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4 Powerful Tips to Deal with Toxic People

4 Powerful Tips to Deal with Toxic People - Toxic people are people who always impose their will on you. They usually manipulate yourself to do whatever they want, whatever. This will obviously hurt you. Especially if you are surrounded by lots of toxic people like that. Imagine how stressful it is to deal with them.

Besides making our lives less productive, there are many other losses caused by toxic people. As freedom of life decreases because they always put 'claws' in your life. You become less free in living life. Surely you don't want it to happen right? So, here are the 4 powerful tips to deal with toxic people:

Never Ask for Advice from Them

Never Ask for Advice from Them - Powerful Tips to Deal with Toxic People

Toxic people don't want to see you succeed and exceed them in all fields. There is always a trick of them to drop you to pieces. They only pretend to be good in front of you.

If you ask for advice from them, don't expect them to give you the best advice. They will direct you in the opposite direction. In this case, this will be dangerous for your career and your future!

Stay Away from Them as Fas as Possible

Stay Away from Them as Fas as Possible - Powerful Tips to Deal with Toxic People

Toxic people are supposed to be shunned. Their presence in your life is not beneficial to you at all, but instead, they harm you. If you want to live happily you should not hang out and spend time with them.

Toxic people will usually be present if you are happy, inversely if you are in trouble and need help, they will disappear without a trace. You certainly don't want to have friends like them who only accompany you when you're happy? So from now on, you have to stay away from them as far as possible.

Don't Tell Them Your Secret and Weakness

Don't Tell Them Your Secret and Weakness - Powerful Tips to Deal with Toxic People

You must be smart to choose trusted people to share secrets. Because not everyone can take care of their mouths to spread your secrets to others. Toxic people will obviously spread your secret because their main goal is to drop you. Instead of venturing personal problems to them better you confide in your closest people such as your parents, siblings, or your spouse.

You already know that they will look for 1001 ways to make you feel unhappy. So don't let you let them know about your weaknesses. Because this will make it easy for them to destroy you and exploit you. Don't let this happen, okay?

Dare to Say No

Say No - Powerful Tips to Deal with Toxic People

Sometimes toxic people tell you to do all the activities they want. Usually, if you refuse they won't hesitate to scold you. Therefore, you always agree to their wishes.

Stop it! Don't be like this! You must be able to distinguish what you have to do and what you should not do. You must dare to refuse all requests that don't make sense to you. Say 'No' if you feel it's not good for you. Don't let you regret it later because you always say 'Yes' to things that actually hurt you.

These are the 4 powerful tips to deal with toxic people. Toxic people are the worst kind of people, they are happy if you're not happy, they love to see others broke or fail. If you have experienced dealing with toxic people, apply these 4 tips to get rid of them ever.

6 Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc Vietnam

6 Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc Vietnam - In recent years, Vietnam offers many tourist destinations that are attractive to tourists throughout the world. Besides Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam which has hundreds of temples and pagodas, there is also Ho Chi Minh which is nicknamed the Paris-style place. Nha Trang, with its longest cable car across the sea. Hue, which is one of the historic cities, and Phu Quoc, which is the largest island in Vietnam even though it isn't as popular as other destinations.

Phu Quoc is a tropical island paradise located in southern Vietnam. At this island, you will find perfect natural beauty, like lush green trees and beautiful beaches. To be able to visit Phu Quoc, you can travel 50 minutes by plane from Ho Chi Minh.

About the place where you will stay later, you will be given lots of choices for cheap hotels to luxury resorts. So, for those of you who prefer accommodation with number one services, here are the recommendations of 6 best resorts near beach in Phu Quoc Vietnam:

Sol Beach House

Sol Beach House - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

Sol Beach House is just 2 minutes from Troung Beach on Phu Quoc Island and is located in a beautiful tropical garden. Facilities offered by Sol Beach House are a private beach area on Duong To beach, an outdoor swimming pool equipped with beautiful sun terrace, spa, free airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi in all resort areas, free public parking, and various international dishes.

Each room is equipped with 5-star hotel furniture and features a private balcony overlooking the garden, sea and swimming pool.

