. Most hosting (especially shared hosting) implements a "Kill Script" system. Basically, Kill Script is a system where they will stop requests after some time so this request won't affect other hosting users.

Disable The CDN (Content Delivery Network) For A Moment

502 Bad Gateway Error in Cloudflare Websites - Fixing 502 Bad Gateway
A 502 Bad Gateway error can also occur due to a problem with the CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you use a third-party CDN provider, one way to fix 502 Bad Gateway errors quickly is by disabling the CDN for a moment. You can log in to your website via SFTP and rename the plugin folder to cdn-enable_old. This way, you can temporarily turn off the CDN connection, and don't forget to enable it afterward.

Extra Firewall or DDoS Attack Protection from Web Hosting Provider

Besides some of the causes above, the 502 Bad Gateway error can also occur if the web hosting service provider that you are using provides protection from DDoS attack and proxy services as well as those owned by Cloudflare because they do have extra firewalls. Error 502 often appears on the free Cloudflare service. Unfortunately, because Cloudflare is a full proxy service, it's not easy for you to turn it off.

Check Your WordPress Website's Plugins and Themes

In most cases, the reason for the scripts and queries cancellation by the server is because of bad code on your WordPress website. This bad code can come from plugins or third party themes. In addition, there are also some cases where there is a misconfiguration of the plugin caching which eventually causes 502 bad gateway error.

The most effective way you can do to fix this problem is to disable the plugin or change the theme of your website. Remember, you won't lose important data on your website by just deactivating the plugin. If you can still access your admin panel, the way to disable the plugin is to go to the Plugins option and then click Deactivate from the Bulk Actions menu. That way, all plugins on your WordPress website will automatically be deactivated. If this can fix the 502 Bad Gateway error, then the next step is to find out which plugin caused this error, by trying to activate the plugin one by one while reloading your website after each plugin activation. When you see the message 502 bad gateway error appears, it means that you have found which plugin caused error 502. Then you can ask for help from the developer plugin to resolve the problem or post a support ticket in the WordPress repository. It's easy, right?

Deactivate All Wordpress Plugins - Fixing 502 Bad Gateway
If you can't access your admin panel, you can enter your FTP and rename your plugin folder to plugins_old. After that, try checking the website again. If this method works, it means you only have to find out which plugin causes 502 Bad Gateway error, by renaming the plugin folder one by one while reloading the website to see which plugins are problematic. It's kind of the same thing.

As you can see, there are some effective ways of fixing 502 bad gateway error. Usually, this error occurs not because of issues on the client side, but rather related to issues on hosting and websites, the bad code from third-party plugins and themes, or queries that are not optimized. If you still have questions or want to share other ways that are also effective in fixing 502 bad gateway errors that might have been missed in this article, leave it in the comments column below!

10 Most Affordable Ways to Build a House

Most Affordable Way to Build a House Building a house is everyone's dream. Especially for couples who have just been married, then owning a house is like a dream that must be realized. A house is a place for you to rest and also becomes a place to be relaxed after a day's work or to spend your time with family. We understand that building a house is a complex thing and requires a lot of money.  According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to build a house in the USA is about $290,574. However, there are always the other alternative ways to do everything, including building a house. Just ask some architects about the most affordable way to build a house, then they will say that they can design and build a house with an affordable price. Without further ado, let's talk about the affordable ways to build a house:

Create a House Plans

Creating House Plans - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
As a first step to build a house, plan the construction of your house, starting from the budget, house size, house design, and target time for the construction. This plan will later function as a control over the possibility of unexpected things happening during the house-building process.

If the implementation of house construction deviates from the original plan, it will certainly affect the costs that must be spent. For example, the delay in construction time will certainly add costs to construction workers. Therefore, choose a construction worker or professional contractor who is truly an expert in his field, so that he is able to work on the construction of the house in accordance with what has been planned.

Choose The Minimalist House Design

Minimalist House Design - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
Choosing the right design of a house is certainly important in the initial step of building an affordable house. The house design that you want will certainly affect your budget too. Choose a house design that isn't too complicated, in order to reduce the costs that you have to spend. Because it will be a big loss for you if the construction is already started and then suddenly you intend to change the design of your house.

A house with a minimalist design is currently becoming a trend both for the development of public housing or independent construction. This house design is considered more efficient in building materials usage but still look modern and luxurious. In accordance with its minimalist design, this type of house saves more spaces so it doesn't use much building material. To create or find a minimalist house design, you don't have to spend more money to hire an architect service, instead, you can browse on the internet to get house design that you want for free like this one.