Nam Nghi Resort

Nam Nghi Resort - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

The specialty of this 5-star resort is located on the edge of the exclusive Mong Tay peninsula, a beautiful private white sand beach area, lush green forests, and its strategic location close to Duong Dong city. Other facilities owned by Nam Nghi Island are a beautiful outdoor swimming pool adjacent to the restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped sauna and spa, fitness center, nightclub, bicycle rental and close to the golf course.

The rooms are spacious with pastel color paint and naturally, it makes this resort is a very comfortable place to rest. The interior design is also very classy. Each room is equipped with a private balcony, bathtub, sofa, beautiful carpet and overlooking the garden or sea.

Eden Resort

Eden Resort - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

The luxury of Eden Resort is undoubtedly is the best facilities that this resort can provide. There are several advantages if you stay at Eden Resort: It only takes 1 minute to walk to the beach and 5 minutes to Phu Quoc airport by driving, free airport shuttle and free Wi-Fi throughout the beautiful garden inside the Resort.

The room was quite spacious with wooden furniture that added to your comfort while relaxing in the room while enjoying the sea breeze.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa

Vinpearl Resort & Spa - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Resort & Spa offers modern, luxurious and pleasant accommodation, with free Wi-Fi access throughout the area. This resort is only 1 minute from the beach and provides facilities for an outdoor swimming pool, private beach area, spa, karaoke, 3 restaurants that provide local & international cuisine, and shuttle buses to nearby attractions, such as Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari, and Vinpearl Golf.

Each room is designed with modern, unique and creative architecture with very classy furniture and equipped with a private balcony and bathtub. The room types also vary with views overlooking the garden, sea, mountains and swimming pool. It's great, isn't it?

Cassia Cottage

Cassia Cottage - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

This resort has a premium classy style! The distance from Phu Quoc Airport to Cassia Cottage by driving is only about 10 minutes and it makes Cassia Cottage is a premium resort that attracts many tourists. Cassia Cottage provides super luxury services, such as 130 m private beach area, 3 swimming pools, lush tropical gardens and neatly arranged, indoor and outdoor restaurants with local and international dishes, free Wi-Fi, and location close to the night market Duong Dong Town.

The choice of room types also varies. There is a 'modern' type on the 2nd floor so you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, this room contains comfortable wooden furniture and there is a 'heritage' type with views overlooking the garden, sea and swimming pool.

The Shells Resort & Spa

The Shells Resort & Spa - Best Resorts Near Beach in Phu Quoc

The Shells Resort & Spa has first class service. The resort is located along the edge of the city of Duong Dong (the largest city in Phu Quoc) equipped with a large outdoor swimming pool, private beach area, fitness center, Free Wi-Fi throughout the building, strategic location and spa/sauna. With spacious rooms, tiled floors, equipped with private balconies and beautiful interior design, making the rooms at The Shells Resort & Spa truly feel luxurious.

So, don't worry about the place where you'll rest if you have a plan to go on vacation to Phu Quoc, cause these 6 best resorts near the beach in Phu Quoc, Vietnam will solve your problem.

Top 10 Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece

Top 10 Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - What things should be done when you visit other countries? That's right, you must try a variety of typical foods in the country you are visiting. Eating a variety of delicious typical foods will certainly make you feel happier when you travel abroad.

Greece is one of the countries in Europe that is often visited by foreign tourists for vacation. Besides being famous for its various mythologies, Greece turned out to be so famous for its variety of typical foods that were truly delicious! In addition to its delicious taste, the appeal of food in Greece is the foods unique names. What are these Greek typical foods? Here are 10 most delicious typical foods in Greece:


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Moussaka

Moussaka has a shape that is similar to Lasagna. In general, Lasagna is a pasta that contains beef, pasta sauce, and can also be mixed with cheese. However, Moussaka has a unique content compared to Lasagna. Moussaka is a baked pasta that contains eggplant, minced beef, and potato slices on the bottom. Moussaka is also mixed with tomato sauce and topping of cheese. 

It's delicious, unique, and exotic! You certainly have never felt or even imagined the taste of roasted eggplants mixed with tomato sauce and cheese, right? It's unique, delicious, and of course, now Moussaka has succeeded in making you tempted to try it!

Greek Salad

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Greek Salad

This appetizer is certainly well known in various parts of the world. This Greek salad is made from large pieces of tomatoes, carrot slices, cucumber slices, and others. What distinguishes Greek salad with other salads is the Greek salad mixed with an olive oil and sprinkled with Feta cheese and Parsley. Hmm, how fresh this salad is!

Feta Cheese

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a typical Greek cheese made from sheep's milk. Feta cheese has a very salty taste because making feta cheese is soaked in a salt solution for some time. Besides its very salty taste, feta cheese also has a hard texture but the taste is very tasty. In addition, generally, feta cheese is white or whitish yellow. Feta cheese is usually used as a mixture or sprinkling on a variety of Greek specialties. This original Greek cheese has been made since around the 8th century to the 6th century BC.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Spanakopita

This food is at a glance shaped like a Martabak (a food in Indonesia). Spanakopita is made from pan-fried spinach along with eggs and spices. After sautéing, the mixture of spinach and eggs is wrapped with Phyllo pastry. Then, Spanakopita is served with soft and savory Feta cheese, and sauce which is a blend of lemon, onion, chili, and peppers. How delicious, of course, eating Spanakopita is still warm. Curious about the taste? Please try it for yourself in Greece!

Pita Bread

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Pita Beard

Pita Bread can be categorized as a staple food in Greece. Pita bread made from flour that is not given yeast as bread in other countries. Therefore, you will feel very full after eating this bread. In addition, the taste of pita bread is very bland. Because of its taste, Pita bread is usually eaten with various foods or other dishes, such as Souvlaki and Tzaziki.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Souvlaki

Souvlaki is one of the delicious Greek typical food. Souvlaki is very easy to find because it is sold in many shops, restaurants, and can be found in almost all roads in Greece. This food has a shape like a Satay. Generally, Souvlaki is made from chicken, goat, beef, or shrimp, sumi, mushrooms, and cheese. In addition, Souvlaki is served directly on a plate as usual or can be used as a sandwich.

Souvlaki served on a plate is generally served together with french fries, mushrooms, cheese, and various other desired foods. Souvlaki, like this, is more expensive than Souvlaki sandwich. Meanwhile, Souvlaki, who was served in the form of sandwiches, was usually wrapped in Pita bread and added with a little fries.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Tzaziki

Tzaziki is a Greek salad that is white and shaped like a thick cream sauce. Tzaziki is made from Greek yogurt mixed with pieces of onion, oregano, cucumber, and olive oil. This food is usually eaten with pita bread by applying it on the Pita bread pieces. Tzaziki makes the Pita bread pieces have a fresher taste and, of course, tastier! The uniqueness and delicacy of Tzaziki make it one of the must-try typical food in Greece.

Grilled Seafood in Greece

Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Grilled Seafood

Grilled seafood is probably a food that is familiar to our ears (and our tongue). However, this grilled seafood is different from other grilled seafood because it has its own uniqueness. Grilled seafood in Greece made from a variety of fish and other fresh meat from the sea is burned and then smeared with olive oil and given lime juice. The taste is very tasty and fresh. This Greek grilled seafood will probably be the most delicious seafood you have ever eaten.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Kourabiedes

This typical Greek food does have a unique name. Kourabiedes are made from a mixture of flour, butter, and baked almonds. Kourabiedes is served simply with sugar sprinkled on it. The taste is certainly sweet and delicious. Kourabiedes is certainly very suitable for sweet food lovers.


Most Delicious Typical Foods in Greece - Amygdalota

Anyone who loves sweet foods will also like Amygdalota. This food is also known as Pasteli and has been popular in various regions in Greece. Amygdalota is made from a mixture of white almond flour, sugar and rose water made into various forms. This sweet food is white like snow and is generally served at weddings and baptisms.

These are the top 10 most delicious typical foods in Greece. Don't miss the chance to eat them all when you're going to Greece for a vacation, cause they have a delicious and unique taste!

5 Effective Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

5 Effective Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others - Since social media has become part of our lives, the gaps and habits of comparing ourselves with others are developing as well. It starts with the tendency of people to share their stories and life journey on social media with a variety of motivations. Some aim to show off, others just want to save their beautiful memory on social media.

Everyone also sees and responds to these posts from their various perspectives, either positive or negative. However, we already understand that comparing life with others has a bad impact on yourself. Here are effective ways to stop comparing yourself to others:

Take a Break from Social Media

Take a Break from Social Media

The first thing that can make you stop comparing yourself to others is by taking a break from social media. Log out or uninstall your social media, if you do that, then there is no temptation to see your friends or even celebrity posts. If you have free time, it's better to chat with relatives or friends than to look at endless cellphone notifications. That way, you will focus more on your own life.