Planning A House Building Budget

Planning A House Building Budget - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
The second step of building a house in an affordable way is by planning your budget first before you spend your money to buy building materials. If you do this, you can estimate how much money you need to build your house. Although maybe later it won't be exactly the same as what happened during the construction phase, at least you already have an idea of how much money you need.

These are some things you need to pay attention when you're planning a house building budget: house design cost, construction worker cost, construction equipment, architectural service cost, building permits cost, electrical installations, water installations, and also the sewerage.  Just so you know, we found this interesting website called CostToBuild where you can calculate the house building budget easily, just try it! After calculating the budget, then you can find ideas or plans from where you can get the money you will spend.

Choosing Land

Land for House - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
It's a good thing if you choose land that is usually found in the inner housing area. There are several types of land where each type has some benefits. However, there are some things that need to be considered before you buy land to build an affordable house, such as the history of the land before it is sold. Avoid buying land that was once a former area as below:
  • Former landfill or dumping ground
  • Former cemetery
  • Former worship place (church)
And a few things that you need to pay attention to next are the facilities that are on the land that you will buy. For example clean water facilities, air conditions, and places of worship. An expensive land can be seen by its terms of security. If you choose to buy land in a residential area, there is usually a security guard facility.
Regarding land's age. If you buy land that is too young, then the price will usually be more expensive. However, don't buy a land that is too old, because usually, the land doesn't sell due to some environmental factors. Therefore, buy the middle age land to get the highest quality.

Using Architectural Services

Architect Working - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
This action does make you have to pay more. However, there are things you must know if you use architectural services: The construction design made by the architect will avoid mistakes that may arise. Trivial mistakes or even unnecessary errors can cost you more. So, there is nothing wrong if you discuss the design of the house you want with a professional architect.

The architect's knowledge and experience will certainly help you a lot. In addition, the construction of a house will always be supervised by the architect you trust. So, you can still do your activities without worrying about the ongoing process of building your house. You really have to think carefully about what you need to build a house with the design you want.

Planning Building Materials Budget

The higher the price of building materials is one of the factors that must be considered carefully. Not a few people postponed the construction of their homes because the price of building materials was too expensive. Well, so that the total budget can be estimated, then do research on the price of building materials.

Planning Building Materials Budget - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
You need to know that not all high-quality building materials are expensive. There are also quality building materials but the price is still affordable. There is no harm in asking those who are experienced in the matter of waking up building a house. This way, you can get cheap building materials with high quality.

In addition, you can also compare prices of building materials from one store to another because they do not always sell building materials at the same price. You don't need to feel embarrassed to ask questions in some building shops, such as the prices of cement, sand, brick, iron, and so on. If you find a discount, don't hesitate to buy it (but think about the quality of the building material too). Because it is very good to save your costs. This step is very important in this most affordable way to build a house.

Find Skilled Construction Workers 

Skilled Construction Workers - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
In the house-building process, you certainly need the services of construction workers. It is they who will use all building materials and present the end result in the form of a high-quality house. Their role is very important, no wonder if the cost of paying for their services confiscates a sizeable portion of the prepared budget plan.

Therefore, you must be selective in choosing construction workers. Choose construction workers who are truly experts in their fields and have a good work reputation. This is important because whether or not the performance of construction workers will affect the efficiency of the house construction process and the quality of the house itself.

Try asking those who are experienced in finding construction workers services about construction workers with good performance but not asking for expensive fees. Not only that, but you must also inform the building construction workers about the dateline construction.

Build A Multifunctional Room

Multifunctional Room - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
A house that has many rooms tends to cost more because it requires more building materials. To overcome that problem, just build a multifunctional room. For example, build a living room that also functions as a family room, or a kitchen that also functions as a dining room. These are some ideas for creating smart multifunction rooms. Building a multifunctional room is in accordance with the main idea of a minimalist type of home design, which doesn't require a lot of room, so it is more efficient in using building materials.

Build Your House Step by Step

Building a House Step by Step - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
To build your own house, basically, you don't have to wait until your money is able to cover all the parts of the building material. You can start building it step by step. Starting from the house foundation, building process, and installing the roof. You can start doing it by adjusting to the budget you have. Indeed, this process can take a longer time to be done, but it provides an opportunity for you to focus more on each stage, and the money you spent can be more organized and easily monitored.

Choosing Roof Material

Types of Roofing Materials - Most Affordable Way to Build a House
This one is often underestimated by most people. They often ignore what materials are used as house's roof. Many types of roofs can be used when building a house, such as a tile, asbestos, and others. To save your budget, you can use asbestos roofs. If you use it, you don't need to spend a large amount of money compared to using tile. Because the few zinc usage will save you more costs.