Start a Project and Work on it by Yourself

Start a Project and Work on it by Yourself

At first, make sure you work on the project yourself without the help of others. Personal projects can be anything. Like solo traveling or writing books and so on. In essence, you have to do useful things that you really like and can make you happy.

By working on a personal project, you will know yourself more, especially about your weaknesses and strengths that you can improve and develop. You will also be more independent and appreciate the help of others in the future.

Throw Away "Others are Competitors" Mindset

Throw Away "Others are Competitors" Mindset

This life is often perceived as a competition and other people are competitors for us. However, actually the world will be more beautiful if you want to embrace and make friends with others. Instead of competing, we can instead make other people a source of inspiration, colleagues, business partners, friends, and anything positive.

If what happens is the opposite, for example, there are people who consider you as a rival, just respond to them with a smile. No need to repay evil with bad things, right?

Sharing Knowledge is Better than Sharing Achievement

Sharing Knowledge is Better than Sharing Achievement

Don't use social media to share all your achievements, because it makes people jealous because they don't understand how hard your struggle is. We know that sometimes sharing achievements can have a positive impact on others if they capture the positive side, however, it would be better if you share knowledge more often.

Sharing knowledge will help many people and certainly make your feelings more relieved.

Focus on Things that Make You Happy

Focus on Things that Make You Happy

The last effective way to stop comparing yourself to others is to focus on things that make you happy. Just try writing down all of the things that can make you happy. Maybe some of them are related to positive hobbies and good people to you. So, spend your time more with people who make you a better person and do things you are interested in.

Being productive every day will also bring happiness and satisfaction to yourself. So just focus on your own tasks and your own life, rather than swap and scroll on social media all day long.

These are effective ways to stop comparing yourself to others. Remember, you are a great person with a great personality, don't waste your time by looking at people's achievements. Just love what you do and focus on it. 

10 Apps To Become More Fashionable Instantly

10 Apps To Become More Fashionable Instantly - Do you often feel confused about the "mix and match outfit" thing so you'll look chic and stunning? If you do, then you must download these apps to become more fashionable and more stylish instantly. These apps will guide you on how to dress well and lots of fashion tips & tricks. So, what are those 10 apps to become more fashionable instantly? Check them out!


My Dressing - Fashion Closet

My Dressing - Fashion Closet is also a very interesting app to make you become more fashionable. If you have a large collection of clothing models from brands A to Z, then try to use this fashion app. My Dressing allows you to take pictures of your various clothing collections then save them in the app, then you can mix and match using the collection of outfits that you have yourself, your outfit of the day can be a reminder for you and you can also tell your friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter about that. Really cool right?



Lookbook might be a fashion app recommendation that suits you best. Like Instagram, you can also upload your OOTD by registering and creating an account.

Besides that, in Lookbook, you can see the mix and match from various fashion styles, like street style, casual, chic, bohemian, minimalist, edgy, grunge, elegant, sporty and artistic. Super cool!


Fashion In Vogue

For those of you fashion lovers, surely you are no stranger to one of these famous fashion magazines, Vogue. Vogue released Fashion In Vogue which gives a lot of mix and match outfit choices that you can apply in your daily life. Even better, in this app, you can watch Vogue Fashion Week live for free. Very cool!


The Hunt - Style and Shopping

The Hunt is an Android fashion app that has been selected into Editors' Choice in the Play Store. The Hunt is a gathering place for fashion enthusiasts where you can ask questions and answer about styles that are currently popular.

This app will guide you in optimizing any clothing collection you have, even with a simple model. Besides creating a mix and match outfit, you can also ask other The Hunt - Style & Shopping's users about the latest fashion items or their outfit of the day that you may wear tomorrow. So in that way, you can always catch up with the latest trend items and fashion styles.



Stylect app is a fashion app that is devoted to finding a collection of shoes that match your clothes. Starting from high heels, wedges, flat shoes, boots to sneakers all here. In addition to finding what shoes that are suitable for your outfit of the day, you can also find a mix and match outfit in this app.