That's it! Remember, when you have a plan to build a house, keep in your mind that these most affordable ways to build a house are very effective tips and also will save your money more so you can use that money in other needs instead.

Hope this article helpful and don't forget to share so your family or friends can build their own house in an affordable way. Thanks!

15+ Free Scariest Horror Games for Android

Free Scariest Horror Games for Android - Have you ever felt scared of something? Like ghost? Or a monster? Well, humans do have a fear of some things they have ever encountered (or haven't), however, it would be a good thing if you were able to fight that fear and become a more daring person! An easy and fun first step to fight that fear is to play a horror game on your Android. Actually, there are lots of free horror games available on the Play Store, but specifically on this day, Lifestyle Nowadays will tell you about the only scariest horror games for Android.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's - Scariest Horror Games for Android
The first Horror Game for Android is Five Nights at Freddy's. This game is a horror game created by Scott Cawthon. In the gameplay, you will work as a CCTV supervisor at Freddy's Pizza office, your job here is to observe CCTV and make sure all the places in the office are safe. On the first night, not much will happen, but on the second night, you will begin to find a lot of anomaly in every room. Like moving objects, strange noises, blurry CCTV cameras, etc.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Scariest Horror Games for Android
In the second sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's, you will find many strange things. In the gameplay, you will still be a CCTV supervisor but you will find things that will make your body goosebumps. Because you will be assigned to guard the animatronic puppets that are damaged and move on their own when midnight arrives. And the only thing that can protect you is hiding inside doll costumes and pretending to be one of them. It's kinda scary, isn't it?

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is the last sequel to the Five Nights at Freddy's horror game trilogy on Android. In this third sequel, you will keep Freddy's Shop that is outdated and unused. And you must supervise robotic dolls that are damaged for 12 hours. And in this game, you will be bothered a lot by ghosts and the curious spirits of Freddy's inhabitants who are very frightening.

Horror Hospital 2

Horror Hospital 2 - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Are you ready to face the most terrifying fear in a game? Horror Hospital 2 is a game that will take you to the haunted hospital that contains paranormal activities and death spirits that bother you in every step. A tense Horror Adventure awaits you in this hospital, so solve the mystery and defeat your fear!

Asylum (Horror Game)

Asylum (Horror Game) - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Asylum (Horror game) is a Horror adventure game based on story selection. So, the game's storyline depends on the choice of the player itself. For example, when you are given several choices in answering the questions in the game, the storyline of this game will run according to the answer you choose! Of course, a wrong choice will actually lead you to more terrible things.

The Fear: Creepy Scream House

The Fear: Creepy Scream House - Scariest Horror Games for Android
The Fear: Creepy Scream House is a game made by Boomerang Games. This game tells about the life of a family where you will act as the head of the household. Then suddenly everything starts to get weird. An unknown person starts to follow you on your way home, your family tells you that they are under threat, and you must immediately go home and see if your wife and child are okay. So don't let your fear defeat you and get home immediately before everything it's too late!

The Fear 2: Creepy Scream House

The Fear 2: Creepy Scream House - Scariest Horror Games for Android
The next free horror game is a game that tells the continuation of The Fear: Creepy Scream House, namely The Fear 2. In this game, everything is a nightmare and it all starts when you play it. It's time to face your fears. What will you do when the devil has kidnapped your family? Can you save them? Be careful, this won't be easy, you must deal with the evilest devil. Are you ready for this scary adventure? A game that is more frightening than this first series has been downloaded by millions of people. You must download it right now!

Sinister Edge - 3D Horror Game

Sinister Edge 3D - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Sinister Edge is a 3D horror game that will take you to endless despair! Let yourself drown into an impenetrable experience of reprehensible terror that you will never forget! By combining the mechanism of horror games with complicated adventures, Sinister Edge offers a unique experience that will scare the hell out of you.

Identity V

Identity V - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Join a Thrilling Party! Welcome to Identity V, the first asymmetrical horror game developed by NetEase. With Gothic style, mysterious storylines, and interesting 1 vs 4 gameplay, Identity V, which is one of the best horror games for Android in 2018 will give you an amazing experience.

Forest 2

Forest 2 - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Forest 2 is a remake of the first game made by Develobster in 2012. This remake game provides new AI (Artificial Intelligence) engines, improved graphics, better controls, and more content. In this horror game for Android, you will be in a forest and haunted by ghosts, but keep in mind that ghosts in white with long black hair are far more aggressive than other ghosts. Your main task is to run away from them and finally find a way to dispel the ghosts to find you.

Slendrina: The Cellar (Free)

Slendrina - Scariest Horror Games for Android
If you like Slender Man, maybe you will like this horror game, Slendrina: The Cellar (Free). Similar to the Slender Man horror story, Slendrina became more aggressive than before and she felt resentful if someone bothered her in her territory. She will do anything to stop you from leaving the area. You will be shocked by her sudden and unexpected arrival.

Download Slendrina: The Cellar (Free) via Google Play Store

Slendrina: The Cellar 2

Slendrina: The Cellar 2 - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Your adventure to find a way out of the territory of Slendrina is still not finished! Now Slendrina is no longer alone when hunting for you because there will be more ghosts who will drive you when you try to get out of an old house. In this game, you are asked to find 8 old books located in different places in the basement. There are also keys that you need to open the locked exit.

Download Slendrina: The Cellar 2 via Google Play Store

Horror [REC]

Horror [REC] - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Horror [REC] is a game of hunting unseen creatures. So in this Android horror game, you will act as a Film Maker in charge of looking for ghost sightings using a special camera that can capture unseen things. But when doing your job, your life is also in danger.

Ellie - Help me out, please…

Ellie - Help me out please... - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Ellie - Help me out, please... is a free horror mystery puzzle game for Android! This game challenges you to help Ellie find a way out of an old house. Can you find a way out? You must coordinate with Ellie to find and use items that solve puzzles that will help her to escape. You can also find hidden secrets in this horror game.

Five Nights at Horror Island

Five Nights at Horror Island - Scariest Horror Games for Android
Welcome to the haunted forest! In this game, you get lost on a mysterious island, and during your search for your way out, you must do your best to stay alive in this mysterious and dangerous place! You must use all your survival skills and knowledge to be ready to face various challenges. All you need to do is to stay alive as long as possible and find all the secrets that this place is hiding.

These are our free scariest Android horror games list. If you're brave enough, you should play them all cause they will boost your adrenaline and good for your health. If you think that we miss the other horror games on our list, you should tell us by writing a comment down below!

Top 15 Most Delicious Typical Foods in France

France is a country known for its romantic and elegant nuances, starting from tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Arc de Triomphe, to the fashion culture that is actually the main highlight in the world. But, there is also a French thing that is actually very interesting to be reviewed, it's the typical foods in France. Besides explaining those foods, we're also going to explain the traditional French food culture. Hmm, are you starting to be curious about what are those delicious French typical foods? Here are the top 15 most delicious typical foods in France:


Crepes - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Let's start our journey of exploring tasty French typical foods with Crepes. Basically, Crepes is the French typical thin pancake. These foods can be given any toppings such as cream, strawberries, ham, and cheese. Although these foods are now easy to find anywhere, crepes are one of the foods that must be tried when you are on vacation or just visiting France. Crepes have a delicious and edible flavor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Baguette - Delicious Typical Foods in France
For French people, the most delicious food is Baguette which just comes out of the oven. Baguette is one of the most popular types of French bread in the world. This bread has a long size and the texture is very crisp. The standard diameter of Baguette is approximately 5 or 6 cm. The longest Baguette can reach 1 meter. The world record of longest Baguette measures 122.40 m (401 ft 7 in)! You can read it more here. When you are in France, you will see many French people carrying this bread on various occasions. Oui!

Café au lait

Café au lait - Delicious Typical Foods in France
One of the most famous types of French coffee is Café au lait. The popularity of coffee is very high and can easily get this coffee in various cafes around the world. Café au lait is made by mixing thick black coffee with hot milk. The ratio of milk and coffee in Café au lait is 1: 1 so the taste of coffee is not too bitter.

The appearance of Café au lait is almost the same as Caffé latte, the difference is that Café au lait does not use espresso mixes but black coffee. Actually, there's an article that explains the differences between Café au lait with Cappuccino, Latte, and Machiatto. Café au lait is processed by filtering ground coffee together with chicory, a plant whose roots can be burned. After that, coffee is filtered with cotton cloth, then mixed with milk. Usually, French people drink Café au lait at breakfast.


Escargot - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Escargot is a famous French food that uses snail base ingredients. Snails may not be a delicious food for many people, but if cooked properly, snails can be cooked into a very delicious food. Do you know that snail meat is very rich in protein, vitamin B2, and contains amino acids that are good for your body? Snail meat has been widely consumed in various countries such as Japan and China, they use to cook it with ginger, vinegar, and soy sauce. Escargot is usually cooked with butter and garlic which makes it taste really good. Wanna try this cooked snail?