WEAR - Fashion Lookbook

WEAR - Fashion Lookbook is a fashion app that can make you become more fashionable from the global fashion community where you can find inspiration and become connected with trendsetters. Its search feature will showcase the best collection of items, from jackets, dresses, shoes, bags and much more.


Polyvore Style: Fashion to Buy

The Polyvore Style has been downloaded by more than one million Google Play Store users, making Polyvore's fashion app the main weapon when you are confused about what outfit to use. In this app, you can try mix and match thousands of existing outfits with the 'create a look' feature.

Besides that, you can also find out what are the current fashion trends. You can also buy various outfits here because Polyvore Style is already working with well-known clothing brands.



CoordiSnap is a fashion app from Japan. By using CoordiSnap, you can see people who are always up to date in the world of fashion and they will share photos and ways of dressing that suit you. Not only that, you can even ask or ask advice from CoordiSnap's fashion enthusiast community, whether it's about hairstyles, shopping tips, or choosing the best fashion brand.


Fashion Dresses Ideas

If you are a woman who likes to wear dresses, then Fashion Dresses Ideas is an app that suits you. In this app, there are many kinds of beautiful and charming dresses collection, which can certainly be an inspiration for those of you who are confused about what kind of dress you want to wear.


H&M Fashion App

The last fashion app that can make you more stylish is H&M. H&M is a famous fashion app in the fashion world that has various dresses, outfit, shoes, and bags collection for you. You must give this app a try.

These are the 11 apps to become more fashionable and more stylish instantly. You can keep yourself updated about fashion trends and latest fabulous outfit of the day throughout these 11 fashion apps. Thanks for reading and stay fabulous!

Top 10 Most Delicious Typical Foods in England

Top 10 Most Delicious Typical Foods in England - England is already known as one of the largest countries in Europe. As one of the oldest countries in the world, a country that is well known for its football culture has many things to talk about. One of them is about typical foods in England. The main characteristic of British food is that all the foods processing is so easy. How easy is the processing? Here are the top 10 most delicious typical foods in England.

Parsley Pie

Parsley Pie

This pie is a typical food in London, but many people know that Parsley Pie comes from America. There are 2 types of pie in the world: Meat Pie, and Sweet Pie. In England, meat pies are very popular and people there consider that meat pies come from England. For ingredients, initially, a pie was made from eels, but over time, eels were replaced with beef. This traditional food is often served without sauce and is known as a complementary food of Parsley's non-alcoholic beer.

Roast Meat

Roast Meat

Roast Meats is a delicious food and how to make it is quite easy. Roast Meats are cooked in an oven for more than two hours using basic ingredients of beef ribs, goats, or chicken. This delicious English typical food is often found during the summer, British people often spend time making Roast Meats with their families.

Black Pudding

Black Pudding

Even though this food is called Black Pudding, it doesn't mean it's a pudding, do you start feeling confused? Check out our explanation. Black Pudding is one type of traditional sausage from England. Made from dried pig blood and lard. Many people think that this sausage tastes better if it's made with fresh blood that hasn't clumped.

In general, food lovers like it because of the strong blood taste of this sausage. Black Pudding is a type of food that is easily destroyed and the texture is very smooth, therefore, even though this sausage has been frozen, within a few days, this sausage has been deemed unfit for consumption. This food is often eaten by English people at breakfast. Black Pudding is often served with spicy spices.

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble and Squeak

This food is usually made from frozen meat, potatoes and cabbage, carrots, peas, brussels sprouts, and other vegetables. Cold vegetables and meat are chopped and then fried. Then mixed with mashed potatoes until the meat is cooked and brown. For those of you who prefer vegetables, ingredients made from meat are usually replaced with Tofu.

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

It's not only Switzerland that has typical cheese, England also has its own typical cheese, Cheddar cheese. This name is taken from its place of origin, Cheddar village in Somerset, England. Cheddar cheese is one type of cheese that is very popular in the United Kingdom market. This cheese is a type of Hard Cheese. Cheddar cheese is made from cow's milk. If the cheese is still young, the color is bright yellow and the texture is soft, whereas if the cheese is old, the color will darken and the texture will get harder.

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

As the name implies, this food means a full breakfast in the style of British society. This dish is made in the traditional way and eaten during the morning, although at present, Full English Breakfast is also often served at other meals, such as during lunch or dinner. Full English Breakfast combines several types of fried foods, such as bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, tomatoes and black pudding. For those of you who are vegetarians, don't worry, because there is also a Full English Breakfast menu that is specifically for vegetable lovers. Usually, it contains tofu, mushrooms, salads, nuts, and various other types of vegetables that you can order yourself.

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

Pudding in England, in contrast to other pudding, where the topping used is meat and vegetables. One of the famous ones is Yorkshire Pudding. This pudding is a typical Yorkshire food that is generally eaten at Sunday Lunch. This pudding is usually served with main meals. This is the traditional way of eating pudding and is still common in parts of Yorkshire to this. The sauce is rich in flavor added with slices of roast meat. Besides meat, vegetables with parsley or white sauce are also often served.

This pudding has been a favorite food for British society for centuries. Making Yorkshire Pudding is very simple and traditional: Wheat flour dough, milk, water, and eggs are baked on a stove. But over time, the way to serve this food is varied, one of which is steamed and baked in an oven.



Muffins are a popular British food. We often find muffins at the cake and bakery shop. Muffins are a kind of traditional roll-shaped, round and thin food. The basic ingredients are made from yeast bread dough. The way to eat is quite unique, you must tear the muffin part first and be given a spread of butter and then roasted again. So that the flavor is more varied, the surface is smeared with homemade fruit jam. The main ingredient of muffins is ordinary flour but can be replaced with corn flour. In England, there is a tradition called Afternoon Tea. Muffins are served as the main snack accompanying warm tea. That's why this cake is known as "Tea Cake". During the Victorian era, muffins were sold by street cake sellers.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is a typical British food that is often sought after by foreign tourists. Not only local people like it, but foreign tourists visiting England won't miss the opportunity to taste this delicious culinary. Fish and Chips are foods whose main ingredients are fish and potatoes. The method of processing is fried, although fried, this food has a very soft texture, this is because the fish has been mashed first.

This typical British food was first introduced in England in 1860. The chip has a larger size than ordinary fries so that your stomach is full enough after eating it. Fish that are fried and coated with flour also have a delicious taste. This taste of savory fish and potatoes will certainly make anyone want to eat it again. Moreover, if this food is served with tartar sauce.

Lancashire Hotpot

Lancashire Hotpot

Lancashire Hotpot is a baked dish made from meat, red onions, and potatoes that are baked in a large pan for a day on low heat, making the spices soak into the meat maximally. This food comes from the city of Lancashire, an industrial city in the north-west of England. In England, these foods are served at many parties, because the making is easy for many people and the price is cheap. It is also suitable as snacks when the weather is cold.

These are the top 10 most delicious typical foods in England, so, if you're visiting England for holiday, don't just drink a typical English tea as British society do, cause now you know what are most delicious typical foods in England. Cheerio!

14 Free Games on Play Store as Learning Tools for Kids

14 Free Games on Play Store as Learning Tools for Kids - There are many things that can be used as learning tools for children. Books are not the only learning tool for children, but by playing a game that can be downloaded in the Play Store can also be used as a tool for them to learn and get a lot of useful knowledge. In addition to educating, it is also fun because today's children often play games.

These are best 14 free games on Play Store as learning tools for kids:

1. Endless Alphabet

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Endless Alphabet

ABC letters come alive in this Endless Alphabet game. By displaying more than 100 words, this interactive puzzle game can add knowledge about children's letters and vocabulary. After selecting the alphabet letter, the children will be given certain words with scrambled letters. They only have to put the letters back in the correct position.

Download : Click Here

2. Sago Mini Puppy Preschool

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Sago Mini Puppy Preschool

This game is for toddlers and children. Sago Mini Puppy Preschool has a variety of different topics including numbers, shape recognition, compatibility, and music. Some fun activities with 10 cute puppies to help your child's skills in counting and feeding two dogs while learning color matching. In addition, children can learn to count using more than 15 languages.

Download : Click Here

3. Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens

By featuring 26 fun characters, Thinkrolls combines platformer and puzzle games to help the minds of the children learn and have fun. This application offers 207 different levels of learning with different puzzles. This free game is suitable as a learning tool for kids. All puzzles allow children to experiment with real-world science concepts including gravity, heat, buoyancy, speed, elasticity, friction, and more.