Click here for Escargot recipe.


Fromage - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Fromage, in French means cheese. France has hundreds of different types of cheese with different flavors. You can experiment with ordering various types of French cheese to find what really suits your taste. Cheese in France is usually served after the main course. In general, French cheese consists of hard-pressed cheese, soft cheese, and blue cheese. Usually, Fromage is enjoyed with a glass of wine so that its delicacy will be much better. Classy, isn't it?


Bouillabaisse - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Bouillabaisse is a typical French food with basic ingredients of fish served with soup. This food originally came from ancient Greece. Bouillabaisse was first consumed by anglers in Goudes, in the city of Marseille. This food is one of the most typical French food sought by fans of traditional culinary in France. Fish which is usually served separately along with rouille sauce and toast can be added to the soup so that it can add to the taste of Bouillabaisse. Wanna try to make one? Read about Bouillabaisse recipe here.


Gaufres with Fruit - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Gaufres is one of the most popular street food in France. This food is similar to Belgian waffles served with chocolate jam and powdered sugar as a topping. Gaufres prices are very affordable and easily found on the streets of various cities in France. Eating Gaufres while walking in France under the moonlight with your beloved one can be a romantic memory in your life.

Foie gras

Foie gras - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Foie gras is made from the liver of a duck or goose and is one of the most delicious foods in France ever. Foie gras may not be very popular in your country, but, this food has an important role in European culinary history and French food culture, especially in France, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Foie gras is the oldest food in Europe. Bulgarians have been cooking it since 2000 years ago. Foie gras is a food that you must try if you are in a French restaurant even though its price is quite expensive.

Pain au chocolat

Pain au chocolat - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Pain au chocolat is the next food in our most delicious typical foods in French list. If you like chocolate, butter, and croissants, Pain au chocolat is a French food that suits you. Pain au chocolat is a sweet roll bread consisting of layers of yeast dough with one or two pieces of chocolate in the middle. Pain au chocolat is made from a layered dough that is similar to a croissant. These foods are usually sold while warm from the oven and sold with croissants in various shops in France.


Croissant - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Croissants are one of the most popular French bread in the world. The word "Croissant" in French means the crescent, according to the form of this bread. Croissant bread can be obtained easily at bakeries, supermarkets, and star hotels. This type of bread is very diverse such as cheese croissants, chocolate croissants, almond croissants, and sandwich croissants. Croissants are also very easy to find in other countries, but original French croissants have a distinctive taste with very tasty butter.

Soupe à l'oignon

Soupe à l'oignon - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Soupe à l'oignon, which in French means French onion soup, is a traditional French food in the form of soup made from onions and beef broth. This food is usually served with croutons and cheese on top. Soupe à l'oignon began to be cooked since Roman times and was very popular for serving French noble families in the 18th century. The extraordinary taste of this soup arises because of the caramelization process.


Wine - Delicious Typical Foods in France
France is a country that is very rich in natural products in the form of wine so that wine production in this country is very high. In France, there are various types of wine such as red wine, white wine, and champagne. Wine is usually enjoyed with cheese and can enrich the taste of the cuisine that is being enjoyed. Wine can make your body temperature warmer in cold weather.

Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Boeuf Bourguignon is a tasty traditional French food in the form of soup made from boiled beef in red wine and beef broth. This food is cooked with garlic, onions, fresh herbs, and mushrooms. Boeuf Bourguignon is one of the traditional French dishes that you must try. Wanna try to make it yourself? Follow this recipe.


Flamiche - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Flamiche is a traditional cake from Northern France near the Belgian border. Basically, Flamiche is a pie filled with cheese and vegetables. According to classic recipes in France, stuffing pies are made from leeks.

Confit de Canard

Confit de Canard (Duck feet) - Delicious Typical Foods in France
Confit de Canard is delicious French food with the main ingredients of duck feet. The process of cooking the meat can reach 36 hours. The way to cook Confit de Canard is to mix duck meat with salt, garlic, and thyme which is marinated for more than one day so the aroma can absorb into the meat. After that, duck meat is usually fried or baked until cooked. Confit de Canard is served with roasted potatoes and garlic by its side. If you're in France, you can eat Confit de Canard in here.

These delicious French typical foods are very interesting to try, before reading this article, you may not know that one of those dishes is made from a snail and duck feet, France has its own uniqueness in cuisine and culinary things. You probably should save this food list so you can eat all of them when you're in France. Au revoir!
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