Download : Click Here

4. TinyTap

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - TinyTap

TinyTap is a comprehensive learning series featuring various games and learning content from Oxford University Press. The coolest feature is the ability for children to change ideas so that an educational game can become reality without the need for coding skills. They can also share the results through the application.

Download : Click Here

5. Toca Lab: Plants

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Toca Lab Plants

This game starts with one plant that can be carried out by different experiments to find 35 other characters, each with their own unique personality. There are five different locations to visit with each plant. While learning the basics of botany, children will find plants from five actual groups and even learn the common names and scientific names of those plants in the real world.

Download : Click Here

6. Doctor Kids

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Doctor Kids

Doctor Kids, which can be downloaded from the Play Store, is perfect for children, the gameplay is not too complicated so that children aged 4 to 7 can easily play it. The characters used are friendly to them. On the other hand, children will be more concerned with their health after playing this free game on Play Store as their learning tool.

Download : Click Here

7. My Talking Tom

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - My Talking Tom

A funny cat named Tom in My Talking Tom can be a playmate who is suitable for children, Tom can mimic the voice that is heard to him. Through this game, children can learn how to care for animals. There are also various mini-games in My Talking Tom to entertain your child.

Download : Click Here

8. 150 Animal Sounds

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - 150 Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds is a game created to get to know and know the sounds of 150 animals. Surely this game is definitely very fun for children. In addition, this game is also without advertisements or ad-free which makes children focus and have no interference while playing. This game is also very suitable for children aged 1-5 years.

Download : Click Here

9. Fishing For Kids and Babies

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Fishing for Kids and Babies

Most kids love fishing games. This game invites children to enjoy their time in a very easy gameplay scheme. The graphics were designed to attract children. Game mode can be chosen according to the child's ability, from easy, medium to difficult. Of course, this free game is used as learning tool for kids.

Download : Click Here

10. Newborn Twins Baby Care

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Newborn Twins Baby Care

Newborn Twins Baby Care developed by developers are very suitable for the needs of children, especially girls. This game carries the theme of the birth of a baby which certainly will educate children about the origin of the baby and how to care for it.

When playing these games, parents are encouraged to accompany their children to explain important points about the role of mothers and instill a sense of care for their siblings.

Download : Click Here

11. Cut The Rope

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Cut The Rope

In Cut The Rope that free to download on Play Store, your child will get various benefits, including training so that the smart child can make decisions and develop strategies, by thinking about how to cut the rope at the right moment.

By playing Cut The Rope, the power of patience and utilization of your child's moments will be trained. The final goal in this game is that the candy on top can be eaten by cute green creatures at the bottom.

Download : Click Here

12. Real Cake Maker 3D: Bake, Design, & Decorate

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Real Cake Maker 3D

In Real Cake Maker 3D: Bake, Design, & Decorate, children will be invited to make various kinds of preparations and cake forms such as birthday cakes and various other cakes in this game.  Moreover, with this game, children will be taught how to make a cake in sequence. With this game, your child will be taught how to prepare ingredients and how to decorate the cake. Of course, this free game on Play Store as learning tools for kids will build the creativity of your beloved child.

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13. Fruits and Vegetable for Kids

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - Fruit and Vegetables for Kids

Fruits and Vegetable for Kids is a children's Android game that can improve children's intelligence. This android game provides learning for children to get to know various names of vegetables and fruits well.

This game is very suitable to be played for children who are still in the range of 1 to 4 years. Where they need stimulation for the introduction of various fruits and vegetables they must consume every day so their bodies are always healthy.

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14. My Boo - Your Virtual Pet

Free Games as Learning Tools for Kids - My Boo - Your Virtual Pet

The last free game on Play Store as a learning tool for kids is My Boo - Your Virtual Pet. This game is as good as the games mentioned above. Because children are usually very fond of raising animals. This game will make your children learn to be responsible for their pets.

The gameplay of this game is to feed and take care of virtual pets. The more diligent your child plays this game, the faster the development of the pet will be. Children will be very happy playing My Boo - Your Virtual Pet.

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These are best 14 free games on Play Store as learning tools for kids. You know, it's better for kids nowadays to keep having fun while they're learning something new everyday, cause they are children, they must have fun, but as parents, you must still educate them in a non-boring way. 
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